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5 Best Electric Lawn Trimmers To Give Your Lawn A Nice Look

We know that the best tool to cut the grass of a lawn is a mower. But the large machine can often fail to reach areas on your lawn. In that case, you have to use a trimmer. Besides, if you have a sloppy lawn, you will feel comfortable using a trimmer instead of a mower. However, if you need to buy one for your lawn, maybe today’s discussion is for you. It’s because today we are going to review the best electric lawn trimmers.

First of all, let me confirm that a trimmer can be operated by different power sources like electric, gasoline, or petrol. But today, we will only discuss electric lawn trimmers. These kinds of trimmers are also known as battery-powered string trimmers.

We choose the electric mower because it is more convenient and you don’t need to buy gasoline or petrol to run it. Just charge the battery and run it to give a shape to your lawn. However, before I start reviewing the best trimmer, you should learn about the things you need to consider while buying an electric trimmer.

Buying Guide: Best Electric Lawn Trimmers

best electric lawn trimmerYou can simply buy any kind of trimmer for your lawn. But it may not be the perfect one anyway. Essentially, there are some factors that you have to check while buying the right one. First of all, you need to find out if you actually need a trimmer or not.

1. Do You Need an Electric Lawn Trimmer?

First, you have to determine if you need a trimmer or not. For that, you have to check the condition of your lawn. If you have a mower and the blade can reach every single part of it, you may not need an additional trimmer. Lawns often have narrow spaces or corners that a mower bade cannot reach properly. A trimmer is used to cut the grass at those places.

However, you may need a trimmer if you have a sloppy lawn. Often, a big machine like a mower cannot be operated on sloppy land. But operating a string trimmer is easy and convenient. Also, professionals cut the block tree using a trimmer.

So, think for a minute if your mower is sufficient for your lawn. If yes, there is no need to buy an additional trimmer. But you can buy one for extra security as well. If your mower is not working for a while, you can trim the entire lawn with a trimmer. It may take a while, but it works.

2. Battery Life

If you determine that a trimmer is your must-have, you have to check a few factors. First, you must check the trimmer’s battery life as you buy an electric one. The battery life of an average trimmer is from 20 to 35 minutes.

Now, think about how long you may need to use the trimmer. Then, you have to choose a trimmer with sufficient battery life. In this case, you should be a little bit picky. If you are buying a nonbrand trimmer, the promised battery life may not match its action.

3. Cutting Width

The next thing is the cutting width. When it is about a mower, we always suggest going for one with a wider blade. But for a trimmer, it should be the opposite. The blade of the trimmer shouldn’t be wider so much.

Remember that you are buying a trimmer just because your mower cannot reach the narrow place. So, if the blade of the trimmer is wider than the space, it can’t trim the place as well.

4. Brand and Warranty

Maybe a trimmer is not as expensive as most mowers, but it is not a free product. Indeed, you have to pay a couple of hundred dollars to buy one. So, you should buy it reminding the matter of warranty and brand. Assuredly, a branded product will ensure better quality with a long-term warranty.

5. Functions

You should choose a trimmer that comes with multiple functions. There are a lot of trimmers that have edging and automatic trimming functions. Make sure to buy one that can work in different ways.

6. Flexibility

Also, a trimmer should be flexible and easy to use. You should check its user review and ensure that the mower works smoothly on all types of lawn grasses. Besides, it should have a smooth wheel rotating function as well. And if it’s a foldable one, you will find it helpful to store.

These are the basic etiquettes the best electric lawn trimmer contains, and you should definitely check them out before buying one. Once you are sure about these basic facts, you can choose a suitable trimmer for your lawn. The next section will introduce you to some of the best electric trimmers.

Best Electric Lawn Trimmers

Undoubtedly, hundreds of the best electric lawn trimmers are available in the shop. But, all of them may not be perfect for your lawn. Eventually, we cannot predict which one will be the best fit for your lawn. So, we made a list of the best electric trimmers, which are good from almost all sides. Make sure to check the details of each option to find the appropriate one.

1. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER String TrimmerThis particular electric lawn trimmer comes with two useful features in one thing. You can trim down the lawn grass and shape up the edges ideally just by using this trimmer. This best electric lawn trimmer has an integrated cord retention feature which significantly prevents accidental unplugging incidents. The overall built quality in its price range is quite appreciable.

Model: BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 ; Power Source: Corded Electric ; Trimmer Weight: 6.34 Pounds ; Trimmer Length: 37.6 inches ; Cutting Width: 14 inches ; Speed: 8000 RPM .


+ It has an advanced string trimmer for smooth cutting and edge shaping.
+ The integration of Powerdrive Transmission gave it additional torque and a significant power boost in cutting.
+ This lawn trimmer comes with a modern and lightweight design.
+ It possesses a compact design, yet the durability of the lawn trimmer is industry standard.
+ Users can easily clean and maintain it without extra hassle.
+ The handles are adjustable and comfortable to use.


– The speed control system is not up to the mark.
– Users have to be careful while using for better results and to avoid potential hazards.

However, The overall value you get from this lawn trimmer package is quite unbeatable. It is built with high-quality metal alloy and also has some harsh weather-withstanding capabilities. You can get this one and have worry-free lawn maintenance sessions for a long time.

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2. Greenworks 4 Amp Corded Electric String Trimmer

Greenworks 4 Amp Corded Electric String TrimmerGreenworks 4 Amp 13″ Corded Electric String Trimmer is one of the best electric lawn trimmers available on the market. It is very durable yet light in weight. The handle is adjusted with a powerful motor that works smoothly. Most users have a blissful experience with this compact lawn trimmer. It is effortless to use, so you don’t have any prior experience with similar lawn tools.

Model: Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmer; Power Source: Corded Electric; Trimmer Weight: 7 pounds; Trimmer Length: 39.57 inches; Cutting Width: 13 inches; Warranty: 3 years.


+ It includes a cord lock facility for avoiding accidental unplugging from the electric source.
+ The mainframe tube is made of aluminum for better weight management.
+ It features a powerful motor utilizing 4 AMP grade for the best possible outcome.
+ This lawn trimmer is easy to assemble, and anyone can set it up following the user manual.
+ You can clean and shape the edges with it. Thanks to its rotatable trimmer shaft.
+ It is highly durable and easy to clean after usage.


– You have to assemble it by yourself.
– It is not suitable for large lawn turf.

This lawn trimmer certainly offers value for money and obviously flawless for a small to medium-sized lawn. If you are into quick and easy tools for your lawn, this is one of the best electric lawn trimmers to get. Moreover, you can check out its bigger siblings if needed.

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3. Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer 

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer, electric lawn trimmersHere is another best electric lawn trimmer with a built-in power source by Worx. It does not have any cord and runs on battery power. People who like flexible and cord-free experiences can thrive with it, as it has plenty of power to shape down small to medium-sized lawn turf. The best part is it also includes a battery and charger with the package. Worx has also prioritized the safety and durability issues of the lawn trimmer in the best way possible.

Model: Worx WG163 GT 3.0 ; Power Source: Battery Powered; Trimmer Weight: 6 pounds ; Trimmer Length: 36.3 inches; Cutting Width: 12 inches; Speed: 7600 RPM.


+ It has both trimmer and edger functions in one.
+ This trimmer offers a high-quality adjustable handle which is strong yet light in weight.
+ It includes a washable safety guard for securing flowers, plants, and other plants from accidental cutting.
+ The highly efficient 12 inches cutting string gives plenty of flexibility to shape down the lawn grass as required.
+ You can reach tricky corners with this trimmer.
+ The wheels of the trimmer are made of heavy-duty rubber for better stability.


– It might seem a bit costly compared to other similar lawn trimmers available on the market.
– Users must charge the battery before use to get optimal performance.

Furthermore, the package includes a high-quality battery pack that works with other lawn tools made by the same manufacturer. Worx made lawn care convenient for general users with its cordless solutions. You will be satisfied with this lawn trimmer without any doubt.

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4. Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer

Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer JoeLet’s talk about Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer Joe, one of the best electric lawn trimmers, which is budget-friendly and convenient for personal use. The built quality of this lawn trimmer package is top-notch. It is relatively light in weight and offers superior durability in long use. Moreover, the cutting set can rotate up to 180 degrees, offering superior flexibility. You will also love it for its hassle-free maintenance and cleaning of headroom.

Model: Sun Joe TRJ13STE; Power Source: Corded Electric; Trimmer Weight: 5 pounds; Trimmer Length: 49.52 inches; Cutting Width: 13 inches; Warranty: 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


+ One of the lightest lawn trimmer available right now.
+ It includes a durable flower and plant guard with the trimmer.
+ The lawn trimmer comes with a heavy-duty 4 Amp motor.
+ Users can easily use this trimmer for its ergonomic handle.
+ It features an instant start facility and an auto-feed spool system.
+ This trimmer also features an extended cord hook for an uninterrupted power supply.
+ It can be used as both an edger and a trimmer.


– Users have to assemble the lawn trimmer while using it for the first time.
– The spare parts are not widely available.

Sun Joe TRJ13STE is a highly flexible string-based lawn trimmer, and it is great for home use. Though battery-powered ones have similar specifications, their direct power connection makes them far more reliable at work. Also, It gets additional points for hassle-free maintenance procedures.

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5. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer and Edger

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer and Edger, electric lawn trimmersToro brings a very modern and stylish lawn trimmer with a 14-inch cutting radius for your lawn turf. This is a 2-in-1 lawn tool and works perfectly both as a trimmer and edge shaper. The pricing of the package is moderate yet provides powerful performance using a corded electric source.

Most users have positive experiences in the long run with this best electric lawn trimmer. The built quality and simple management procedures make it a perfect lawn care companion for everyone.

Model: Toro 51480 Corded ; Power Source: Corded Electric; Trimmer Weight: 7.5 pounds; Trimmer Length: 48 inches ; Cutting Width: 14 inches; Warranty: 2 years .


+The handle is adjustable, and users can freely use it with unparallel flexibility.
+It features a telescoping shaft and one-step toggle mode for the edger.
+This lawn trimmer plus edger uses a durable and comparatively wide cutting head.
+ You can easily reach tricky and bumpy edges in no time.
+ It also features an auto-feed trim line for your convenience.
+ This lawn trimmer is easy to maintain and has a power-saving mode.
+ The package includes an edge guard.


– It is a bit heavy in weight.
– Users must assemble it independently, which is a bit tricky.

Don’t think about its minor shortcomings because it provides much value in this price range. There are some portable alternatives, but it is recommended if you are not bothered by the long cord setup. Furthermore, the aluminum base shaft is very durable and rust remover.

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All the mentioned trimmers are quite good in quality and functions. But that doesn’t mean that they are equal, and you can go for just any option. However, these trimmers have variations in blade width, functions, product size, and weight. So, make you that you have checked the description properly so that you can find the right one.


Q: Should I buy a trimmer for my lawn?

A: If your lawn has space that is not possible to reach for the mower blade or you have a sloppy lawn, you should buy a trimmer. An electric trimmer is very convenient and efficient for those cases. There are gasoline and petrol power trimmers too. You can buy them if you need them.

Q: What is the best electric lawn trimmer?

A: BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer and Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer are the best electric lawn trimmers you can use on your lawn. These two trimmers have the perfect blade width and cut the grass smoothly. Besides, the brands are quite popular for their service and warranty.

Q: Is a curved shaft trimmer better than a straight one?

A: No, a straight trimmer is better than a curved shaft one. It’s because the straight one is more durable and able to trim lawn grass more conveniently. But for some specific cases, a curved shaft trimmer works better.

Q: Can I use a trimmer to mow the entire lawn?

A: Logically, you can use a trimmer to mow the lawn instead of a mower. But it won’t be convenient and efficient to use. Eventually, it may take double to triple times longer to use a trimmer instead of a mower. Besides, the outcome may not be satisfactory as well.

Q: Should I use an electric trimmer on the wet grass?

A: You should never use an electric trimmer on a wet lawn. Though it is not a matter of short circuit issues, it’s not a good idea for the health of your lawn grass. Besides, it is not good for your trimmer as the wet grass causes extra stress on the motor. Eventually, you shouldn’t use an electric lawn mower on the wet lawn.

Bottom Line

In the epilogue, I can assure you that the trimmers have nice user reviews, and almost all of them are affordable. But many of you may not need a trimmer to have a lawn with a simple shape. Still, you should have one at your home to use in any case, your mower is not available.

As you see, the best electric lawn trimmers we have suggested for your lawn are not too much expensive. You can buy one for sure. In this case, make sure to check the blade width and warranty.

Now, let us know which one you are going to try on and how it’s working on your lawn. We will wait for your response as we always love to learn about first-hand experience. Stay connected to us and live healthily. Thank you.

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