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Best Lawn Bowling Set for Quality Sports Time on the Lawn

The lawn can be a good place to enjoy your leisure time with your family. There are a lot of exciting games to enjoy on the lawn. The lawn bowling game is probably the most popular one. This is not just a fun lawn game, but players from around the world have now played it in international tournaments. So, if you wish to enjoy it in your yard, you have to buy the best lawn bowling set.

Generally, the game can be of two types. Internationally, players try the bowl and Jack game with many rules and regulations. Some people love to enjoy them too in their yards. But that is not a very much suitable game for the kids. For them, there are fun bowling games that are also good to play on the lawn.

However, if you are looking for an entertaining game to play on your lawn with your family, you should check out this article till the end. Not just the one that kids love, we will eventually talk about almost everything about the classic lawn bowling game. Let’s start with an introduction and the history of this game.

What is Lawn Bowling Game?

What is Lawn Bowling Game?Many of you might think that Lawn bowling and bocce are the same, but the truth is they are totally different. Lawn bowling has gained huge popularity in the UK and other parts of the world. This game requires two things in a player: the presence of mind and a great deal of focus. 

Additionally, if you want to be a true champion of this game, you need to hold your patience and practice for several years. This game is a great help to escape your stress, and you can have an excellent time in your garden or field. Lawn bowling is a casual sport where the goal is to roll a weighted ball so that it will stop near the targeted, smaller ball. Commonly, This targeted ball is named Jack or Kitty. 

Generally, This game is played as one vs one, two, triples, and even in fours. And the player whose bowl reaches the closest to the jack will be rewarded with one point. Normally, the team or the first player who manages to reach 18 or 21 points is declared the winner. And they can use sets to count to a certain amount of points to find the winner. 

Most people mean the lawn bowling game for sure by the bocce game. But this game has another, which is skittles. Besides, the traditional bowling games with pins and bowls designed to play on the lawn are also called lawn bowling games. So, we won’t go for a particular one and will discuss both of them. Please, don’t be confused about the term bocce.

History of Lawn Bowling Game

History of Lawn Bowling GameLawn bowling is a very old game that was played in Europe in the 12th century. It became popular because the game required a very minimum amount of physical stress. During that time, people needed something to get rid of their stress as frequent wars took place. 

Amongst all types of lawn bowling, short mat bowls were the most famous. It can be played in schools and colleges, social clubs, and village hills for its versatile approach. You will see this game played in the North Sea Oil rigs as there are space restrictions. 

Later after some time, this game came under prohibition by order of the king and parliament. They feared that this game would put risk in war-related games and Archery. 

However, the ban was lifted, and the National Bowling Association was the first association of lawn bowling. It was inaugurated in the late 1800s. The Victorian Bowling Association Was the first association, and it was formed in Australia in 1880. And at the present time, there are over 50 countries that are taking part in Lawn Bowling Matches.

Equipment Need for Playing Lawn Bowling Game

Initially, to play this game, you will need a playing surface, a set of foot mats, a set of bowls, and a Jack or Kitty. Furthermore, You will find balls for lawn bowling in a variety of sizes. And they all have a bias in weight; thus, it rolls in a curved path.

1. The Bowls

Lawn Bowling is played in sets, and you will find four balls together in each set. Each individual set carries a special symbol inscribed in the middle circle of both sides. The forces that a player puts on while rolling in an outward direction at an angle so that it directly reaches the target.

2. Measuring Tape

While playing, the main aim is to reach the bowls to the targeted ones. For the players, it is their main purpose; as a result, you will see more than one ball going toward Jack. And you might find it difficult to measure the distance with your bare eyes. Therefore, measuring tape helps in finding whose ball reached the targeted ones and who is the champion of the Lawn Bowling Game. 

3. The Jack

As I have been mentioning Jack or targeted balls repeatedly, you should note that these are small white balls and are as big as billiard balls. Before starting the game, Jack or targeted balls are rolled down to the field, and it becomes the common target for all the players. The Jack is biased, and the first player will roll the Jack in a straight line. The task for every player is to hit and move the Jack with their own Bowls. 

4. Scoring Cards

As this game is largely played in Europe and North America, each of the clubs has a unique method while displaying the scorecards. Usually, on pre-printed cards, the score of games is placed. Although many clubs have come with clips, it holds the scorecards in clips. A red can collects the chips and determines the player you will play with.

These things are crucial to playing this game. Moreover, this is true to get rid of stress, and a player will not find it fulfilling without the bawl, measuring tape, Jack, and scoring cards.

Types of Lawn Bowling Shots

Types of Lawn Bowling ShotsIf you are a beginner, you might wonder what difference a bowling game possibly has in its shots. To clear your confusion, you can check the below points,

1. The Drive

The Drive is the most interesting part of the bowling green. Here, the player throws the ball at full speed and with maximum weight. It is to hit the Jack with full force, and it might hit the opponent’s ball directly, or it can lead the jack into the ditch.

It happens especially when the player has few bowls left to win the game. Even though it is a smart move to defeat others, many players find it difficult while concentrate on the heavyweight and control the direction simultaneously. 

2. The Yard On

The Yard is referred to as when you will throw the bowl with sufficient weight to carry it two past the Jack or target ball. Here, the main purpose is to withdraw the opponent’s bowl and take its place. In Scotland, people know this technique by the name of “chap and lie.”

3. The Draw

The Drawing shot is when the player tries to play with the accurate weight. And it is needed to reach the jack or targeted ball closest. No doubt that it is the most common yet skillful shot to play with the opponent’s team.

4. The Ditch Length Shot

The Ditch Length Shot is also familiar as The Running Shot. Here, the main motive is to dispel the opponent’s bowl from the head and to move the jack to the ditch. And you can even seek other results, such as the bowl to be played with weight. This way is a little complex if you intend to play in a straight line as the target changes with varied weight.

Each type of bowling shot has its own significance. And the longer you practice, the more you will come to know which are your ideal types of bowling shots.

How to Play Lawn Bowling Game?

How to Play Lawn Bowling Game?If you have never played the lawn bowling game, you must think about how to play it. Listen carefully; it’s not a kid’s game where you can throw the balls and count how many bowls you have dropped. The game, indeed, has a particular way of playing and scoring.

We have divided the lawn into three parts. The first is about the preparation, the second is about the gameplay, and the final is about scoring. Let’s check them out.

Game Preparation

Here are the steps you should play to set up the gaming place. But make sure that you have the lawn bowling set and all the equipment right behind you.

Step 1: At first, the player has to be on the lawn and bring all the equipment of the lawn bowling set. All the players should be there too.

Step 2: The players need to set a distance from the rolling point to the aim. They are free to set the distance. Kids set a shorter distance than adults do. But normally, it has to be more than 25 meters for the adults.

Step 3: At this point, the players will mark a place for the rink that will determine the minimum distance between the throwing point and the jack.

Step 4: Then, they have to set the jack in the middle of the distance. It is essential to check the bowlers’ point in this case.

Step 5: The players must set the mat on the rolling point. And it’s the final step to preparing the game.

The Gameplay

As the players have prepared everything, they can start playing. In the very first step, a player has to toss a coin to determine who will be the first bowler. If there are 8 players can be divided into two groups of teams, each with 4 people.

Each and every member of the teams will get their chance to roll the balls sequentially. And the teams alternate every time they end. The team who is not rolling will take a look at where the balls end. Any bowl that finishes in the ditch will be eliminated and out of the game.

While rolling the balls, the player has to step on the mat and roll it. And when all the players have their shots, the game will be ended, and it will be time for scoring. The next section will tell you about the score.

Scoring the Game

Scoring the game is also easy once you are into it. The players have to check the bowls that reach near the jacks. After counting all the shots, the teams must calculate and find the winner.

The winning team will determine who will get the closed ball. Also, they will be the first team to roll on the next play. So, this is how the team can score the game and enjoy it.

The following gameplay rules are for the game that is also known as the Bocce bowling set. There are no particular regulations for playing the kid’s bowling game. You can buy a suitable lawn bowling set, place the bowls at a distance, and then throw the ball to drop the bowls. That’s all.

Best Lawn Bowling Set to Buy for a Happy Family Time on the Lawn

We know that, by the term lawn bowling game, there can be two different types of game. One is the classing lawn bowl, also known as the bocce ball. And the other one is kids’ lawn bowls. So, we will review both game sets. Let’s check out.

1. Hey! Play! 8 Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set

Hey! Play! 8 Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling SetHey! Play! is packed with all the necessary materials to enjoy the lawn bowling game completely. It has ten colorful pins and two bowling balls. In addition, you can place pins vertically, step back and then roll.

It is best to play indoors and outdoors; you can even play in sand, dirt, short-cut lawns, flat surfaces, and so on. Plus, a carrying bag will be included to help you store the whole set.

Get the Product

2. Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Game for Adults & Kids

Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Game for Adults & KidsIf you need a complete bowling set game, then Lawn Bowling by Hey! Play! is specially made for you. It is manufactured with New Zealand pine and polished in a way for a high-quality finish.

Moreover, you will get two bowling balls that are 2.5 inches in diameter, and the carrying bag here is 11 inches wide and 13 inches long. The bag is made of Nylon. No doubt that it has all the equipment to provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages.

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3. Hey! Play! 11 Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set

Hey! Play! 11 Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling SetWhy not try a backyard bowling game set which will provide an outdoor twist on a classic game? This Hey! Play!  11 Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set is made with wooden bowling balls and pins and has an excellent red finish.

In addition, it is manufactured with New Zealand Pine which can bear wear and tear over time and is appropriate for all generations of bowlers and athletes. And the carrying bag measures 15 inches wide and 17 inches long.

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4. Get Out! Wooden Bowling Set

Get Out! Wooden Bowling SetDo you know that Bowling game improves supervision and hand-eye coordination in a child? Get Out! The wooden Bowling Set came with all the things, such as 7.8-inch small wood bowling pins and 2.3-inch diameter rolling balls.

These primary elements have made this set worthy of playing at parties, camping, park games, and even on carpet and flat surfaces. Plus, the 0.5 lb pins and 0.4 lb bowling balls make this set very lightweight to carry around.

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5. Monoprice Lawn Bowling Set

Monoprice Lawn Bowling SetWhy not try a Lawn Bowling Set which features a high-build quality? Then Monoprice Lawn Bowling Set is what you are looking for. Moreover, assembling this game is really simple, and no tool is needed.

It has two colored bowling balls with drilled holes and ten wooden pins. And there will be a carrying bag too for easy portability. It is designed to play in any place, such as outdoor events, tailgating, and so on.

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6. Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set

Franklin Sports Bocce Ball SetSo, if you want to enjoy the classic lawn game that players fight for, you can buy a Franklin Sports Bocce ball set for the tournament. This set includes 90mm balls, and there are in total of 8 balls.

Also, you have to throw a 50mm jack to reach the bowls. The entire set is not more than 4 kilograms and is ready to play. The colorful balls are quite lightweight; they won’t be a problem for your lawn grass.

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7. Hey!Play! Bocce Bowling Set

Hey!Play! Bocce Bowling SetPopular sports manufacturer, Hey! Play! has brought another bocce bowling set that is suitable play for both adults and kids. There are 4 red and 4 green balls in the set. You can choose a different color set as the manufacturer launched another color set for the same product. However, there is a pallino, and the set is ready to play. All the balls are made of resin material and are very lightweight.

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8. Franklin Sports All-Weather Bowling Bocce Ball Set

Franklin Sports All-Weather Bowling Bocce Ball SetFranklin Sports has a good name for producing various sports sets, and their lawn bowling sets are worth your try. This bocce ball set includes 8 balls and 1 pallino. The colorful glossy looks of the ball will definitely blow your mind.

Indeed, they are durable as they are made of resin material. However, the balls of this 19-pound set are heavier, so we suggest not leaving them on the lawn for the sake of the grass’s health.

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9. GoSports Backyard Bocce Lawn Bowling Sets

GoSports Backyard Bocce Lawn Bowling SetsIf you love to play with so many different colored balls, then GoSports Backyard Bocce set will be your best fit. This polyresin lawn bowling set includes a 40mm pallino and a nice container bag.

The overall package is very durable, and you will love to play this game for its super smooth ball surface. Also, the bowls are not very heavy, so they will damage the lawn grass. Eventually, the Canvas carrying bag is also handy to move.

Get the Product

10. VSSAL Bocce Lawn Bowling Set

VSSAL Bocce Lawn Bowling SetLastly, we have another bocce bowling set from the VSSAL store. This game set also includes balls with 4 different colors. The 90mm balls are smooth are lightweight. Besides, the package has a pallino and a canvas-made carry bag.

So, it’s a ready-to-play lawn bowling set that you can enjoy with all your family members. There is a measuring rope, too, so you can easily score the game. Eventually, the entire product is quite budget friendly and easy to carry.

Get the Product

So, these are the best lawn bowling set you can enjoy in different ways on your lawn. As I have said before, we have listed lawn bowling sets of two different categories. The first five options are for kids’ bowling games, whereas the last five are for classic lawn bowling games. So, check the description and choose the right lawn bowling set to enjoy quality time with your family.


Q: How many players are needed to enjoy a lawn bowling game?

A: People can enjoy the classic lawn bowling game with any even number of players. The players will be divided into two teams where there will be the same number of players.

Q: Are the bocce game and lawn bowling game the same thing?

A: Yes, the classic lawn bowling game is also known as the bocce game. Basically, lawn bowling games can be of two types: one is about the kid’s bowling game, and the other is the bocce game. The bocce game means the classic lawn bowling set contains jack, pallino, bowls, etc.

Q: Is playing a lawn bowling game harmful to your lawn grass?

A: Initially, playing lawn bowling games is not harmful to lawn grass. But if you keep the weighted bowls in the yard for a long, then the grass under the heavy bowls will be damaged. That’s why you should take them off the lawn as soon as your game ends.

Q: What is the minimum age to play the lawn bowling game?

A: There are no age limits if it’s the kid’s lawn bowling game. Most of those bowling balls and bottles are lightweight and made of plastic material. So, there is no way the kids harm themselves while playing the game. But the classic one has an age limit, and it’s about 8 years. In this case, the bowls are heavier, so the kids should be stable enough to roll them thoroughly.

Q: Where can I find the best lawn bowling set?

A: Lawn bowling sets of different types are available in many Sports markets and also in the online marketplace. If you have a market nearby, you can buy one from them. But in the online marketplace, you might find cheaper ones.

Final Thought

Actually, Bocce and the lawn bowling game are not the same, though people usually call them by the same name. If you have little kids in your family, playing the bottle-dropping lawn bowling game can be your best choice. For adults and teenagers, you can buy classic lawn bowling sets.

You can enjoy many other outdoor lawn games, like lawn dirt games, tic tac toe, board games, badminton, etc. Someday, we will talk about them for sure. You should enjoy any of these games regularly to improve your family bonding. They are good for your physical and mental health for sure.

Let us know about your favorite lawn games. And also, inform us about how you are feeling about the lawn bowling game and which one you will try with your family. Here we take our leave. Thank you.

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