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5 Best Manual Reel Mowers For Your Lawn to Buy on 2022

People with a small lawn never want to go for a large mower that works on electricity, gas, or petrol power. They typically prefer a compact size that requires low maintenance and cheap servicing. In this case, most people prefer manual reel mowers.

Generally, the reel mowers are affordable and require almost no maintenance except blade sharpening. Besides, it is compact and works smoothly on any lawn grass type. However, a reel mower can be either manual or powered driven. But most people prefer the manual one.

Well, if you are looking for one to try, I have something to suggest to you. So, please spend a few minutes here before you purchase the mower. First, I will tell you about this reel mower, and then I will inform you about the factors you should consider while buying one. Lastly, I will introduce you to the 5 best manual reel mowers. So, stay with us till the end.

What Is the Manual Reel Mower?

Hand Push reel MowersYou must know that the most common type of lawn mower is the reeled one, and this type has so many categories. The reel mower is one of them. It is a manual-style push mower that works like rotary mowers. It is suitable for small size lawns, sloppy lawns, and blocks.

Generally, people buy manual reel mowers because they are cheap and require no battery, gas, or petrol to work. The entire process is manual, so there is no need to arrange a power source. That’s the same reason this kind of mower is entirely environment-friendly. Besides, it is safe to use and requires very minimal maintenance.

Additionally, reel mowers work without making any noise, and they can last for decades if you take care of them properly. However, there are some reasons people avoid buying a reel mower. Usually, it cannot cut longer grasses properly. Also, this lawn mower is unsuitable if your lawn has twigs, debris, and weeds.

Buying Guide: Best Manual Reel Mowers

Buying Guide: Manual Reel MowerThere are a few specific facts that can make you confused when you will buy a manual reel mower for your lawn. So, I feel the essence of introducing you to the factors first so that you can choose the right mower for your lawn. Indeed, this brief info will save you from buying the wrong mower for your lawn.

1. Is a Reel Mowing Right One for You?

The first thing you need to ensure is if the maul reel mower is suitable for your lawn or not. Remember that the manual reel mower doesn’t mow the lawn automatically; you have to walk with it all over the lawn to cut it. So, if you don’t have enough time to use it, you should buy this mower. In this case, you better go for an automatic robot mower.

On the other side, you shouldn’t buy a reel mower if your lawn has so many weeds, twigs, and debris. You should remember that reel mowers are not very strong and can get stuck when debris and twigs get into them. If your lawn stays typically cleaned or you can make sure to clean it before mowing, you should go for such kind of mower.

2. Reel Mower Style

A manual reel mower is the only type of reel mower. Indeed, a reel mower can be power-driven too. It can be either powered by gas or petrol. Some of the reel mowers eventually work on electricity. But manual reel mowers need none of them. They mow as you push them onward. So, choose the right mower type based on your preference.

3. Blade Width

Whether it is a reel mower or some other mower type, you should always check the width of the blade. The wider the mower blade is, the quicker it will move the lawn. Generally, the blade for the reel mowers can be from 12 to 20 inches.

Not just the mower blade width, you should also check the style of the blade position. The reel mower blade can be placed in different ways. You should check it out before you choose one to buy.

4. Mower Handle

As it is a manual mower, you need to choose one with a comfortable handle to hold it for a long time and mower smoothly. In this case, you should choose a mower with a handle covered by a foam grip. Checking the length of the handle is also essential for the same reason.

5. Additional Roller

Not all, but some of the reel mowers come with an additional mowing roller. This roller mainly helps you cut the lawn grass evenly. So, we suggest going for one with an extra roller. If your reel mower doesn’t have one, there is no reason to get upset. You can buy a roller separately and adjust it with the mower.

6. Grass Type

Make sure to choose a mower that is suitable for all grass types. Remember that not all reel mowers are ideal for any lawn grass. Some of them are only suitable for soft grasses. You should avoid those kinds of mowers, especially if your lawn has strong grasses.

So, these are the primary factors you should check before buying a manual reel mower. Initially, you will find one between 90 to 300 dollars. And you can find them both in the online marketplace or your nearby shops.

Best Manual Reel Mowers for Your Lawn

We have selected the 5 best manual reel mowers for your lawn based on a few essential factors. We prioritized the users’ reviews, ratings, smoothness, blade style, blade width, and so on. After checking all these features in many reel mowers, we decided to make this list. Hopefully, you will find a better option to buy. But make sure to check the details so that you can select the right one.

1. Fiskars Staysharp 6208 Reel Lawn Mower

Fiskars Staysharp 6208 Reel Lawn MowerLet’s start with the finest manual lawn mower from the Fiskars brand. The customizable features of this mower are what make the mower top-graded. Besides, the mower is very lightweight, so you don’t have to stress out while putting it to work.

Since this mower is a push reel mower, this is very eco-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about things like oil leaks, battery charging, electrical chords, or any other factors that make lawn mowing a hassle.


Model: Fiskars Staysharp 6208; Reel Type: Large-diameter InertiaDrive; Mower Dimension: 23.5 x 18 x 13.8 inches; Grass Type: All types of grasses; Cutting Width: 17-inch; Cutting Range: 1.5 to 4 inches; Mower Weight: 40 pounds; Warranty: 2 Years.


+ The blades of the mower are incredibly sharp and easy to replace
+ It makes little noise while trimming, so you can even mow at night
+ Advanced technologies makes this mower 30% easier to push on the sloppy area
+ This mower also cuts through twigs, branches, and tough spots too
+ It has flexible wheels which are easy to rotate
+ you can fold the handles; it is very lightweight too
+ For storage purposes, this reel mower is relatively small than other big mowers


– Some users complain about the uneven cut by this mower
– This mower is pretty much complicated to clean because of its upper side metal cover.

The complaint about the cutting quality is not common. Thousands of people are using this mower, and only a few face this problem. Maybe, it’s because of the too longer grasses. However, you won’t regret buying this mower that comes with 50% more cutting power.

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2. American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Reel Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Reel MowerPeople mainly hesitate to buy a push reel mower because of its poor build quality and cutting style. American lawnmower company has arrived to solve your problem with its new push reel mower model.

It has a simple yet minimalist design for your contentment, and the cutting quality is beyond your expectations. This mower is also very cheap though it is made up of rugged alloy steel. Also, the blades can cut even all types of lawn grasses.


Model: American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14; Reel Type: 4-blade reel; Mower Dimension: 20 x 24 x 42.5 inches; Grass Type: All types of grass; Cutting Width: 14 Inches; Cutting Range: 0.5 to 1.75 inches; Mower Weight: 20 Pounds; Warranty: 2 Years.


+ It is made up of alloy steel that is tough and durable
+ The mower trims your garden with 4 adjustable blades
+ It is a mechanical mower with a scissor-type cutting function
+ The wheels are 8 inches in size and are made up of polymer
+ This mower is also noise-free and eco-friendly
+ You can store it in a small place and clean it very easily
+ American lawn mower company offers a complete of 2 years of warranty
+ It is indeed easy to assemble without the help of additional tools


– You need to push more complicated if the grasses are long
– This mower refuses to mow the debris and weeds with solid roots. You may have to clean the lawn fast and then use this mower

For sure, most manual reel mowers are not as strong as gas-powered or electric lawn mowers. So, it cannot afford to mow substantial debris and weeds. If you spot enormous weeds on the lawn, just pull them out by hand and then mow.

Eventually, you should pull out the weeds first, regardless of the type of mower. Otherwise, the debris spore will spread and cover the entire lawn.

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3. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S Reel Mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S Reel MowerScotts 2000-20S is one of the best mowers out there in the push reel mower markets. What makes this reel mower very remarkable is its super lightweight features, as it weighs only weighs 1 kilogram. You can quickly push the mower to clean up your jungle-like lawn without wasting any additional time on its weight. Plus, the blade is twice as sharp as a standard push reel mower’s blade. Its 20-inch cutting width makes this mower an efficient tool.


Model: Scotts 2000-20S; Reel Type: Ball Bearing Reel; Mower Dimension: 28 x 18 x 10 inches; Grass Type: All types of grasses; Cutting Width: 20 Inches; Cutting Range: 1 to 3 inches; Mower Weight: 34 pounds; Warranty: 2 Years.


+ This mower is made up of very durable alloy steel
+ It is a manual mower, and no extra fuel is needed
+ Two-size wheels are there to give it an excellent shape and cutting style
+ All the wheels are equipped with a ball-bearing spring, and they will rotate smoothly
+ The handles are fitted with cushioned grips for better comfort
+ The mower can be assembled without any additional tools
+ It also has excellent maneuverability


– This mower is pretty much complicated to assemble
– It often leaves places without mowing

It may take a little bit more time to assemble, but if you follow the instruction manual correctly, you can assemble it quickly. And about the mowing quality, the complaint is not common at all in the case of this manual reel mower. Only a few users faced it, maybe for long and stubborn grasses on their lawn.

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4. Earthwise 1715-16EW Push Reel Mower

Earthwise 1715-16EW Push Reel MowersNowadays, finding a reel mower that can be manually controlled and has superb trimming function is challenging. Earthwise 1715-16EW reel mower has all the efficient features you can think of. This mower trims up your lawn smoothly like butter, with its seven blades working altogether.

In addition, the wheels are big enough to rotate easily without any internal jamming. It also has a cutting height adjusting function that you can use to mow the grass at your preferred height.


Model: Earthwise 1715-16EW; Reel Type: Ball Bearing Reel; Mower Dimension: 45.87 x 21.85 x 27.76 inches; Grass Type: All Types of Grasses; Cutting Width: 16 Inches; Cutting Range: 0.5 to 2.5 inches; Mower Weight: 21.83 Pounds.


+ The wheels are 10 inches in size and feature ball-bearing reels
+ There are adjustable 7 blades equipped in this mower
+ It rotates and cuts the grass manually, so there is no reason to charge the battery or use any other power source
+ This mower is made up of alloy steel to ensure strong durability
+ You can assemble the entire mower easily, and you don’t need any additional tools for that
+ The handles are pretty flexible and let you control the mower direction perfectly
+ The mower is also smaller in size, lightweight enough to move


– The blade of this mower needs frequent sharpening
– It will be hard to mow the lawn with debris using this mower

The blade must lose its sharpness if you use a mower to cut solid and long grasses. Besides, it is easy to shape the blade of this mower. Indeed, you can replace it easily as well. So, think twice before you start checking another option.

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5. Great States 815-18 Push Reel Mower

Great States 815-18 Push Reel MowerFinally, it’s one of the best manual reel mowers from the Great States. This company has brought you a new push reel mower at a meager price. This self-propelled needs comparatively little effort to make it work.

The cutting width of this best reel mower is wide enough to clean up your lawn quickly. And the ball-bearing reel is attached with five sharp blades. In addition, the cutting height can also be adjusted without any exertion to turn your yard into a golf court.


Model: Great States 815; Reel Type: Loop-style Ball Bearing Reel; Mower Dimension: 47 x 21.5 x 24 inches; Grass Type: All Types of Grasses; Cutting Width: 18 Inches; Cutting Range: 0.5 to 2.75 inches; Mower Weight: 27 Pounds.


+ The Great States used durable steel alloy that makes it rigid and brittle
+ It has 5 adjustable blades to shear up your lawn effortlessly
+ The wheels are 10 inches in size and have ball-bearing reels
+ The handle is equipped with cushioned grips to ensure the user’s comfort
+ You can assemble the mower without any extra tools
+ It makes little or can be said no noise while trimming or mowing
+ The mower is also very flexible and rotates smoothly on any type of grass


– Comparatively, this mower is pretty much heavier
– The mower gets jams if it mows any kind of twigs

As it is a push-type mower, there is no need to carry it here and there. Indeed, the weight shouldn’t be the reason to ignore this mower. Hopefully, you have understood what I am trying to say.

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So, these are the best manual reel mowers you can buy from your nearby shop or from the online marketplace. As they are all manual-style mowers, you can skip thinking about their service cost. Just change the blade once a year or just sharpen them. I can guarantee that none of them will disappoint you.


Q: Should I buy a manual reel mower?

A: You should definitely buy a manual reel mower if you have a small lawn. Reel mowers are suitable for the grass’s health and work without any power source. The maintenance cost is low, and it works without making any sound. Also, it is the most affordable lawn mower of all different types.

Q: Can I use a reel mower to mow wet grass?

A: Yes, you can use a reel mower to cut wet grass. Eventually, the design of a reel mower is suitable for mowing the lawn when it is wet. But you shouldn’t use it if the lawn has standing water. Otherwise, it will be harder to remove the clippings.

Q: How often should I sharpen the blade of a reel mower?

A: You should sharpen the blade of a reel mower once every 1 or 2 years. To say it more precisely, you should sharpen the blade when it becomes dull and rough. You can sharpen the blade either at home with the sharpener or just take them to the automobile shop.

Q: How often should I use a reel mower on the lawn?

A: Generally, you should use a reel mower to mow the grass on your lawn every 5 to 7 days. The frequency should be determined based on the season, the lawn grass types, and the grass length. You should immediately mow the grass if the grass is longer than 5 to 6 inches.

Q: How much do I have to pay to sharpen the reel mower’s blades?

A: The blade sharpening cost depends on the size and number of the blades in a reel mower. But you can make it within 20 to 60 dollars.

Final Verdicts

Once again, I would love to remind you that a manual reel mower is not a good option for a more extensive size lawn, and you cannot use it smoothly if your lawn has frequent debris, twigs, and vigorous weeds. We will suggest it for a small size lawn that is not bigger than one-third acre.

However, the mowers we have listed are durable, affordable, and long-lasting. So, you can pick any of them without any confusion. Besides, it would be a great help if you check the brief buying guide first and then check the small discussion of each mower. You will definitely choose the right one if you go that way.

Well, now is the time to take our leave for today. Next time, we’ll talk about the best cordless mowers, which can be a great alternative to powered reel mowers. Thank you for your time.

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