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How to Calculate the Grass Seeds You’ll Need for Your Lawn?

Think about the situation when you have prepared the lawn soil to make a new lawn and then start seeding; you are short of grass seed. How would you feel? I am sure you wouldn’t like to go to the shop again to buy another seed sack. However, you won’t face such a repellent situation if you have enough knowledge on how much grass seed you need or just how to calculate the grass seeds for your lawn.

Basically, most beginners just visit the agriculture shop and buy sacks full of seeds without knowing how much of them they need for the lawn. So, if they buy more, they just waste the extra or use them on the lawn though it has enough. And when they buy less than the lawn requires, they either spread lightly with that many seeds or visit the shop to buy more.

However, nothing would happen if they just calculated the right amount of grass seeds their lawn needs before buying. However, if you are planning to make a new lawn or just to overseed it, you should read this content till the end. Here, you will have a clear concept of the amount of grass you will need for your lawn. Also, I will tell you how to calculate the amount perfectly. So, keep calm and read the following sections.

Variations of Grass Seeds Based on Temperature Tolerability

Variations of Grass SeedsIn another content, we have already discussed different lawn grass types and the seed. Still, I would like to discuss the types of grass seeds in different ways to clear the fact properly. Basically, when the fact is about calculating grass seeds for your lawn, you need to categorize the types of grass based on their tolerable weather.

Generally, two types of grass seeds are categorized based on their weather tolerability. One is the cold weather grass seeds, and the other type is the hot weather grass seeds. So, you have to choose the type based on your area’s weather. Let’s first learn about the names of the grasses from these two categories.

Cold Weather Grass Seeds

Cold Weather Grass SeedsGenerally, cold weather grass seeds germinate and grow properly in the places where it is cold most of the time. These types of grasses perfectly cope with the temperature but can grow better only in spring and fall when the weather is a little bit higher.

However, among the most common cold weather grasses, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, Bent grass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, etc., are familiar. These types of grass grow well in temperatures from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warm Weather Grass Seeds

Warm Weather GrassWarm weather grass grows well where the weather is higher all the time. These types of grass have great drought tolerance, but they need more water than the cold weather grass seeds. However, if you have a temperature between 70 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, you should sow the warm weather grass seeds for sure.

Bahia, St. Augustine grass, centipedes, Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, etc., are the most common warm weather grass. These types of grass have better disease resistance and grow well in the spring.

You need to learn about these types before you check the list of grass seeds. After that, learn to calculate the grass seeds you will need for the lawn. So, the next step will tell you the right amount of each grass type for both new and old lawns.

Chart of the Amount of Grass Seed for New Lawn and Overseeding

Amount of Grass SeedHere, I am going to make a chart containing all the common types of grasses and the amount of seeds people normally need for making a new lawn or overseed the lawn. Basically, the needed amount of seeds isn’t the same for the new and old lawn. That is why we had to make a different row for the amount of the overseeding grass seeds.

Types of Grass The amount for A New Lawn for 1000 Sqf Lawn Area The amount for Overseeding for 1000 Sqf Lawn Area
Bermuda Grass 1.5 – 2.5 pounds 1 – 1.5 pound
Bluegrass 2 – 4 pounds 1 – 2 pounds
Bentgrass 2 – 2.5 pounds 1 – 2 pounds
Centipede 0.5 – 1 pound 0.2 – 0.5 pounds
Fine Fescue 5 – 6 pounds 2.5 – 3 pounds
Ryegrass 9 – 10 pounds 5 – 6 pounds
Buffalo 3 pounds 1 – 1.5 pounds
St. Augustine 2 pounds 1 pound
Zoysia 2 pounds 1 pound
Tall Fescue 8 – 10 pounds 4 – 5 pounds

As you see, we have given a list of the needed grass seeds for 1000 square feet. I am sure you have learned the right way to calculate the quantity of grass seeds you will need for your lawn. Well, I can still help you with the calculation. Don’t miss the next section for that.

How to Calculate the Grass Seeds for Your Lawn?

Calculate Grass SeedYou have already learned about how much grass seeds are essential for a lawn with 1000 square feet of space. Also, you have seen the chart for varieties of grass types. Now, it’s time to calculate the exact amount of grass seeds you will need for your lawn.

Let me count the area as “n” square feet to make the calculation easy. As I don’t know the exact size of your lawn, I am counting it as n square feet. Now, divide the amount of specific grass seed for 1000 square feet by 1000 and then multiply the answer with n.

So, if you are using Bermuda grass and your lawn is 700 square feet, the answer will be (2/1000×700), which means 1.4 pounds. Now, use the number of n and seed amount based on the grass type on your lawn to find out the appropriate amount of grass seeds you will need for your lawn.

Factors You Need to Consider While Selecting the Amount of Grass Seeds

While measuring the amount of grass seed you need, you must consider a few factors. Indeed, these facts are essential for you to learn if you have a lawn. So, before we end the discussion, I would like to share this essential information with you.

1. The Thumb Rules for Seeding

There is a term in the field of lawn making that is the thumb rule for seeding. If you can’t determine the grass seed you bought and cannot properly calculate the number of grass seeds, you can apply this rule. It may not be so perfect, but it works pretty well.

The rule of thumb says you should buy 3 to 4 pounds of grass seeds if you make a new lawn. But if it is about overseeding, you should buy 1 to 2 pounds of it. And these amounts are fixed for a lawn with one thousand square feet. So, measure your lawn and then calculate the right amount following the rule.

2. Amount of Grass Seed for New Lawn and Overseeding

You should remember that you cannot calculate grass seeds the same way for the new and old lawns. Generally, you sow seeds in a new lawn to make it from the beginning. But on an old lawn, there must be grass, and you just have to overseed it. So, the amount must not be the same.

You have also noticed that I have created an extra colum for the overseeding amount in the chart of the grass types and their amount. And if you check it again, you must see that the amount for a new lawn and for overseeding is not the same. So, you should be careful of choosing the right amount based on the condition of your lawn.

3. The Sun Exposure on the Lawn

Sun Exposure on the LawnA lawn with shade and a lawn with full sun exposure must need a different amount of seeds. Generally, seeds grow better under shade as they can have enough moisture to germinate. So, the rate of germination is better in this case.

But a lawn right under the sun cannot provide enough moisture to the seeds. So, the germinate rate is lower in this case. That’s why you must use more seeds on the lawn that get full sunlight.

If you check the chart properly, you must see that each grass type has an upper and a lower amount. So, you have to use the lower amount if your lawn doesn’t get enough sunshine. On the contrary, you have to go for the upper rate if it gets more than enough sunshine.

4. The Germination Rate

The Germination RateI am unsure about what type of grass seed you buy for your lawn. Whatever the type is, you should check the condition of the seeds for sure. The germination rate depends on the quality of the seeds. So, you should buy fresh seeds that are not years older.

Also, you may have less thick grass on the lawn if the germination rate of the seed is lower. In this case, you may have to overseed the lawn again. So, while buying the seeds, you should check out the expired date and other facts on the bag.

So, these are the basic facts you should check while calculating and buying grass seeds for your lawn. We suggest buying a little more than the amount you got from the calculation. It will help you to get a thicker lawn. But sowing too much grass seeds is not a good idea as well. So, you have to be careful about this fact for sure.


Q: How much lawn area is enough for a pound of grass seeds?

A: Generally, a pound of grass seed is sufficient for a lawn with 250 to 450 square feet. The exact amount depends on the grass seed type, the condition of your lawn, the sun exposure it gets, and the germination rate of the seeds.

Q: Can I sow too much grass seed?

A: Yes, you can sow too much grass seed on the lawn, but the chance of getting a better result is lower in this case. If too much grass seeds make traffic and they cannot get enough air, light, and water for it, the germination rate will ultimately fall. So, it is better to sow the right amount of grass seeds on the lawn.

Q: When is the best time to sow seeds on the lawn?

A: Early fall is the best time to sow seeds. Indeed, it is the best time to sow seeds for both new and old lawns. At this time, the temperature of the soil is perfect for seed germination.

Q: How often should I water the lawn after sowing seeds?

A: You should water every day after sowing seeds. It’s because grass seeds need water and enough moisture to germinate. And they can easily burn under full sun exposure. So, you have to keep it moist until they germinate and grow. But if it’s raining in your area, you should skip watering on that day.

Q: How long does it take to germinate grass seeds?

A: Grass seeds initially take one to two weeks to germinate. The exact time is tough to determine. But it depends on the types of grass seeds, types of lawn soil, the sun exposure, the weather, and other facts.

Final Verdict

It’s time I should leave. But before that, I would like to express my gratitude for the concern you have for your lawn. I know that the fact about how to calculate grass seeds may seem silly, though it matters a lot. Still, you are here because you are concerned about your lawn and want to know the right amount.

I appreciate your effort from deep inside, I hope you will have a beautiful and lush green lawn. However, after buying the seeds, you should prepare the area carefully. If it’s a dead lawn, revive it by taking proper steps and then sow seeds. Hopefully, you’ll have satisfying aftermath. Thank you for your time.


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