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10 Best Lawn Dart Games for Your Family

Your lawn can be a great place to spend your leisure with your family. No doubt that a lawn is a very suitable place where people can feel both being stay at home and being close to nature. Indeed, spending technology-free time on the lawn is a great way to improve your family bonding. Playing different games like lawn darts can be great for entertainment on the lawn.

Whenever you are talking about the best lawn games; the Lawn dart will come right after the lawn-blowing game and trampoline. But a bowling set and a trampoline are pretty much expensive to buy. But a dart game, on the contrary, is very much affordable and suitable for all ages.

So, if you have a lawn and can spare some time to spend with your family, especially with your kids, you should have a lawn dart game set at your home. Believe me; it won’t let you get bored in your leisure. However, if you don’t know anything about this game, I can help. First, I will let you know everything about this game and then will introduce you to the 10 best lawn dart sets. So, stay with us till the end.

Importance of Playing Lawn Dart

Importance of Playing Lawn DartLet’s first learn about the importance of playing this lawn game. Listen carefully, this kind of dart game is not a regular one, and you can play it only on your lawn. From gaming tools to gaming rules, everything is different here. However, the fact is physical movement is a must to enjoy lawn darts.

1. Enrich Family Bondings

You must need two, four, or eight players to enjoy this game. So, it will connect the family and will bring them together in a funny, entertaining game. When people, from kids to the elder ones, everyone is tucked into their smartphones, lawn dart can get them along to give a technology-free family time. So, this kind of game is essential to enrich your family bonding.

2. Teach Kids Discipline

Teaching kids the importance of a disciplined life is really a tough job today. But you can do it while playing games with them. Basically, the dart game has a lot of rules and regulations. To play it correctly, one has to follow them all. So, check if your kids are following the rules while playing the game. If they do, maintaining discipline in their life will be a nice practice.

3. Good for Health

Outside the smartphone games, did your kids even play any playground games? For sure, physical games are essential for healthy health and the mind. If you manage to learn your kids how to play lawn darts, I am sure they will love to play it every afternoon. As a result, they will also make a habit of physical exercise.

4. Not Harmful for Your Lawn

Lastly, playing lawn darts is completely safe for your lawn. Unlike many lawn games like the trampoline, a lawn dart set doesn’t have any heavy objects or big things that can create shadow and pressure on the grass. So, there is no way it can be harmful to your lawn. To make a bowing court, you will need a lot of space. But there is no such hassle when it is the dart.

So, the lawn dart game is good for your family and your kid’s health. Once, the dart game had an insecure part that could be dangerous for you. But the new version is completely safe, and there is no way it can be harmful to your lawn or your kids.

History of Lawn Dart Game

History of Lawn Dart GameThe lawn dart game has been popular around the world, and people have been playing this funny game for centuries. Indeed, there is a long story behind how this game emerged in its present form. Well, the history of this game is quite old, and in 1987, a father bought a volleyball set along with a set of lawn darts. The metal pin on the end of the dart was so sharp that it, unfortunately, killed one of his daughters. 

Later after some time, a much safer, new lawn dart design was made, and it comes with a soft tip that still works similarly to the metal one. Moreover, the dart is still a little weighted, so it can land properly. It actually feels like a punching bag that wobbles When it touches the ground. 

So, the history of this funny game is pretty much tragic. Still, it is very popular in America and European countries. No wonder the lawn dart game is very enjoyable, and the new version will allow you to play safely for long hours. And a few hoops as targets and some darts are all you need to have fun in this outdoor game.

How to Play Lawn Dart Games?

How to Play Lawn Dart Games?To enjoy the lawn dart games to the fullest, you should know the rules of this game properly. Without acknowledging how the game actually works, the player would either get bored, or they will play it for no reason but to waste time. So, to enjoy the game to the fullest, you have to learn all the rules, scoring, and playing methods. Let’s check them out.

1. Playing Method

The traditional method of playing with lawn darts is quite simple. However, you should remember that a suitable arc is fundamental as it will help the dart land in the specific spot you are aiming for. Besides, you should have a whole dart set to play the game.

Primarily, the game requires two players, but you can make it four if you need to play in a team. The key task is that each player must take a turn while throwing their darts, which will continue until every player gets the chance to throw twice.

2. Game Rule

Here, the game rules can be adjusted for the ease of this game, and they can move the targets near or distant. Therefore, people can play this game with their ‘house rules, and it often depends on who is playing the game. 

The player at first needs to place the circular targets about 35 feet distant. At the same time, the opposing player should stand on each side of the target and target at the other. Now, the player will flip a coin to check who will go first. 

Each of the players in this game must take a turn while throwing their darts; thus, you will count the round’s total score to find the match’s winner. Scoring the game has some rules as well. The next section will tell you about it.

3. Scoring System

The scoring system in this game is the simplest task to do. If you see a dart landing usually inside the ring, the team or the individual player will get three points. But if it happens the same for the opposite team, then both teams or players can cancel each other’s three points out.

Thus the round will continue till one side gets 21 points. Indeed this game is a very friendly competition, and you can agree beforehand that the score is predictable, so you can adjust the rules as you like.   

Therefore, all these three steps are very much important to understand the game perfectly. It has significant importance to it, especially to the scoring system; otherwise, the game itself would never be complete. So, make sure to understand the rules and scoring system first. When you buy a set, the packet will also tell you about the game rules. Don’t know how to choose one? Check the next section for that.

How to Choose the Right Lawn Dart Set?

How to Choose the Right Lawn Dirt Set?Choosing the right lawn dart set is equally important as understanding its rules and system. If you fail to choose the right lawn dart side, then both your effort and money will be in vain. Generally, lawn dart sets are available in many different forms. For sure, all of them are not suitable for you. So, first, check the type and quality and then buy one.

1. Dart Quality

Lawn darts are specially designed with plastics, but the types of plastics actually determine their price and quality. Generally, plastics with a soft tip of the dart will assist in absorbing shock and impact. Thus the dart will not bounce too far away from the place where it was hit. 

It is equally important that the dart should be heavier, especially to the par fins near the end. In addition, the thin must be designed aerodynamically and be made of thinner plastics. This will help your dart to fly for some time before touching the ground.

2. Target Mat Quality

Target Mat is essential to play this game, and you will find it with standard data board design on them. Sometimes, they are reversible with one particular design on either side. With its shape and design, the target mat puts a new element to the game. Moreover, the player can use the posters to turn lawn darts into educational games, especially for maths with subtraction and addition. 

3. Game Set Features

A quality full lawn dart set always consists of additional features, such as glow-in-the-dark darts, to make the game fun and exciting while playing with family and friends. Make sure that it contains a complete method of playing for sure.

4. Design

The lawn dart game should have an excellent design and many funky and colorful options. No doubt that the modern twist in this game will keep your team playing for hours without getting bored.

You should be careful about the sharp-tip dart sets. This kind of dart set has been banned in many regions in Europe and America. Still, some dishonest sellers sell these kinds of darts. Make sure not to buy one.

Again, if you choose the wrong dart, then it is quite sure that you can not enjoy the game to a great extent. It is a game that has been running for so long from generation to generation. Therefore, you need to follow the above instructions very clearly. Make sure to check the price before you buy one to avoid any negative consequences.

10 Best Lawn Dart Games to Enjoy Your Afternoon Leisure

So, you have learned how to play this game and choose the right game set. Now is the time to buy one for your family. You can buy it from the local sports shop or supermarket. But you don’t find one in the shop, just make an online order. In this case, we can help. Check out the 10 best lawn dart sets and buy one from the list.

1. Funsparks Lawn Darts Game Set

Funsparks Lawn Darts Game SetFunsparks Lawn Darts Game Set is one of the most renowned pieces of the game that has soft but durable darts stand up. These are the best to play on soft surfaces such as lawns, beaches, backyards, etc. However, the darts are too bouncy, so playing in hard areas will not be a good choice.

Moreover, you can adjust the rings for both bigger and smaller targets for all skill levels. You can also play it in the dark, charging it with a flashlight or a headlight.

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2. Nerf Outdoor Game Sets

Nerf Outdoor Game SetsWhy not get a dart set that features round and soft heads yet hits perfectly in the targeted points? Well, Nerf Outdoor Game Sets have come with a very compact and lightweight that makes it both easier to store and transport. And it weighs only 3.42 pounds. Therefore, children above the age of 6 can easily handle the dart set and enjoy it in places like dog parks, beach trips, picnics, camping, and so on. 

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3. Champion Sports Lawn Darts for Kids

Champion Sports Lawn Darts for KidsChampion Sports Darts is all you need if you are looking for a dart set that is safe to play in both indoor and outdoor games. Here, the lawn dart set is packed with two targeted rings and four weighted mushroom-shaped toss-ups. In addition, the dart set is mushroom-shaped and made of plastic, so kids can handle them perfectly. Plus, it weighs only one pound; thus, you do not need to take any load to carry it to the playing spot.

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4. NOMNOM TOYS, Glow in The Dark Lawn Darts Game

NOMNOM TOYS, Glow in The Dark Lawn Darts GameNOMNOM TOYS Lawn Dart Game is a way more flexible and safer to play for both kids and adults. It comes with a soft round tip that hits the target perfectly on softer surfaces like carpet, sand, grass, and more. While playing, you will feel its weight at the bottom.

As a result, it will stand upright once you throw in the targeted rings. Here, this dart set includes four target rings, four soft-tip darts, one carrying bag, one game instruction, and one small useful gift. You can also enjoy it on summer nights, as it comes with glow-in-the-dark rings and accents in the darts.

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5. EastPoint Sports Lawn Dart Game with Caddy

EastPoint Sports Lawn Dart Game with CaddyLet’s meet a new set of lawn dart games that are manufactured with a weather-resistant material. No doubt that the EastPoint Sports dart set will last longer and includes a carry caddy. Therefore, the game set is great for portability and storage. The complete set here weighs only 2.5 pounds. And the patented design confirms that the darts will stand upright when it lands on the surface. 

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6. Play Platoon Lawn Darts Outdoor Games for the Family

Play Platoon Lawn Darts Outdoor Games for FamilyHow about a lawn dart set that is constructed with premium, durable materials and will withstand every toss perfectly? Play Platoon outdoor dart game sets guarantee to last longer; you can play with this at any location.

However, soft surfaces are more convenient for you to play with as they will automatically prevent bouncing. Also, it comes with 2 red and 2 blue darts, along with 12 glow-in-the-dark target rings. And, of course, you can make your own rules while playing this set of games.

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7. BLACK SERIES Glow in The Dark Soft Tip Lawn Darts Game Set

BLACK SERIES Glow in The Dark Soft Tip Lawn Darts Game SetBLACK SERIES Glow lawn dart game will give a blast to the players as they can toss inflatable darts right onto the oversized target mat. Plus, it has no hard-outer shells but round shapes, allowing the children to enjoy this game completely. And you will find it in the 2 Games in 1 feature and a unique board reminiscent of a baseball diamond together with matching prompts. Thus, you can land the darts on the designated area of the playfield to find the outcome of each round in a head-to-head baseball game.

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8. ToyerZ Inflatable Lawn Darts Outdoor Games

ToyerZ Inflatable Lawn Darts Outdoor GamesWhy not get a dart game set that will help the kids learn and play simultaneously? ToyerZ Inflatable Lawn Darts game is designed to develop the kid’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, teamwork, and social skills.

The package here includes a dual-sided designed mat, four inflatable darts, four pegs, and a tote bag. Additionally, it is crafted with better-quality PVC, so you do not need to worry about its durability at all.

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9. HopeRock Shooting Dart Games Toys

HopeRock Shooting Dart Games ToysHopeRock Shooting dart games Toys is manufactured with high-quality ABS materials and has come through ASTM and CPSIA standard tests. In addition, this dart set is very durable and stable; therefore, children can handle it perfectly.

It is packed with 20 foam darts, 1 round target, 2 foam dart toys, 1 stick-on hook, and so on. Moreover, there are three different modes to choose from, and you will find an automatic voice announcement and target reset system too. 

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10. Island Genius Glow in The Dark Lawn Darts Outdoor Yard Game

Island Genius Glow in The Dark Lawn Darts Outdoor Yard GameIf you want a dart game set that is better in balancing and comes with a shock-absorbent base, then Island Genius Glow in this one is what you are looking for. This dart set is packed with 2 glow-in-the-dark hoops, a handle for throwing, and darts that will glow in the dark. Thus, both children and adults can enjoy this game even at summer night parties. This particular game is easy-to-set, and you will get a 9.5″×13.5″ carrying case along with it too.

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So, these are the best lawn dart sets you can buy from the online marketplace. We didn’t use all these dart sets, but we collected information from people who used them in real-time. So, you can have trust in our words. Also, we suggest you check the details on the pages of the online marketplace.


Q: Is Lawn dart banned in America?

A: Metal lawn dart sets with sharp tips are banned in many regions in both America and Europe. If you check the history of lawn darts, you will find that a person accidentally killed his daughter with a metal dart with a sharp tip. So, a change appears in the design of the dart, and now, it is different. So, the sharp one is still banned.

Q: What is the minimum age to play lawn darts?

A: Basically, there is no age limit to play this game. But there are some rules and regulations to understand. So, if your kids can understand the rules, they can play. Generally, kids after 6 years old can enjoy playing lawn dart games properly.

Q: Do the Glow-in-the-dark lawn dart sets need batteries?

A: No, the glow-in-the-dark dart sets don’t need batteries. Indeed, they can glow at night with the neon color they contain.

Q: How much does a lawn dart set cost?

A: You can get a lawn dart set in different price ranges. But it must be between $20 to $60. But there is some special dart set with additional features like a baseball hoop, and you may have to pay more.

Q: How many players do I need to play lawn dart?

A: You can play lawn darts with just one more player. But if you want to play in a team, a total of four people can enjoy it together. You can have more people on the team if you have additional darts.

Final Verdict

No doubt that the lawn dart is a very entertaining game you can play on the lawn. The best benefit you will have from playing this game is family time, free from smart gadgets. Besides, it is good for your kid’s health and mind too. Also, it is not harmful to your lawn.

Playing this game has so many advantages, while a set is very cheap and available. So, if you don’t have one at your home, just buy one from the list and enjoy spending a happy time with your family on the lawn.

Did you even play this game in the past? Let us know how you enjoy lawn darts and who is always playing with you. If you never enjoy it, remember to inform us which set you are buying and how you enjoy it. Thank you in advance.

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