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Top 5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers To Buy

Among all the different types of mowers, most people love to rely on electric mowers. But buying an electric mower is pretty complicated because it can be of various types, and you should choose the power options wisely. However, if you plan to buy an electric lawn mower, you should check out our reviews of the 5 best electric lawn mowers.

Initially, an electric mower comes with a long cord that you have to set to the power source. So, it is essential to check the length of the cord and match it with the size of your lawn. And if it’s a battery-operated mower, you don’t have to think about it. Besides, you need to select a few more options wisely to make a successful purchase.

That’s why I am writing this content to introduce you to some basic electric mower facts you should be aware of before selecting the mower. So, let’s check them out before you head toward the reviews of the best electric mowers.

Buying Guide: Best Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric Lawn MowersYou must be aware that a mower can have different power sources, and electricity is one of them. Fuel-powered and gas-powered mowers are also very popular in this field. However, the Electric mower has more popularity because of a specific reason. If you have an electric mower, you don’t have to wait for mowing not because of having enough petrol or gas. So, you have free will to choose your mowing time.

It’s essential to buy the right mower for your lawn. However, before you buy an electric mower, you need to check a few facts. We have made a list of facts that will tell you what to check while buying the best electric lawn mower. 

1. Mower Type

The first thing you need to check is the types of lawnmowers. Remember that an electric mower can be of a different type. It can be a robot mower or a self-propelled mower. So, first, you need to think about which type of mower you need. Generally, most electric mowers are any of the basic four types. The types of electric lawn mowers are as follows.

  • Robot Mowers: Most robot lawn mowers come with a battery-powered operating system. Once you charge the engine, it will run for a specific time to cut the lawn. It is completely automatic and works without the help of anyone.
  • Self-propelled Mower: With electricity power, a self-propelled mower usually propels the wheels and the cutting machine to operate. This kind of mower is quite affordable in relation to most high-tech lawn mowers.
  • Riding Mower: Generally, for large-size lawns, people need a riding mower that is quite like a vehicle. You can ride the mowing machine while cutting the grass. And some of the riding mowers are operated by electricity instead of petrol.
  • Push Mower: The most common type of mower is the push mower. Most of the push mowers are operated with the power of electricity. So, if you are looking for an electric mower, a push mower can be your choice too.

2. Brand

The next thing to consider is the brand. You should always check the warranty issue whatever you are buying, and when it is a mower, you have to be strict for sure. And a good brand always offers the best warranty and service policy. That is why you should go for a branded mower, even if it costs a little more than a non-brand one.

3. Cord vs. Battery

Regardless of the type, an electric mower can be with two different operating systems. It can run with a battery or an electric cord connecting it with the power source. However, if you have a small size lawn, you can go with a corded mower. Otherwise, you should buy a battery-powered mower. In this case, make sure to check the charging and running time for sure.

4. Size of the Lawn and Mowing Capacity

Whatever mower you want to buy, the most important thing you need to consider is whether the mower can cover the lawn area. That means you need to ensure that the mower capacity is higher than the size of your lawn. Generally, the mowing capacity is not an issue if you buy a corded mower or a riding mower. This fact is essential to consider, especially when buying an electric robot mower or a battery-powered one.

5. Blade Size

The bigger blade your mower has, the quicker it will complete mowing. So, it is essential to check the blade size. The most electric mower has a blade from 14 to 30cm. Choose the right blade size according to the size of your lawn.

6. Additional Features to Look For

Besides the above functions, you also need to check a few features to buy the best electric lawn mower for your yard. I have listed them right below for your concern.

  • Brushless: An electric mower can be either brushless or brushed. A Brushless mower is preferable as it is easy to maintain and usually produces less heat and noise.
  • Motor Power: While buying an electric mower, you should check the motor power as it varies from machine to machine. A lower powered one may run slowly but will cause less electricity bill.
  • Mower Weight and Size: Most people aren’t concerned about the mowing machine’s weight and size. Still, the case of an electric mower is different. As it is of different types, you can get a robot mower with only a few pounds while a riding mower can cross a ton in weight. Similarly, the size is different from the type of type. So, make sure to choose the right one for your lawn.
  • Collection Bag: If you don’t like the grass clippings on the lawn after mowing, you should buy a self-propelled mower with a collection bag. A robot mower and a hand-push mower may not have a collection bag. So, you can choose one with a high-capacity bag.
  • Budget: The cost must be varied according to the type of electric mower. You should go for a hand-push mower if you have a comparatively lower budget. And if your lawn is smaller in size, a robot power can be helpful. You may have to pay a few thousand dollars for a riding mower. So, make a budget according to yo your needs.

Once you are aware of the following facts, buying the most appropriate electric mower for your lawn will be easier. Make sure to buy a branded one and choose the type wisely.

5 Best Electric Lawn Mower on 2022

I have already told you that an electric mower can be of different types. So, we have selected the best mowers from all different types. It will be helpful for you to choose the mower if you manage to check the specification section and other details.

1. Greenworks 25022 3-in-1 Electric Corded Mower

Greenworks 25022 3-in-1 Electric Corded Mower

We have started the list with a handy mower by GreenWorks. This company has been producing mowers and useful lawn tools for years, and now they already have a huge fan base. However, this is motor powered electric mower, and there is a collection bag with it.

So, all the grass clippings will store in it, and you don’t have to gather them after mowing the lawn. However, it is a cord-style mower, so there is no reason to charge the battery. Also, it is quite affordable, and the cutting weight is much bigger.


Model: GreenWorks 25022; Power Source: Electric Motor; Motor Power: 12 Amp; Mower Type: AC Corded Mower; Weight: 56 pounds; Cutting Width: 21 inches; Operating System: Manual; Grass Catching Bag: Included.


+ You don’t have to think about the runtime with the AC corded power source
+ This mower has a 20-inch steel deck that ensures the ultimate durability
+ It’s a 3-in-1 style mower with functions like mulching, side discharging, and bagging
+ It supports a 14 gauge extension cord to mow every corner of the lawn
+ 7 inches front wheel and 10 inches rare wheels will let it run faster
+ Right side hand push button lets you run it efficiently
+ Folding handle makes it easy to store and move


– It doesn’t come with an extension cord
– Not suitable for small size lawns
– It is comparatively difficult to clean

We suggest this lawn only when you have a medium to larger lawn. And the extension wire is not a problem as it is pretty much cheaper and you’ll get it at any electric shop. So, you better think twice before switching to another option.

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2. AYI Robot Electric Lawn Mower

AYI Robot Electric Lawn Mower

Robot lawn mowers are the most convenient among all the different types of electric lawn mowers. You don’t have to walk with it to mow the lawn. Instead, you can set a schedule for the mower, which will automatically mow the entire lawn.

However, AYI is popular because of its high-end robot mower. This one may seem smaller in size, but it can mow a larger yard. Indeed, it can cut a lawn bigger than 29000 square feet.


Model: AYI Robot IPX; Power Source: Electricity through Battery; Battery Power: 5,200mah Lithium Battery; Mower Type: Rugged Mower; Weight: 17.7 pounds; Material: Metal+plastic; Operating System: Automatic; Charging Time: 90 minutes; Running Time: 120 minutes.


+ Anyi-theft technology and Wifi control are available
+ IPX waterproof design will keep it working even if it’s raining outside
+ Noiseless operation won’t disturb your neighbor
+ Very durable material, and it’s good for both small and large size lawn
+ Both spot mowing and schedule mowing functions are available too
+ A full-year warranty is there with the localization service policy
+ It has an advanced safety function that will avoid the obstacles
+ A flexible charging station is there, too, and it will ensure automatic charging


– This mower is comparatively more expensive
– Some users don’t like the display functions of this mower
– You may not like it as it is sometimes stuck with the debris

If you manage to keep this mower clean, it won’t get stuck so easily. Besides, automatic lawnmowers are naturally expensive. So, if you are avoiding this best electric lawn mower for its cost, you should give it a rethink.

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3. Powerworks XB 40V Brushless Cordless Electric Mower

Powerworks XB 40V Brushless Cordless Electric Mower

Walk-behind push mowers are always suitable for any type of lawn. And if you want to try one, Powerworks is your best pick. This brushless electric mower is suitable for both small and medium size lawns. It is pretty much cheaper, and no cord can get tangled.

Besides, the powerful battery lets it run for about 50 minutes and mow the lawn very quickly. So, if you have a lawn smaller than a half acre, you can go for this mower.


Model: Powerworks XB; Power Source: Electricity through Battery; Battery Power: 4.0Ah Battery; Mower Type: Brushless Push mower; Mowing capacity: 21780 square feet; Weight: 78.6 lbs; Cutting Width: 21 inches; Operating System: Manual; Grass Catching Bag: Included; Charging Time: 120 minutes; Running Time: 50 minutes.


+ 3-in-1 cutting deck of this mower is pretty much convenient
+ It has a flexible mulching option that helps you spread grass mulch all over the lawn
+ If you don’t want to leave the mulch on the lawn, you can use the large capacity 30L rear bag
+ 7 different height adjustments can help you change the mowing strategy
+ This mower comes with a shallow noise operating system
+ Comes with a flexible and high-tech fast charger
+ The running time is much better, and it is suitable for any type of lawn


– The running time may not match the given information
– Not a good choice for larger lawns
– The bagging capacity can be better

I have already told you that this mower is not for a large size lawn. Only buy it if your lawn is smaller than a half acre. You should consider it for its super smart cutting deck. Eventually, it is inexpensive, and the mower’s engine is pretty much powerful.

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4. LawnMaster ME1218X Electric Lawn Mower

LawnMaster ME1218X Electric Lawn Mower

Nowadays, finding a lawn mower that is cheap, lightweight, and has more than 6 cutting functions is tough. But don’t worry; LawnMaster has solved the hassle for you. This model of LawnMaster has all the functions you can imagine in a modern mower.

Besides, this mower is a corded electric type. So, you no longer have to worry about running out of battery or battery health, and the cable is long enough to cover up your lawn.


Model: LawnMaster ME1218X; Power Source: Corded Electric; Mower Type: Cable operated; Weight: 35Lbs; Cutting Width: 19 Inches; Cutting Height: Up to 4 inches; Operating System: Manual; Grass Catching Bag: Not included.


+ Its high-efficiency cutting function makes sure that no power is lost while operating
+ This handy electric lawn mower comes with a rust-resistant deck to keep the mower clean
+ The 12AMP powerful motor assures a speed of 36000RPM
+ It also has a 2-in-1 function that includes mulching and side discharge
+ This mower has six cutting height options from 1.5 inches to 4 inches
+ 6.7 inches wheels of this mower are flexible, smooth, and easy to clean
+ The blade is replaceable, and you can change it by yourself


– The blade of this mower could be bigger
– It would help if it had a collection bag with it
– Not suitable for professional mowing

So, you can buy this mower if you have a smaller lawn. On a tiny lawn, collecting the mulches won’t be a problem, so the bag cannot be an issue for this best electric lawn mower. Besides, it is cheaper and suitable for regular use too.

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5. EGO Power+ ZT4204L Zero Turn Riding Mower

EGO Power+ ZT4204L Zero Turn Riding Mower

Lastly, we are reviewing a riding mower, so continue reading if you have a larger lawn. EGO Power+ is a popular lawn machine brand, and its ZT4204L is a very flexible riding style Zero turn electric mower. The mower looks stylish, and it’s enjoyable to ride on it.

This battery power mower has two hours of running time, so you can enjoy mowing even if it’s a large landscape. Eventually, many professionals love to use this mower as well. Let’s learn more about it.


Model: EGO Power+ ZT4204L; Power Source: Electricity through Battery; Battery Power: 10AH 56V Arc Lithium Batteries; Mower Type: Zero Turn Riding Mower; Weight: 450 lbs; Cutting Width: 42 Inches; Cutting Depth: 1.5 to 4.5 inches; Operating System: Manual; Grass Catching Bag: Included; Running Time: 120 minutes.


+ It is difficult to find a mower with such a big cutting deck that this mower comes with
+ The 1600W charging station quickly charges the mower to mower a land of 2 acres
+ It can run with 4x speed at up to 8 mph, so riding it will be fun
+ You can adjust its deck with 10 different positions
+ The battery is easy to replace, and it’s not expensive at all
+ Different cutting height adjustment lets you change the grass height too
+ This mower comes with a complete five years warranty with an excellent service policy


– This mower is pretty much expensive
– It takes longer to get fully charged
– This mower is not suitable for smaller lawn

You must check its specification and understand why it’s not good for a smaller lawn. So, if you need an electric mower for a more extensive lawn, don’t think much about getting this mower. I can guarantee that it won’t make you regretful.

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These are the best electric lawn mowers, and you must see that the list contains mowers of different types. We will suggest the first and fifth options if you have a larger lawn. The third and fourth options are suitable for smaller lawns. And go for the second one if you want it to be suitable for medium to larger lawns. Hopefully, you have got my point.


Q: What type of electric mower is best for small-size lawns?

A: Hand push mowers and small capacity robot mowers are the best types of electric lawn mowers for small size lawns. Most self-propelled mowers are good for medium to larger lawns, so you should skip thinking about it. On another side, riding mowers are used for larger lawns or landscapes. So, that can’t be an option as well.

Q: Is an electric self-propelled mower better than a hand-push mower?

A: Yes and no. An electric self-propelled lawn mower is better than a hand-push mower if you use it for a medium to larger lawn. But an electric hand push will perform better than a self-propelled one if it’s a small size lawn.

Q: What kind of electric mower is best for a large size lawn?

A: A riding mower is definitely a better type of electric mower for a large lawn. A riding mower lets you ride on the mowing machine that quite looks like a vehicle. So, you won’t be tired so often as you don’t have to run with it till the end. But if you don’t like to buy a riding mower, you can try a self-propelled mower or a large-capacity robot mower.

Q: Should I buy a Brushless electric mower?

A: Yes, you should buy a Brushless electric mower instead of a brush mower. Initially, a brushless mower makes less heat and noise. Besides, they are easy to operate and clean as well.

Q: Is a corded electric mower better than a battery-powered mower?

A: No. If you have a larger lawn, battery operated mower will be a good option. The length of the cord won’t make a problem in this case. But for a small size lawn, a corded mower can work well. Still, you can be annoyed by the tangled cord so often with such a mower.

Final Thought

You must be seeing this content because you are planning to buy an electric mower for your lawn. There are different types of lawnmowers, and the electric one is quite popular and handy for being multifunctional, and it gives you so many choices.

You can check out our small reviews of the 5 best electric lawn mowers or just buy one from your nearby market. However, to get the right one, you should consider the brief buying guide first and then choose the type wisely. In this case, ensure the product has a considerable warranty and service policy.

So, let us know about your mower. If you ever use an electric mower, share your experience of using the mower with us. You can also share your feedback with us as well. Thank you.

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