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Types of Lawn Mowers: Learn Before You Buy One 

Whether you have a small lawn in the yard or a big grass area, you will need a mower to keep the grass in shape. That’s why almost all lawn owners have a mower at their homes. However, there are different types of lawn mowers, so most beginners become confused about which one they should buy.

Basically, the lawn mower companies have launched different types as people owned lawns of different sizes and grass types. So, choosing the right mower would be difficult if you don’t know about the types of it. Well, we got some suggestions and ideas from people who have worked as greenkeepers of different golf fields, National properties, and other sports fields.

So, we come to gather some sorts of essential information about the types of lawn mowers. Getting introduced to the basic lawn mower types is pretty much necessary for beginners. And here, I am going to introduce you to the most popular lawn ower types. So, stay with us till the end.

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are indeed lots of mower types available in the market. But you don’t need to learn about all of them. It is because all of them are not suitable for mowing personal lawns. So, here we will give you some idea about the most common types of lawn mowers you can buy for the lawn alongside your home. Make sure to learn them properly before selecting one type to buy for your lawn.

1. Hand Push Mowers

Hand Push MowersA hand push mower is a most basic and commonly used mower. Eventually, it is the cheapest one among the other mowers. As it is a hand mower, it’s so simple to use, and anyone without any previous experience can use it efficiently.

Though it’s a manual type of mower, it is best for tiny and well-manicured lawns. It is an extremely lightweight and small-sized mower that is more comfortable than other large-size mowers. You will love to run it and carry it from one place to another for its compact size.

Every good thing has a bad trait behind it. As it is a small patterned mower, it’s tough to cover a lengthy lawn to mow by it. This mower is not appropriate on jagged or uneven lawns as well. If the lawn has been bumped, this mower won’t act like your friend on the lawn.

2. Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric Lawn MowersAmong all the electric lawn mowers, it is the most common one. It’s initially handy and recommended for small to moderate size lawns. You can find two versions of electric lawn mowers. They are cylinder and rotary versions. Besides, all of the electric mowers offer a good value for money.

Whether there is an uneven or bumpy lawn, it will help you get a clean and smooth terrace area. Commonly, electric lawn mowers are only 10 meters long with a power cord. Rarely some other models do have a lengthier one. It’s problematic to mow with this one without the necessity of an expanded electric wire.

Sometimes, an electric mower creates problems when mowing around impediments like trees and furniture. The power cord can easily get tangled, making it difficult to move the mower. Another thing that must be mentioned is that water and electricity aren’t mixed. So cutting wet grass is dangerous with an electric mower.

3. Hover Lawn Mowers

Hover Lawn MowersIf you are looking for a cheaper mower, you should try the Hover lawn mower. Being cheaper is the reason for its vast popularity. The biggest advantage of selecting this mower is its motility. Unlike most mowers with fixed wheels, a hover mower enables the cushion of air on which it drifts, comparable to a hovercraft.

Initially, a hover mower is a good option to mow unusual and uneven-shaped lawns. This electric version of the mower is eligible for small to medium size lawns. Its only limitation is the power cords which is a common problem with any other electric mowers.

But hover mower comes in different forms. Besides being operated by electricity, you can even choose the one that works with petrol. It will be an even better option if your lawn is huge. But petrol operated hover mower is pretty heavy. Still, there are some more limitations.

4. Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless Lawn MowersA Cordless mower minimizes the gap between an electric mower and a patrolled one. You can simply utilize this mower with electric power as well as petrol. Besides, they have no limitations on the power cord. That’s the reason cordless mowers are the favorable choice for medium to large lawns.

After improving battery technology, the popularity of cordless lawn mower is increased. These batteries usually last for 30 to 40 minutes on average. But the battery charger might be taken off if you have lawns with uneven, rough, and long grasses.

To get rid of the battery problem, you can have an extra battery for sure. But you have to make sure to charge it before using it. Generally, the batteries will take a couple of hours to charge fully. Some of the batteries can take up to 5hours.

5. Gas/Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol Lawn MowersFor more extensive lawns, petrol/Gas lawn mowers are very commonly used and, at the same time, beneficial. Besides, it can be helpful for small lawns too. Dissimilar to the above mowers, it has no limitations on the power cord or the battery’s run time. It’s because this type of mower only works on fuel.

Petrol-operated mowers are more powerful than any other existing mowers discussed before. This is the reason people commonly choose it for uneven lawns. One thing to be concerned about this kind of mower is the cost.

It needs fuel constantly and also needs to service before every growing season. Sometimes it can not be done at home, but professionals suggest it take on the service centers. In that case, you can also take it to a local mower shop. It’s added cost of maintenance, though.

6. Ride-On Lawn Mowers

Ride-On Lawn MowersIf your lawn is too large to mow with the help of petrol lawn mowers, you need to choose a ride-on lawn mower. They tackle large lawns more rapidly and efficiently than any other mowers. When mowing, it also gives a fun ride around on. With the best lawn mowing tips, you can easily mow your lawn with this type of mower.

Generally, this kind of mower comes with complete details and higher-end criteria. Though they are truly expensive, buying one doesn’t make sense if you have a small-size lawn. Before buying, whether it’s worth it to buy such kind of expensive mower or not should be under consideration.

7. Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot MowerRobot technology is developing gradually, so this mower will be popular with time. People who can afford it can simply skip the mowing part and make it done by a robot. For that, they have to buy a robot lawn mower.

A robot mower can be a great choice for some reasons. If you are a person who is not fond of mowing, then it could be your best friend. It will save you time. For example, if anybody works around 8 hours a day on lawns, this type of mower can easily save time by working itself.

Besides, it can start and do mowing by itself. You have to make a schedule about when to mow, which will mow the lawn and save you time. Also, this kind of mower works for all-sized lawns. From small lawns to giant-sized up to 5000sq meters, it’s good for all sizes eventually.

But robot mowers are not great options for uneven lawns. It will not be a good choice if you resemble any paddock. It’s too costly as well. You have to pay at least 500$ for the basic version. The advanced version will add an extra charge.

8. Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowersIf you wish to try one of the most comfortable mowers, you should consider the self-propelled mower at least once. Unlike the push mower, you don’t have to push it as it can move by itself. But you have to guide the propel transmission of this mower to work. Operating this type of mower is easy and fun. Eventually, it’s a good choice for any lawn, and the size doesn’t matter.

The best part of this mower is its automatic system which doesn’t require manpower. Besides, providing a better cut all over the lawn is good. And that’s why it is so popular, especially for bigger lawns.

As the self-propelled lawn mowers are technically more improved, it is pretty much expensive too. Also, it needs regular servicing as well. That’s why having a self-propelled mower can cause you to pay more. So, if you are willing to pay more to save your effort and time, you can definitely have this kind of mower.

9. Rotary Mower

Rotary MowerFor sure, the Rotary mower is one of the most popular walk-alone mowers out there. Initially, this mower is named because it has a single blade set horizontally and rotates at a much higher speed. That is why a rotary mower can mow very fast.

For lawns of any size, it can be the perfect match. Eventually, it works well to cut grass with medium to longer sizes. Besides, a rotary mower works well for sloppy lawns and flat lawns with bumps and angles.

However, people like rotary mowers for another reason as well. It is affordable, and using it is easier than most other mowers. Besides, it just chops off the extra length of the grass and leaves no impact on the root. That is why it is good for the health of the grass on your lawn.

10. Zero Turn Mower

Zero Turn lawn MowerAnd we are concluding the list of the types of mowers with the most expensive and well-functional ones. The zero-turn mower has been popular for its exception operating system in the last few decades. Basically, it’s a ride-on mower, and you can run it just by sitting on it.

In from of the chair where the users will sit, there is a lap bar, and the user can control the entire mowing using the bar. This technologically improved mower has a hydrostatic transmission on the rear wheels.

Besides, this mower’s cutting path is much wider than most other mower types. Depending on the model, it can be from 32 inches to 60 inches. So, for the big size lawn, it can be the perfect match. Eventually, it became the most popular mower for professional landscapers.

You have learned so many good things about the zero-turn mower. And so, you can anticipate how pricey it could be. Yes, you have to pay a lot for this kind of mower. Depending on its models, it can be from $1000 to $600. Besides, it requires expensive servicing as well.

These are the most popular types of lawn mowers. But these are not all the types you can find in the market. There are many other types, like cylinder mowers, rear-wheel mowers, manual power mowers, rear engine mowers, and so on. But these ten types of mowers are mostly used for property-based lawn mowing tasks.


Q: Are push reel mowers better for grass?

A: Yes, push reel mowers are better for the grasses. It simply chops the grasses and cuts off the extra length. In this case, it doesn’t create any pressure on the root. That’s why it is considered to be a good option for other health of the grass on your lawn.

Q: How long do push lawn mowers last?

A: Initially, a push reel mower can last for around ten years or more. For that, you have to take proper care of it and take it to the service center regularly. Also, you have to sharpen the blade regularly.

Q: Is it okay to hose down a lawn mower for cleaning?

A: It is okay to use a hose to clean the mower. Eventually, using a hose is the appropriate way for that. But here, you have to be careful of a special fact. You have to secure the engine and so never even spray on the place where the engine of the mower is located.

Q: What mowers do landscapers use?

A: Most professional landscapers use zero-turn riding mowers. This kind of mower is very speedy and can run at high speeds. Also, the cutting path’s width is bigger than most other mower types. That’s why it takes less time to mow a large place like a landscape.

Q: What’s the difference between self-propelled and push mowers?

A: Push mowers and self-propelled mowers are completely different from one another. You have to push to run the push mower. But a self-propelled mower can move forward on its own if you engage the bail. You have to squeeze your hand to mow with this kind of mower.

Bottom Lines

So, you have learned about the basic types of lawn mowers. Now is the time to choose the appropriate one for your lawn. Here, you have to consider a few factors, including the price range, the size of your lawn, the types of grasses on your lawn, and the functions you wish. Considering all these facts, you can easily choose the appropriate lawn mower type for your lawn.

But before buying one, you should think twice about the functionalities. If you don’t have enough time to mow the lawn, you should invest in an automatic mower. Also, you should buy a ride-on mower or zero-turn mower if you have a pretty larger lawn.

We are sure that you will be able to make the right decision. Please share with us which mower you are going to purchase and how it works on your lawn. Also, if you have used any before, please share your experience with the lawn mower for sure. Thank you for your support.


  1. I like that you pointed out how gas lawnmowers have no limitations on the power cord or battery’s run time because they only work on fuel. I’ve gotten quite tired of manually taking care of our lawn, so I think it’s about time for us to get a lawnmower. With that in mind, I’ll try to look into a power equipment shop later.

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