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5 Best Fall Lawn Fertilizers for The Winter Preparation

Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn, and it’s not a myth. Indeed, your lawn needs to prepare for the upcoming winter, which is why you have to fertilize it during Fall. Winter is a very harsh time for the lawn grass as they don’t get enough sunlight because of cold and snow everywhere. And if you use the best fall lawn fertilizers, they can service easily no matter how cold it is in the winter.

Choosing the right fertilizer for the fall season is very much complicated. You need to choose it based on your lawn’s condition and the health of the soil. Eventually, it is essential to check if your lawn is suffering from any particular diseases like dollar sport or the fairy rings on the lawn.

However, in another content, we told everything about the fertilizers for the fall season. But there, we didn’t mention anything about the best fertilizers. And that’s why we are here today. I will introduce you to the best fall lawn fertilizers that will keep your lawn safe in the upcoming winter.

Choosing the Best Fall Lawn Fertilizers

Choosing the Best Fall Lawn FertilizersAs I have already said before, choosing the fall-time lawn fertilizer is a little bit tricky. It’s because of the right NPK, volume, types of fertilizers, and others. First, you must find out why it is essential to fertilize your lawn in the Fall. You’ll get the answer in the article: Should I fertilize the lawn in the Fall?

Now, it is essential to find out what facts we should check while buying fertilizer for the lawn. The following facts will inform you all about it.

  • Fall is a time when your lawn needs more nitrogen and less phosphorous. The amount of potassium should be moderated at this time. The best NPK rate for fall is 10-0-10, 16-0-8, 12-0-8, etc.
  • Before choosing the right NPK for your lawn, you should try a soil test. It will expose all the information about what your lawn needs and how much you should apply a nutrient to the lawn.
  • You need to check if your lawn has any specific disease. In some cases, nitrogen can create a worse condition for disease. So, before choosing the right NPK, make sure that it is suitable for the lawn.
  • There are slow-release and control-release fertilizers. These are the two types. Slow-release fertilizers are the best fit for the Fall season.
  • Another category of fertilizer is its material. It can be synthetic or organic. Whatever the season is, we always prefer organic fertilizer for sure.
  • Liquid and granule are other types of fall lawn fertilizers. In most cases, the organic fertilizers are granules. So, we never suggest the liquid one unless your lawn is suffering from particular diseases.
  • Lastly, you should check the volume of the packet and how much it can cover. You should match it with the size of your lawn and choose one that is enough for the space.

Just buying the right fertilizer is not enough. You should take care of the lawn rightly in the Fall as well. Otherwise, the side effects of the fertilizers can also worsen its condition. However, once you know the facts you need to check while buying the fertilizer, you can buy one.

Best Fall Lawn Fertilizers to Feed Your Lawn before Winter

Here, we have listed the 5 best fertilizers to feed your lawn in the Fall. Scotts is, no doubt, the best company to buy fertilizers from. But we have listed fertilizers from other companies like GreenView, and The Andersons. We suggest you check the details of all the fertilizers to choose the right one.

1. GreenView Fall Lawn Food

GreenView Fall Lawn FoodGet introduced to a no-phosphate-enhanced fertilizer commonly known as GreenView Fall Lawn Food. This product will turn your lawn full of green and luscious grass. And you should apply the fertilizer during Fall because it specifically helps in the active growth of grass.

With this pack, you can feed your lawn for approximately 8 weeks. Furthermore, it is great for beginners for ease of use and thoroughly covers 5 square feet of your lawn. 


+ The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 22-0-10 and which means it’s very rich in nitrogen
+ This product helps speed root growth which is excellent for nutrient absorption 
+ It also retains water and that protects the grass from drought and summer heat
+ A slow-release nitrogen restores all the essential nutrients to the soil
+ This fertilizer prepares the grass and its roots to stand firm in winter stress 
+ It controls broadleaf weeds and is made of special fertilizer technology
+ It features MESA nitrogen technology along with a single-particle fertilizer for the best result


– If you overuse the fertilizer, your lawn can turn into a yellow carpet

For any kind of fertilizer, it is not a good idea to overuse it. So, you cannot take it as a true dark side. However, please make sure to mow 2 to 3 times before applying this fertilizer. Otherwise, it will not cooperate to build a dense root system. 

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2. Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn Food

Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn FoodIf you are looking for a fertilizer to help the grass build deep and strong roots in your lawn the next Spring, then Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn Food is all you need. As you know, Fall is the best time to apply fertilizer, and it will make your lawn ready for the upcoming year.

Moreover, this fertilizer is too great for beginners, and one can spread it properly on the lawn. The NPK ratio is 32-0-10, which means the fertilizer includes 32% nitrogen.


+ This fertilizer provides all the necessary nutrients that will mend your grass damaged from drought, heat stress, and even harsh winter conditions 
+ It enhances the lawn’s ability to absorb all the nutrients and water for the healthy growth of grass
+ You can apply this fertilizer on any type of grass, whether it is summer or winter season grass 
+ This packet can cover at least 5,000 square feet of your lawn
+ You can even apply this fertilizer at any time of the year


– This fertilizer does not have much effect in eliminating the board-lead weeds

Well, it’s not a weed killer but a complete lawn food for Fall. So, you shouldn’t expect it to remove weeds from the lawn. However, make sure to mow the lawn before you start to spread the lawn. But let the grass clippings on the lawn as it helps the grass to use water in fruitful ways.

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3. The Andersons Premium Fall Lawn Food Fertilizer

The Andersons Premium Fall Lawn FoodThe Andersons Premium Fall Lawn Food has made it easy to prepare the lawn during winter. This product has potash in its formula. Thus, it thickens the wall structure of the grass. Moreover, it is specially designed for Fall Season as it recovers your lawn grass from the summer heat and prepares them for the winter months.

Therefore, the grass will stand firm with a more vigorous look. This fertilizer has a bit more potassium as the NPK ratio is 24-0-14. So it will provide sufficient nitrogen and potassium.


+ This fertilizer has slow-release nitrogen, and it will extend the feeding of your lawn to make it look green
+ You will find 1 percent of iron to make your lawn look extra deep greening 
+ This product is very easy to use, and you can spread this very evenly on the lawn
+ You will find this fertilizer ideal for all types of turf
+ It will help you eliminate all the crabgrass and broadleaf weeds 


– This fertilizer needs a little bit more time to expose the benefits

It is a slow-release lawn fertilizer, and that’s why it needs a little longer to be activated. However, some notable facts are that you should water in with a minimum of 0.2 inches after the application. And to avoid particle pick-up, never collect clippings for a minimum of one mowing following the application.

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4. Scotts Turf Builder Fall Weed & Feed

Scotts Turf Builder Fall Weed & FeedWhy not try a lawn fertilizer that will feed the grass and control weeds at the same time? Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed 3 will assist in killing more than 50 listed lawn weeds. It includes plantain, chicory, dandelion, evening primrose, and so on.

In addition, you should apply this fertilizer on a wet lawn when the weeds actively growing. And the temperature remains between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 


+ This product provides enough nutrients to repair the damage to grasses from the summer stress
+ It also helps to strengthen the roots so that the lawn can survive in harsh winter conditions 
+ You will find it preventing the crabgrass for the entire season
+ It comes with WeedGrip technology grip that will assist in killing the weeds that you do not want to keep
+ You can spread this fertilizer very easily, covering around 5,000 sq. ft.


– This fertilizer often fails to prevent the growth of the crabgrass

No fertilizer, eventually no weedkiller can guarantee to prevent a hundred percent of weed prevention. So, sometimes, it can fail to prevent a few types of weeds. However, while you will mow the lawn before applying this fertilizer, leave the glass clippings behind. It will help penetrate the water right into the soil and enhance the grass’s healthy growth.

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5. Ultimate Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer

Ultimate Lawn Food Quality Liquid FertilizerLet’s meet one of the best premium 3-18-18 liquid lawn food that promotes vigorous roots and delivers all the essential nutrients for a healthy-looking lawn. In addition, you need to water properly so that the nutrients get absorbed properly.

This product comes with a ready-to-use hose end sprayer, and it gives the perfect ratio for lawn applications. And you can cover your lawn with approximately 3,200 sq. ft with an attached sprayer.


+ It has 3 percent nitrogen which will help to enhance the green color of the grass
+ Here, you will find 18 percent of Phosphorus and which is essential for turf development 
+ It also consists of 18 percent Potassium that will make the grasses endurance to heat
+ You can use this fertilizer on any type of grass, including Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Bluegrass lawn
+ It is great for beginners as it is easy to use, and anybody can spread it thoroughly on the lawn. 


– It’s a liquid fertilizer, and it can be a little troublesome to spray all over the lawn
– The NPK rate is 3-18-18, so choose it after testing the soil and make sure that it’s suitable for your lawn

Liquid fertilizer works pretty much faster. So, you have worked a little to spray it. This fertilizer is designed to have all the necessary nutrients to help the grass grow vigorously. And it maintains the balance of the soil and the roots so that summer or winter stress does not affect the health of the lawn.

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As you see, we have selected fall lawn fertilizers from different companies and types. We didn’t use all of them personally, though we collected experiences from real users. So, we suggest you check them on the online marketplace to learn about them deeply.


Q: Why is fall the best time to fertilize your lawn?

A: There are a lot of benefits of fertilizing the lawn in the fall. Some of them are listed below.

  • Fertilizing the lawn in the fall helps in the growth of the grassroots.
  • For the crucial temperature in the Fall season, fertilizer is essential.
  • The food the lawn saves from the fall-time fertilizer will keep it alive in winter when the grass cannot go through photosynthesis.
  • Fall is the pick time for the cool-season grass to grow.
  • Fertilizer in the fall helps the grass to absorb extra moisture caused by the Fall due drop.

Q: What is the best fertilizer to use on the lawn in the Fall?

A: Scotts WinterGuard Fall fertilizer and the GreenView Fall fertilizer are the best fall lawn fertilizers to use on the lawn. These fertilizers are very rich in nitrogen with zero phosphorous and a moderate amount of potassium. For the fall season, it is the right NPK ratio.

Q: How to fertilize the lawn in the Fall season?

A: To fertilize the lawn in the fall, one should aerate the lawn one week before fertilizing. It is good to mow the lawn a few days before you apply the fertilizer and water it a day before. To fertilize, you should use a spreader and follow the instruction manual to learn the amount to spread on the lawn. After spreading it, you shouldn’t water it for a few days and apply the fertilizer.

Q: What is the best NPK for Lawn fertilizer?

A: Your lawn needs a lot of nitrogen with almost no phosphorous and a moderate amount of potassium in the lawn. So, the right NPK of this time will be 12-0-8 or 16-0-8. The number can vary based on product to product. But you should choose a similar ratio.

Q: When in the Fall should you apply fertilizer on the lawn?

A: You should apply lawn fertilizer 2 to 3 weeks before winter comes. So, it has to be the middle to the end of Fall. Make sure to apply the fertilizer in the morning before 10 am.

Final Thought

As you know, fall is the best time to apply fertilizer on your lawn. But make sure to mow the lawn and aerate it a few weeks before you apply. However, it is equally important to take care of your lawn in Fall. You have to water it regularly and use a weed killer to prevent weeds in the upcoming winter.

You have introduced us to the 5 best fall lawn fertilizers. They all are from different brands and with different NPK ratios. So, choose the after checking the description properly. I would suggest going for a soil test if you don’t do it once a year.

Now, let us know about the fertilizer you used in the previous fall season. How did it work? Also, inform us which fertilizer you selected to choose. Thank you for staying with us.

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