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How To Fertilize Your Lawn: Learn the Efficient Ways

Fertilizing your lawn is the most effective part of taking care of it. The mud, in most cases, is not fertile enough to make a glowing green lawn. Besides, fertilizers are essential to improve the diseases resistant capabilities of the soil. That’s why people often want to learn how to fertilize the lawn properly.

Unfortunately, many people, mostly beginners, wrongly think the soil alone can handle feeding the grasses on your lawn. But the worst thing is about choosing the wrong fertilizer for your lawn. However, we have already discussed how to choose the right fertilizer but didn’t tell you how to apply it.

That’s why we are here today. I am sure you know that there are different types of fertilizers; granule and liquid fertilizers are the most popular ones. So, we are planning to discuss the process of applying both types. But first, let me tell you briefly about how you should choose the fertilizer and how much of that you need for the lawn. So, let’s start.

Choose the Appropriate Fertilizer for Your Lawn

lawn fertilizer

You must choose the right fertilizer before even considering how to fertilize a lawn. To choose it appropriately, you must be reminded of two specific factors. The first one is the NPK number, and the second is the fertilizer type.

Basically, the NPK number indicates the ratio of three essential nutrients for the lawn grass. They are consequently Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. The percentages of these three ingredients are written in three numbers, the NPK number.

So, first, you have to choose which ingredients are essential for your lawn and which ingredients it needs less. You can identify the deficiencies by the result of the soil test. However, you need to be sure of the right NPK while choosing the right fertilizer.

The second factor you must be concerned about is the types of fertilizer. Initially, there can be different lawn fertilizers like granule fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, organic fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers, time-release fertilizers, and many others. You can also use different types of homemade fertilizers for your lawn. In this case, you must be careful when choosing the right type.

How Much Fertilizer Do You Need for Your Lawn?

How Much Fertilizer Do You Need for Your Lawn?As you know, varieties of lawn fertilizers are available, and that’s why the amount cannot be easily specified. For example, the appropriate amount of granule and liquid fertilizers can’t be the same. So, you are the one who needs to identify the amount for sure.

You must clearly know how much you will need for your lawn. In this case, the easiest way is to check out the instruction details in the fertilizer packets. Also, you can ask the local shoppers, and they will guide you properly.

We can also share some general information in this case. But it may not be appropriate in the case of your lawn if you use other types of fertilizers. Generally, you will need around a pound for every 100 square feet if it is granule fertilizers or any kind of organic fertilizer. So, first, you have to measure the area properly and then calculate how much you will need for your lawn.

When Is the Best Time to Spread Fertilizer on the Lawn?

how to fertilize the lawnMany people have a weird idea that it is okay to fertilize the lawn anytime in the year. Well, it’s completely a wrong idea, and your lawn is susceptible in the case of fertilization. So, you have to fertilize at the right time unless you don’t want to harm it. So, before learning how to fertilize a lawn, you must learn the right time for it.

The word time is not going properly when the fact is lawn fertilization. Instead, we should talk about the temperature of the time. It’s because your lawn needs fertilizer at a specific temperature so that it can work properly. Also, your lawn needs to be prepared for the next change in the season, and the preparation is the fertilizers.

However, the most suitable time to spread fertilizer on your lawn is in Spring. The appropriate soil temperature for fertilizing is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. But the temperature in Spring is not the same in all the places. And so, you have to measure the temperature. For that, you have to measure the temperature of the soil, not the air.

Not just in Spring, you should fertilize your lawn seasonally. For instance: after winter, in the late autumn, and so on. Also, it will need specific fertilizers if it is affected by any diseases. Besides, you will also need to apply fertilizers on your lawn in the growing seasons. In total, you should fertilize it around 5 or 6 times a year.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn: Step-by-step Process

Now, you have learned all the basic things about fertilizing your lawn, so you can start learning how to fertilize a lawn properly. Basically, it is very easy to fertilize your lawn, and you won’t need a lot of equipment for that. Also, you can do it all by yourself without seeking help from others.

Step 1: Gather All the Equipment

Gather All the EquipmentFirst, you must collect all the equipment you will need to spread the fertilizer. Initially, you don’t need anything but the spreader. But you must know that there are different fertilizer spreaders, and you have to make sure to choose the right one. If you have a small area to fertilize, you can simply use a drop spreader and spread the fertilizer place to place walking on the lawn.

But if you have a larger lawn, you cannot possibly cover the area just with the drop spreader. For that, you have to use a rotary spreader. If you cannot buy one, you can rent it from the local agriculture shop. 

Step 2: Test the Spreader

Before you pour the fertilizer on the spreader, you have to test it to make sure that it works perfectly. For the repeatedly open and close the spreader. Is it smooth? If yes, it’s ready to work. Also, check if the wheels go smoothly.

Step 3: Pour Fertilizer on the Spreader Bowl

Pour Fertilizer on the SpreaderNow, your spreader is ready, and you must pour fertilizer. You have to fill the spreader bowl. Don’t forget to check the recommended amount of fertilizer you have to use that is written in the package. Then you have to adjust the spreader and fix the amount of fertilizer that the spreader will release.

Step 4: Spread It

At this point, you have to start your main task. Select a point on your lawn and just start from there. At this place, you have to start your spreader and go through. Make sure not to overlap any place and try to cover spreading on all the areas. You can follow a pattern in this case to cover the entire lawn.

Besides, you have to ensure that the spreader is not leaving fertilizer unevenly all over the area. To ensure that, you must be consistent while running the spreader. You cannot be too slower or faster anyway. Besides, you must fill the spreader bowl once it is empty and start running it from where you stopped for the filling.

Step 5: Water the Lawn

water the areaYou are done fertilizing your lawn, and now you have to water the lawn properly to let the fertilizer set. You can start the sprinkler or use your regular watering hose for that. Water moderately and make sure to water in the daytime.

This is how you can fertilize your lawn successfully. I would like to remind you again about choosing the right fertilizer. It would be better if you managed to arrange a soil test. With the test, you can get an appropriate result about the condition of your lawn soil.

How to Spray Liquid Fertilizer on the Lawn?

use liquid fertilizerThe above process is okay to use the granule fertilizer. Then you must be thinking about the liquid fertilizer, right? Basically, granule fertilizers are more popular than liquid ones. But, liquid fertilizers are the most effective. Even if your lawn suffers from some sort of disease, you might need liquid fertilizers.

However, applying the liquid fertilizers is easy and effortless as well. Eventually, it is easier than spreading the granule fertilizers. In most cases, the liquid fertilizers come in a spray bottle. And you have to attach the hose and spray it all over the area with the bottle. It is so simple that you can do it all by yourself.

In this case, you should remember some essential factors clearly. First of all, you have to make sure to use a hose that can run water evenly. Otherwise, you may end up applying the fertilizer unevenly.

Besides, you have to remember not to overdoing over the same place again and again. Also, you should choose a clean and sunny day to apply the liquid fertilizer. A windy or rainy day cannot be good for applying this kind of fertilizer anyway.


Q: Can I spread granule fertilizer by hand?

A: Yes, it is possible to spread granule fertilizer by hand. But it is not suggested at all. It’s because you cannot spread the fertilizer evenly around the lawn. As a result, some parts will get over-fertilized while some won’t get sufficient. That’s why you should use a fertilizer spreader.

Q: When is the best time of day to fertilize the lawn?

A: Early morning is the best time of the day to fertilize your lawn. It is not suggested to fertilize in the full sun as the sunlight can burn the fertilizer, and it can lose its effectiveness. Also, you shouldn’t fertilize in the afternoon or at night as well.

Q: How long will liquid fertilizer last?

A: Liquid fertilizers can last up to three to four months. But if your lawn faces a flood or any other disaster, you may have to fertilize again. Initially, you have to fertilize three times a year.

Q: How often should I apply fertilizer?

A: Generally, you should fertilize the lawn 5 or 6 times a year. Some fertilizers are strong enough to apply only once or twice a year. Also, it depends on what fertilizer you use and when you are using it.

Q: When is the best time in the year to fertilize the lawn?

A: Spring is the best time to fertilize. Besides, you can fertilize your lawn in the late autumn or before winter. You may have to fertilize if your lawn is affected by some kind of disease. However, the best time to fertilize is when your lawn needs it. But normally, it is Spring when you should spread the fertilizers.

Final Thought

So, your first task must be choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn. I am sure you know well how to fertilize your lawn, and it doesn’t matter what kind of fertilizer you are planning to apply. Now, choose the right one and then feed your lawn with something essential.

Remember that fertilizers are very important for your lawn, and you cannot have a beautiful green lawn unless you ensure to fertilize it properly and regularly. And there are many nutrients that the soil cannot produce, and the grass needs them. So, you cannot skip the part of fertilizing your lawn.

Well, here, we are taking our leave for today, and we will again come back with something informative and essential for your lawn. Till then, stay safe, healthy, and close to your green lawn.

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