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How To Lay Turfs To Create A Beautiful Lawn

For the first time, when I was planning to lay turf on my lawn, I was very much confused. I didn’t want to spend so much money to hire a turfing team anyway. So, I planned to do it myself. However, I didn’t have any idea about how to lay turfs on the ground, so I asked my friend who was already working in a turfing organization.

Well, thanks to my friend and it was a success. He shared the easiest way to lay turf on my lawn. Thankfully, the lawn was not so big. And I can make it myself. My friend’s greatest suggestion was to choose the right time and gather all the tools before I started.

Also, ground/soil preparation for turf is an essential part of the entire process,   about which I was completely ignorant. However, I managed to learn everything from my friends, and now, I can help others to lay turf on their lawns. That’s why I would love to share the process with you today. First, let me tell you when exactly you should lay turf and what tools you will need for it.

When is the Best Time for Laying Turf?

best time for laying turf, how to lay turfsFor laying turf, you have to choose the right time. An inappropriate time for turfing can cause a dead lawn. Besides, you must remember that turfs are quite sensitive, especially about the weather. It doesn’t especially like extremely cold or hot weather. That’s why you should choose summer or winter to start laying turf.

Remember that when you lay turf, it needs a few weeks to set up properly. In the meantime, the temperature and environment should be proper so that they don’t die out of the blue. That’s the reason you should start it in winter or summer.

Initially, a lawn with turf can be alive perfectly in winter and summer. But if it is not set properly, it may not survive because of the extreme hot or cold weather. So, when to lay turf is even more important than the fact of how to lay the turf.

However, autumn and spring are the best time to lay turf on your lawn. At this time, the weather is not so hot or cold. So, the turf gets a perfect climate to set on the ground.

Tools You Will Need for Laying Turfs

Generally, installing a lawn is very easy, and you can do it alone. If you find some helping hands, it will be even easier. However, you will need a few tools along with sufficient turf to build your lawn. Here, I am leaving a list of the tools you will need, and I suggest you keep ready all those tools before you start.

  • Fork
  • Rake
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Topsoil (if it is required)
  • Garden sprinkler or watering can
  • Spade (a sharp knife can be used instead)
  • Organic matter such as well-rotted manure, compost, etc.
  • Timber boards to stand on
  • Garden roller (not mandatory)
  • Pre-turf fertilizer (not mandatory)
  • Builders line, string, and pegs (not mandatory)

You should also manage some gloves, goggles, and a spray machine to apply fertilizer on the ground. Make sure that all the tools are ready to use and are not broken. The optional tools are also essential, but it won’t be a problem if you don’t have them beside your hand.

Step-by-step Instructions: How to Lay Turfs?

When you know the right time to start laying turf and have already prepared all the tools for it, you can start. You must be thinking about how to lay turfs, right? Well, we will say it now. We have broken down the entire process into a few steps. It will help you understand it properly. Make sure to check the steps sequentially and don’t skip any part at all.

But you should remember that laying turf needs your patience and time. So, you should start it when you have lots of free time. Besides, you should wear a hat and apply sunscreen on a sunny day. Also, if it is raining, you should start it another day. However, let’s check out the steps briefly.

Step 1: Prepare the Ground

Prepare the GroundYou should start with preparing the soil where you will lay the turf carpet. First, you have to clean the entire ground. Make sure to remove all the perennial weeds using a spade or just with your hand. Also, you can try out the best weed killer if the ground has a lot of weed. The weed-killer will prevent the lawn from producing frequent weeks and unwanted plants.

Once the entire area is clean, you must dig the soil properly. You can use a fork to use it. Make sure to dig all the areas where you will lay the turf. It will help if you take a depth of about 8–10 inches which means 20–25cm of the ground.

Unless your garden’s soil retains water so long, you can apply a soil improver to the soil. Besides, you have to remove all kinds of debris, roots, large stones, pebbles, etc., if there are any. You can also add any well-rotted manure or vermicompost to the soil to improve its fertility. After that, you must rake the lawn to get an even consistent surface.

Now, it’s time to walk over the lawn. It is a simple step but very important. You have to tread it with your heels. You can add some topsoil to the surface if you don’t think the soil quality is not good or there is not enough soil on the ground. Also, you can use a garden roller if you don’t like to heel it anyway.

Next, you have to use Pre-turfing fertilizer to develop the roots. After that, leave the ground for a week and water it regularly. Finally, when you are ready to lay the turf, you must rake it before starting. Well, remember that preparing the ground is the most important part of the process of how lay turfs.

Step 2: Lay All the Turfs

Lay All the TurfsWhile laying the turf, you should start from the edge of the yard. It will be easier if you start laying it in a straight line. You can start from the fence line if you have a fence around the yard. Also, you can use a builder’s line to make a driveway or path to lay turfs.

Here, you have to lay the long side of the roll. Make sure to place it parallel to the fence line. You have to continue laying turf around all the edges of the ground. Here, you can use a sharp knife or just a regular spade to cut off the turf if it has more than you need to fill the line.

After that, you have to use a timber board to ensure that you maintain the line properly. Also, you have to lay the turf in rows while checking to fill all the gaps between the two rows. To fill the gap, you have to stagger the joints of the fence line from one row to another. If there is more gap, you can add soil to fill them or remove soil to make an even surface. That’s how you should continue.

Step 3: Fill the Gaps between Turfs

Fill the Gaps between Turfs, how to lay turfsIn this step, you have used a garden roller to fill the gap between two rows of turf. Make sure to firm the turf with the soil so that it is connected with the soil. You have to pressurize the lawn area with the roller.

If you don’t have a roller, you have to use a wood plunk to pressurize the turf. After that, you have to brush the sands between the gaps of each turf to clean the lawn. Many people who don’t know how to lay turfs properly skip this part. But it can lead to an uneven lawn.

Step 4: Water the New Lawn

Water the New LawnKeeping the turf of your lawn hydrated is essential. Hence, you have to water your lawn with a garden sprinkler, hose, or a watering can. For a big area, you will need to install a water sprinkler. But if you have a smaller area, you can use a hose or watering can.

All of your efforts will go in vain if your turf gets dried if you don’t water them properly. So, never stop watering the turf. On the other hand, hot weather and the conditioned air can cause gaps and shrink the turf. So, water the lawn regularly. But if it rains properly, you don’t have to water it again.

Step 5: Aftercare

Aftercare, how to lay turfsLaying turf and watering the area is not enough. You have to take care of them properly. If you are able to set the turf properly, it will start growing grass. When the grass is more than 3 inches, you should use a mower to keep them in size.

Make sure to take proper care so that you can keep your lawn green and fresh. If you find any weed, mushrooms, or fungus, you have to take instant care of that. Also, you have to add fertilizer timely and water them regularly. So, this is the process of how to lay turfs on your lawn.


Q: Can I lay turf alone in my garden?

A: Yes, and no. If you have a smaller lawn, you can make it yourself. But, if the lawn is large, it will be very different for you to make it alone. That’s why you should hire someone to help you while turfing if you have a large lawn.

Q: Is it easy to lay your own turf?

A: Laying turf is easier than most other gardening tasks. The ground preparation is comparatively a tougher task but laying turf doesn’t require much time, and it is quite simple.

Q: How long does turf take to root?

A: Generally, it takes around two weeks to grow roots for the turf. But for strong roots, the turf takes around six weeks or more.

Q: Can you lay turf over existing grass?

A: No, you shouldn’t lay turf over the existing grass. You have to clean the area, dig it, level it, water it, and rake it before laying turfs. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the turf to grow its roots.

Q: How often should you water new turf?

A: You should water twice a day if you have new turf. After three to six weeks, you have to water them two to three times a week. It would be best if you don’t let the turf get dried, or it can die anyway. And you should always water them before noon.

Final Thought

So, laying turf won’t be a difficult task for you. If you gather all the tools you need and buy sufficient turf, you can make your own lawn by laying turf. Hopefully, the question of how to lay turfs won’t be a problem for you. Make sure to take proper aftercare, and you can check out some of the other content on this site to learn different tips and tricks for taking care of your lawn.

However, this is where I am leaving for today. Next time, I will come up with other content to give you some important information about your lawn. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you.

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