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How To Use A Lawn Vacuum: Learn To Keep Your Lawn Clean

Autumn is getting near! At a time like autumn, leaves are everywhere, and it’s almost frustrating to keep your lawn tidy. That’s why you need a lawn vacuum to maintain your garden. Though it operates a very simple task that gathers any kind of debris from the lawn, the benefits of a lawn vacuum are many.

Not just the leaves but also this machine gathers large amounts of debris and then arranges easy disposal. This similar task takes hours and hard labor if you use normal rakes to sweep or gather the debris. In short, if you have a large place to clean up this fall, then please buy a lawn vacuum as it is an easier and more effective option.

However, if you think that using the lawn vacuum would be difficult and that’s why you are not buying it, I think you should read this article. Initially, using this lawn gear is easy, but this content will tell you how to use a lawn vacuum from the beginning to the end. So, don’t skip any part of this content.

What is A Lawn Vacuum?

lawn vacuumA garden full of leaves is frustrating enough to handle if you don’t have any convenient option to clean. Stop breaking your back by using rakes that take hours to clean a small garden. And try a garden vacuum. It’s quite a very magical and outstanding tool to keep your garden neat this fall. 

This lawn machine can vacuum, blow and mulch the leaves and debris at the same time. Using a lawn vacuum is easier, more effective, and time-saving. Without much effort, you can clean your lawn even if it’s quite big in size. Holding it or using it doesn’t break your back; rather, it’s quite fun to use the lawn vacuum.

Eventually, it is your must-have item if you want to maintain the beautiful appearance of your lawn. You can get rid of branches, leaves, twigs, and other debris as well. Many models come with extra functions that turn a garden or lawn vacuum into a leaf blower. Also, it can chop and turn the debris into useful mulch. 

Also, there are some models of lawn vacuums in front of which cans, napkins, or even big trash, don’t stand any chance. For this, you’ll have to find a litter vacuum instead of a lawn vacuum. It also works better on a lawn and doesn’t do any harm to the grass.

Some of them also come with a detachable hose that allows you to suck debris from hard-to-reach areas. So, overall a lawn vacuum can be a lovely and efficient addition to your collection if you always want to keep the lawn tidy and clean.

How To Use a Lawn Vacuum?

How To Use a Lawn Vacuum?Well, trust me, using a lawn vacuum isn’t like rocket science. They may seem quite complicated, but it’s easier than they look. If you use a vacuum cleaner in your home, then you will find the mechanism is quite similar. However, you can find both cordless and cord lawn vacuums in the market and choose what you prefer. 

Cordless vacuums are very convenient and easy to use, but the battery life limits their life. Then, there is a handheld vacuum which is very popular nowadays and has quite a powerful suction ability. Now let’s see how to use a lawn vacuum.

Step 1: Plan Your Direction

Before you start, you must determine where the debris and dirt start and where they end. And then plan to gather all the dirt. Here, you can keep some disposable bags or containers to collect the leaves and debris when the vacuum is full. 

Step 2: Wear Protection Gear

Make sure to wear appropriate gear like earplugs to avoid the irritating loud noise that the vacuum will create. You can also wear eye goggles to avoid any small debris flying into your eyes. 

Step 3: Attach with Power Source

Now, you can turn the lawn vacuum on. For that, you have to plug in the cord to the power source. Be careful of the cord if you’re using the cord vacuums, as they may get tangled. 

Step 4: Position The Lawn Vacuum Hose

Before positioning the hose, ensure your vacuum path is clear from large debris like rocks or branches. You can pick them up by hand. Now, keep the vacuum hose near the ground at a shallow angle. The nearest the hose will be, the suction power will be greatest. 

Step 5: Move the Hose to Collect Leaves

Move the Hose to Collect LeavesMove the vacuum around the lawn in slow circular or straight motion. Keep going back and forth directions to clear up properly and effectively. Also, make sure that the surface is clean before you leave.

Step 6: Empty The Collection Bag

Empty The Collection BagEmptying your bag often is required if you’re cleaning a large area. It prevents the bag from getting heavier and can also affect the suction power. In the first step, I said to keep some trash bags or containers. It’s time to use them to empty the bag.

Step 7: Always Use Gears You Get with the Machine

You can use other handy and proper nozzle gear to make smooth movements into those areas where machines can’t get into. Most often, you will get the extra gears with the machine.

Step 8: Clean and Store the Lawn Vacuum

When you are done, it’s time to clean the vacuum cleaner properly. The next point will tell you everything about taking care of the lawn vacuum. After cleaning, you have to store it in the right place. Before storing the vacuum, make sure that it is completely dry.

So, this is how you can use a lawn vacuum to clean the yard. For your concern, lawn vacuums are made in a way that never does harm to the grass. So, it is completely safe; from my point of view, it is the easiest way to keep the lawn cleaner.

How to Take Care of Your Lawn Vacuum?

clean the vacuumJust using the vacuum is not everything you have to do with it. Initially, cleaning it after you using is a part of maintaining the machine. And cleaning the parts of the vacuum is essential if you want to use it for years. You know that the vacuum costs a lot of your money, so you should use it in a way so that it last longer.

However, every time you use the vacuum, it gets a lot of dirt inside. The hose takes dry leaves, mud, debris, sands, and everything except the lawn grass. So, it becomes dirty instantly. That’s why you have to clean it properly every time you use it.

To clean the vacuum, you have to separate the bag and the hose from the machine. Generally, the bag and the hose get most of the first, and the engine normally stays clean inside. So, you can simply wipe the outer part of the machine with a wet cloth.

But you have to be careful while cleaning the vacuum hose and the bag. The hose’s material is thin so that you can break it easily. You have to take a wet brush or cloth to clean the inside and outside part of the hose; you can also wash it with water. The same suggestions go with the bag too. Make sure that no dirt or trash is left in the bag or the hose.

After cleaning the entire vacuum, you have to let it get dry in the air. When it is completely dry, you have to store it in a safe place. If you still have the box, you can store it in it. Also, you should take it to the servicing if you have to use it so many times in a month.


Q: Is a lawn vacuum worth it?

A:  Yes, it is worth getting a lawn vacuum. It cleans large amounts of leaves, clippings, and grass and prevents the buildup of debris in your yard. Without the vacuum, it will take all day long for you to clean the lawn. So, a lawn vacuum is good for saving your time and effort.

Q: What is a lawn vacuum used for? 

A:  The purpose of a lawn vacuum is vacuuming leaves, dead grass, and even plastic trash. Then the leaves are cut into pieces and stored in a bag. It works the same way a house vacuum cleaner generally works.

Q: When to use rakes?

A: After doing an entire garden cleanup session, there can be some stray leaves around. It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometime you may find them. The vacuum somehow fails to collect those dry leaves, or they just flew before the vacuum hose takes them. So, if there is more trash left, you have to use a leaf rake to gather them. 

Q: When to use a leaf blower and lawn vacuum?

A: A leaf blower mainly gathers around the fallen leaves; they don’t suck up the debris. However, a lawn vacuum cleans up the garden by sucking the dirt and debris. So, these two machines have different jobs. So, when you need to gather the leaves only, you can use the blower and use the vacuum when you want to collect everything other than the grass on your lawn.

Q: Is a lawn vacuum hard to store?

A: Not at all. Most lawn vacuums are smaller in size if it is for personal use. The professional lawn vacuum is as big as a sit-up mower. The smaller size lawn vacuums can be stored easily. 

Bottom Line

As you see, using a lawn vacuum is easy and saves both your time and effort. Conveniently, the smaller one is affordable too. So, to keep your lawn tidy and clean all the time, you should have one at your home. But you should be careful to keep it clean and service it regularly.

Without proper care, you cannot keep the vacuum workable for long. However, make sure to wear protection grass and ear plug while using the vacuum and if you get some extra gear with it, make sure to utilize them properly.

I am sure you have now properly understood using a lawn vacuum. But remember, there can be different types of lawn vacuums, which may not be the same in instruction. So, make sure to check the instruction manual before you use it. Still, if you have any questions, just write them in the comment section. Thank you for your time.

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