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Types of Lawn Sprinkler: You Should Know Before Buying One

You must be aware of how important it is to use a sprinkler on your lawn. Water is the crucial thing your lawn needs, so you should use a sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn is getting sufficient water. But you have to choose the right type of lawn sprinkler for sure.

There are different types of lawn sprinklers available in the market. But you cannot just buy any type for your lawn. You must consider many things when choosing the right lawn sprinkler. And the types is one of the most important things among them.

The manufacturers make different types of lawn sprinklers based on the power source, sprinkling system, size of the lawn, and many other facts. So, you need to get introduced to the common types of sprinklers before choosing the sprinkler for your lawn.

However, you must be here because you are interested in the fact. Well, we have observed sprinklers of almost all different types. And from them, we got that sprinklers can be of six different types. And today, you will get introduced to them briefly.

Common Types of Lawn Sprinkler

First of all, let me clear one fact. Manufacturers are producing sprinklers and parts for it continuously. And they often marketize new types of sprinklers. Some of them become popular, while some turn into a great disaster. So, we are not talking about the unique sprinkler that cannot be categorized as a specific type of sprinkler. Instead, we will only talk about the common and popular types of sprinklers. Let’s check them out.

1. Pop-up sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklersI don’t know how many sprinklers you have seen recently, but if you see them on someone’s personal property, most of them will be pop-up sprinklers. It is a very common type of sprinkler nowadays. Indeed, it is very beneficial for house owners to use this lawn sprinkler for varieties of reasons.

This kind of sprinkler is expensive, and the installation system is quite tiresome. But once you set it up on your lawn, it will water your lawn for decades. However, this kind of sprinkler is also known as the in-ground sprinkler and is quite efficient.

This kind of sprinkler system comprises an underground irrigation system that also has a sprinkler head beneath the surface of the ground. The head of the sprinkler pops up when you will turn it on. Nowadays, it is popular with most gardeners because of its efficiency. Also, you can set this sprinkler on the lawn by yourself.

2. Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary SprinklersYou must see a type of sprinkler that rotates its head frequently to cover the area around it. Because of its function, it is known as the rotary sprinkler. This kind of sprinkler comes with a whirling head that can spin 360 degrees around it.

So, when you turn it on, it will start spinning its head while spreading water in a circular motion. But this type of sprinkler can’t usually sprinkle much water as the other sprinklers do. It’s because the head of the sprinkler spins in a force, so it takes time to water the entire area properly. To use this type of lawn sprinkler, you have to ensure high water pressure, which is between 40 to 50 psi.

However, you can choose this type of sprinkler if you have clay land or any type of land that takes more time to soak water. But before you plan to buy a rotary sprinkler, you should learn about its types. A rotary sprinkler can be of three different types.

Stream rotor sprinkler is the most common rotary sprinkler. It simply sprinkles multiple rotating streams of water in numerous directions. Gear-driven rotors are nowadays very popular. This type of sprinkler gets a gear-driven head that works under the pressure of the water and drizzles water continually.

Lastly, it is the Impact rotor sprinkler. This kind of sprinkler is quite different. It rotates unusually following the water pressure. It seems fun, but people mostly avoid it as it waters unevenly.

3. Stationary Sprinklers

Stationary Sprinklers, types of lawn sprinklerThe sprinkler you see fixed on the ground of the lawn is mostly stationary sprinklers. It is also a very common lawn sprinkler, and it is mostly used for smaller lawns. This kind of sprinkler initially spreads water from one place as they don’t move from the specific center.

This type of lawn sprinkler simply sprays water in a specific pattern. But some of the models can spray by moving the head like a rotary sprinkler. In this case, the water pipe is set on the ground. So, it can only rotate the heads.

For a straight edge, this sprinkler is efficient. Unlike rotary sprinklers, it can hold so much pressure. That’s why it works for a small or medium lawn perfectly. It also works perfectly even if your property’s water pressure is inadequate.

4. Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers

Oscillating Lawn SprinklersYou must see a type of sprinkler comprising a long tube and a head with multiple holes. So, it can spread water in different directions from a single point. This kind of sprinkler is known as the Oscillating sprinkler.

It may take a couple of minutes to start spraying water when you turn it on. But after getting the pressure, it’ll sprinkle water in a rectangular pattern. It may spread water on a larger rectangular area in a back and forth motion.

5. Traveling Sprinklers

Traveling SprinklersA traveling sprinkler is a special type of big and self-movable tractor sprinkler. This kind of sprinkler is initially moved by restricting the water pressure. It’s useful and, at the same time, easy to use. This sprinkler has not required any electricity or gasoline to move.

As this kind of sprinkler can move automatically, it is efficient for a wide lawn. That’s why this kind of lawn sprinkler is suitable for landscapes or lawns on a big property. However, traveling lawn sprinklers are relatively more expensive than most other types.

6. Misting Sprinklers

Misting Sprinklers, types of lawn sprinklerHave you ever heard about something like a micro sprinkler? If yes, that’s what the misting sprinkler is. It is just a different name for this sprinkler, and people in some areas know it by this name. However, this kind of sprinkler covers only small areas. So, you must set multiple sprinklers if you have a larger lawn.

Misting sprinkler system is widely used for some of its unique features. They simply follow a precise and elegant watering pattern like a flower bed. It may provide a small amount of water for an hour. So, multiple sprinklers can easily cover the area even if you have a larger lawn.

However, misting sprinklers have another special feature. It doesn’t need high pressure to be activated. Low water pressure is not a hindrance to sprinkling the garden with this type of sprinkler.

Other than these types of sprinklers, people also use another type of sprinkler to water the lawn. This is not just a sprinkling system. Instead, you can call it a twisted hose sprinkler. Here, the sprinkler head has its connection to the hoses.

So, when you turn it on, it will simply spray water on the area where it is faced. So, there is nothing complex here and no need for electricity and gasoline. You can use the sprinkler hose manually and also can set this one a standpoint to spread over the entire lawn area.


Q: What is the most appropriate type of sprinkler for the small lawn?

A: Rotary sprinkler is the best type of sprinkler for small lawns. Generally, the head of the rotary sprinkler can rotate 360 degrees around the pipe stand. So, it works the best to water evenly on a small lawn. As the sprinkler head rotates, it can cover the entire area efficiently.

Q: What type of sprinkler can cover the most area?

A: Generally, Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers can cover most areas. The sprinkler head is long, and it contains a lot of holes on every side. Eventually, it needs high water pressure to work. So, it can spray water in most areas, unlike most other types of lawn sprinklers.

Q: How long should I run a sprinkler on your lawn?

A: You should turn on the sprinkler for around 30 to 40 minutes on the lawn. Initially, the time depends on the type of sprinkler and the size of your lawn. However, you should activate it once or twice a week if you have a personal lawn and you are not living in a hot weather area.

Q: Is it better to turn on the sprinkler on the lawn in the morning or evening?

A: Of course, it is better to turn on the sprinkler on the lawn in the morning. Eventually, professionals suggest turning it on before 10 am in the morning. Watering the lawn in the evening or night is highly discouraged as it can cause your lawn to have a weak and unhealthy lawn.

Q: Should I water the lawn daily in hot weather?

A: No, still, if the weather is hot, you shouldn’t water the lawn daily. Indeed, it would help if you watered it twice or thrice a week. Daily watering can be the cause of the rotten roots. So, leaving the lawn dry for at least one day after using the sprinkler system is better.

Final Thought

There is no way you can deny the necessity of a sprinkler system for a lawn. But choosing the right sprinkler is the crucial part here. And you cannot make it right if you are not aware of the types of lawn sprinklers. So, it will be good for you not to skip any part of this content. It will definitely help you choose the right lawn sprinkler.

However, if you have a smaller lawn, you better try the rotary lawn sprinkler. A Travel or Oscillating sprinkler will be the perfect match if it is a big lawn. Also, remind yourself about other factors like water pressure, the weather in your area, and your budget for the sprinkler while choosing it.

Hopefully, this article helps you choose the right type of lawn sprinkler. If any of your friends are going to buy one for his lawn, please share it with him. Also, tell us about your experience of using the particular type of sprinkler you have on the lawn. Thank you for your feedback.

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