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5 Best Electric Leaf Blowers to Keep Lawn Clean

When Autumn is here like now, your green lawn must be full of dry orange leaves. And I am pretty much sure that you would never love to see your lawn in such a mess. However, using a garden fork to pile up the leaves is quite a hassle and time-consuming. Then how about using electric leaf blowers? This machine will let you gather all those leaves and trash in a pile within a few minutes.

From my perspective, a leaf blower is the most convenient way to pile up the dry leaves and other dirt on your lawn. This blower machine is easy to use and doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. Additionally, a leaf blower doesn’t cost much money, and you can use one for decades if you buy the appropriate one.

However, if you don’t have a leaf blower for your lawn, it’s high time you should go for one. Now the question is, which one is the most appropriate leaf blower for you, right? Well, if you are thinking about the same fact, I guess you are in the right place. Today, we will talk about the best electric leaf blowers and things to learn before buying them.

Buying Guide: Best Electric Leaf Blowers

Best Electric Leaf BlowersA leaf blower is one of the essential lawn care tools. So, you should carefully buy it. Before you start talking about the most recommended electric leaf blowers, it’s essential to learn something necessary about the product. Though a leaf blower is an affordable product, you can use it for years if you buy the appropriate one and use it in the right way. So, I will now share some essential facts that will help you choose the right leaf blower.

1. Power Source

First, you must select the right blower with a suitable power source for you. Remember that a leaf blower can be operated either by electricity or gasoline. Most people prefer electric blowers because they are easy to use, and there is no need to refill gasoline. You can either change the battery or simply use the cord to blow the lawn on the spot.

2. Cord

When choosing an electric leaf blower, you have to decide whether you want it corded or cordless. Both types have specific advantageous sides and drawbacks. If you choose a cordless blower, you must charge the battery every time you use it.

On the other hand, if you choose a corded blower, you may not have to charge the blower, but the cord may not let you reach all the places on your lawn. So, check the size of your lawn, and if you buy a corded blower, check the length of the cord for sure.

3. Vacuum  Function

The next thing is the adaptable vacuum function on the blower. If you need to collect the leaf in a bag, you can use the leaf vacuum, and most blowers come in multiple functions, including a vacuum with it. There are numerous benefits of using a lawn vacuum. You should buy one with those functions if you want to use the machine for multiple purses. In that case, make sure to check the quality of the bag.

4. Mulching Function

Like the vacuum functions, the best electric leaf blowers also let you mulch the leaves you will collect using the vacuum system. This function will chop the collected leaves and let you use them as natural fertilizers. This is genuinely a great function that you shouldn’t miss. So, even if it costs a little more, you should get one with this function.

5. Brand and Warranty

Never ever forget to check the brand and the warranty service, especially when you are about to buy a machine. For a leaf blower, it is even more essential. You should always buy one from a popular company that has a good name for providing a long-term warranty with nice customer support.

6. Price

Lastly, it is the budget you should make for a leaf blower. Initially, a leaf blower can be from different price ranges. And the price is depending the additional functions it contains. If the blower comes with vacuum and mulching functions, it will cost hundreds of dollars. But if it’s a simple blower, you can find it for less than 50 dollars.

Besides, you should check the functions of the blower properly. A blower with high-speed air blowing capacity is good, and it will be better if it is light in weight. Remember that you have to carry the blower all the way while using it. So, make sure to buy the right one after checking all these factors.

Best Electric Leaf Blowers You Can Buy for Your Lawn

As you see, a leaf blower can be of different types based on its power sources. But today, we will only talk about some of the best electric leaf blowers. It’s because electric blowers are popular, and people can use them on their lawns for other purposes. However, we have listed both corded and cordless blowers. Check the details properly before you select one to buy.

1. BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf BlowerBlack+Decker Electric Leaf Blower has a perfect drying power performance and is exceptionally easy to handle. Primarily, the dimension of this product is 16.5 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 7 inches in height.

The motor of this blower assures the air speed up to 180 mph. No doubt that it will help in cleaning up all the debris in a short time. However, it does not have a cord with it.


+ The cord retainer here will assist you in keeping the blower plugged, and it will ensure no interruption in your work
+ It comes with an ergonomic grip which provides more control and comfort in your hand
+ This blower is exceptionally lightweight and weighs only 4.4 lbs
+ You can easily move this up to 180Mph to 180CFM, and it will help in the quick cleanup of debris
+ The two main powerful components are Blow Tube and LB700 7 Amp blower
+ You can use this machine using a corded electric power source, and it guarantees a long time of use


– The Unit blower speed sometimes drops without any reason
– The build quality is not very much satisfactory

The Unit blower speed issue is a rare case for the blower. You can think about the build quality for sure. But most leaf blowers indeed have plastic body material like this leaf blower. So, it is not a severe issue for sure. You can try this blower because of its affordable rate and high-speed performance.

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2. Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower

Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf BlowerSun Joe Electric Blower is the perfect pick if you are looking for the most versatile electric leaf blower, which is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. No wonder it is great for household applications, including walkways, patios, decks, and garages in light snow. The dimension of this blower is 12.75 inches in length, 7.25 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height. It has a very convenient design, and you can easily control this blower.


+ This blower is powered with a 6 AMP powerful motor
+ It produces approximately 155 MPH of air velocity
+ The no load speed here refers to 12,000 or 13,500 RPM
+ You can quickly stow away in the desk box, car trunk, and broom closet
+ It comes with a removal chute and takes less space, and makes the storage an easy job
+ Here, the required extension cord is 14 gauge for the better result


– The power button sometimes might not work in time
– You will get a vacuum bag with it, which is very low graded

If you are looking for a blower, you may not need the bag. But the bag will be essential if you like to use its vacuum function. In this case, you can use the bag and buy a new one if you don’t like it. The power button issue can be the result of a manufacturing problem. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

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3. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf BlowerHow about a blower that is designed with controlled Laboratory testing and gives superior blowing and munching performance? Toro has the greatest electric leaf blowers, and this one is all you need for your lawn because it comes with a 3-in-1 machine.

It includes a high-speed vacuum, powerful blower, and leaf shredder. No wonder you will experience the best drying power performance, and absolutely no debris will be left on your lawn.


+ The motor is indeed a powerful one, and it provides up to 250 mph degrees
+ This blower comes with a 410 CFM Vac and 350 CFM blow mode
+ You can control the speed of both vac and blower mode
+ It is packed with a cord storage hook, vacuum tube, and shred-all shred ring
+ You will find a time-saving oscillating tube; however, it is without an extension cord
+ The bottom zip bag will be designed in a way that it will successfully capture all the leaf particles


– This blower cannot blow wet leaves properly
– You may not like its bag’s quality

You should never blow wet leaves with an electric bower, especially when it’s a corded blower. The bag quality for most blowers is not very good. If you somehow tear it up, you should simply buy a new bag. However, the function of this blower is rich in relation to its price. So, you shouldn’t miss it.

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4. WORX 40V Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower

WORX 40V Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower,WORX Cordless Leaf Blower is packed with an engine-type motor that is super powerful, and you can manage the big-lawn projects easily. In addition, you can manage this blower one-handed, and it weighs only 7.3 lbs.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best electric leaf blowers, and its ergonomic design funnels the wind like you will be able to handle it more expertly. Plus, you will find it approximately 38.63 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 11.5 inches in height.


+ You can switch the speed into turbo and work with 90 mph on your lawn
+ This blower is compatible with an entire Worx 20v and 40v tools along with the outdoor products
+ The high-capacity air volume here refers to 430 cfm along with its wide-mouth tube. So, you do not need to take hassle in clearing up the debris
+ The power source of this blower is dynamic, and the tech-built ensures a brilliant performance
+ It is twice the power of 20V turbines, so you can simply handle the job twice good with 40V power
+ This blower offers 2A Dual chargers, 430 Cfm 40V turbine blower, and 2 20V 2.5Ah Batteries


– In some cases, the batteries might drain out quickly
– The power speed can fluctuate so often

The detected problems are not so common, and there is little chance that you will face a similar problem. However, we choose this blower after checking many functions and many good user reviews. So, you can definitely try this leaf blower.

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5. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower & Vacuum

KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower & Vacuum,KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower is primarily battery operated, and it will do your lawn cleaning task in a short time. Here, you do not need to worry about maintenance, and it has a lower energy consumption and long-lasting life compared to the ordinary battery.

Moreover, assembling this blower is easy; you only need to insert the battery and the tube. Then press the switch of the battery-powered leaf blower; three seconds are enough to make it start.


+ This blower takes 60 minutes maximum for a full charge, and the power indicator will let you know the battery level at any time
+ The gas-powered engine makes very little noise, and you can change its speed ranging from 0-20000RPM
+ This item weighs only 1.7lb; therefore, you can take this wherever you want
+ You can use this to gather all the glass clippings from all the year round
+ This blower has come with a 20 Volt Lithium battery, and you can make this work up to 20 minutes longer times
+ It has a reusable collection bag and a detailed instruction manual


– The battery might not work conveniently, and an extra battery might be needed
– The quality of the charger could be a little bit improved

It is true that a lot of users face a similar problem with the battery. But all of them bought the blower in the previous years. And this problem is not expected after 2021. So, you can give it a chance to enjoy this full-featured blower and vacuum function.

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As you see, I have listed three corded leaf blowers and two cordless ones. So, you should read the details very carefully to figure out the best electric leaf blowers for your lawn. Don’t forget to check the drawback sections that will give you an honest idea about the products.


Q: Should I buy a leaf blower?

A: Yes, if you have a lawn, you should definitely buy a leaf blower. It helps you keep the lawn clean by gathering the dry leaves that mostly cover your lawn in Autumn. Even if you have a tiny lawn, using a garden fork will take longer to pile up the leaves. But a leaf blower will be quicker and time-saving.

Q: Is a cordless blower better than a corded blower?

A: A cordless and a corded leaf blower both have negative and positive sides. Now, it depends on the size of your lawn and the distance between the power source and the lawn. You should go for a corded blower if it’s not too much. Otherwise, you will have no option but to buy a cordless one.

Q: Can I use an all-purpose blower on my lawn to blow leaves?

A: Particularly, you can use an all-purpose blower to blow leaves on your lawn. But it won’t help anyway. The cord of most all-purpose blowers is shorter, and it will never reach the corners of the lawn anyway. Besides, an all-purpose blower won’t have any extra options for your lawn, like the vacuum or mulching.

Q: What is the best electric leaf blower?

A: KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower & Vacuum and the BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower are the best ever electric leaf blowers for your lawn. Here, the first is a cordless blower, and the next has a cord. But both of them share a feature-rich blowing functionality. So, you can buy any blower as you wish.

Q: What is the perfect CFM for a lawn leaf blower?

A: 200 to 400 is the perfect CFM for a lawn leaf blower. Generally, CFM is an air pressure measurement unit that stands for Cubic Feet per Meter. The number of CFM will be higher when the blower is more powerful. So, if you have a large lawn, you should buy one with a higher CFM.

Final Thought

I am sure that you have enough idea about how much it is important to have a leaf blower on your lawn. It is not just essential to keep your lawn clean, but also it will help keep your lawn grass in good health. The leaves create shades all over the lawn, and that can cause rotten grassroots.

So, if you don’t have a blower to remove leaves from your lawn, you should immediately buy one for the upcoming Autumn or winter. You have already checked the best electric leaf blowers and hope you have chosen one.

Now, share with us about your purchase and how you feel about your new blower. Also, if you have ever used a pretty good electric blower, you can tell us about that blower. Thank you in advance.

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