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Essential Lawn Care Tools That Every Lawn Owner Should Have

The first time when I planned to start a lawn and talked to a professionalist about it, he suggested buying a set of lawn maintenance tools. Eventually, most beginners ignore investing in essential lawn care tools, and that leads them to persistent problems.

Basically, the list of lawn maintenance tools you will need depends on the size and type of your lawn. You may not need high-tech and expensive tools like dethatchers or wheel mowers. Still, there are lots of tools that are a must-have regarding your lawn size and type.

So, if you are a beginner, you should spend a few minutes here. I have listed all the essential tools needed for lawn maintenance. Eventually, if you are not a beginner, you should check it too. You may not have all the tools at your home that I am going to list here. So, mark the tools you do not have at home, and then make sure to buy them for your lawn.

Most Essential Lawn Care Tools, Your Must-have

We have attached a brief discussion of all the tools right under the names. You should check them out to figure out if that specific tool is essential for you. Let me remind you that you may not need all the tools listed right here. Indeed, you are the one to determine whether the tool is essential for you. We will try to guide you have the right decision with a brief and proper introduction to the tools.

1. Edge Cutter

You must want your lawn’s edges to be clean and even. You can always use an edge cutter tool or edging shears in tricky corners and jagged edges. They are pretty handy as they come with long handles and are easy to carry. So, for your convenience, an edge shear is a must for every lawn user. Why put more effort when you can have an easy tool to keep the lawn edges even and clean?

2. Mower

Mower. lawn care toolsA lawn mower is an essential tool for lawns, no matter the size. For a medium or big-size lawn, it is best to have a gas-power-based mower. They are fuel efficient and work perfectly without posing any perpetual damage on the lawn. You should settle with an electric lawn mower if you have a small to medium-sized lawn. Some come with a cord, and some are battery-operated.

There are some manual-style mowers, also known as push-along mowers. If you are down with the extra hard work and a bit of physical exercise, push-along mowers are a great option. So, choose the right one wisely, as there are different types of lawnmowers out there.

3. Watering Hose and Scheduler

The hose is a common item for your lawn and garden care tools. Your lawn should get enough water to stay healthy. In the summer season, the lawn requires at least two days of watering per week. So the hose should be installed with a dedicated automatic timer.

These hose timers are smart, and the users can easily program them to water the lawn in time. This is a very convenient way to water your lawn and eliminates the possibility of forgetting. Moreover, regular watering ensures strong and durable roots for lawn grasses.

4. Broadcast Spreader

Broadcast SpreaderGenerally, a broadcast spreader is a tool that people use to spread seeds or fertilizer. There are different types of spreaders, and if you have a large lawn, you should try the wheel spreader with a large capacity bowl. This kind of spreader can be operated easily, and you can spread sacks of seeds or fertilizer with it.

You can also find a small-size spreader too. Those are the handhold spreader, and you can buy this kind of spreader if you have a small-size lawn. Remember that you cannot spread seeds or fertilizer by hand as that can’t be spread evenly. But a spreader can help you spread them evenly and efficiently.

5. Knee Pad

It is certain that if you want to take good care of your lawn or garden, you will get yourself mud and dirt. And, of course, there is so much physical work, and hundreds of times, you have to get down to your knees to do something. Either get something or cut uneven grass from a tricky corner or drainage pipes.

There are many knee pads available in the marketplace; you can get them. Also, you can make this lawn care tool on your own, which is totally up to you. A knee pad is essential not just to stay clean but also for the protection of the grass.

6. Lawn Shovel

A shovel is a basic lawn care tool for all types of lawn owners. This is a must-have tool, even if you have a lawn or a garden. A carbon-based metal shovel could be extensively useful. Carbon steel shovels are durable and strong.

You can clean and rip out roots with ease using a lawn shovel. There are V-shaped shovels and highly convenient shovels with serrated edges. You can also try them out on your lawn.

7. Lawn Fertilizers

One should not forget about fertilization for their precious lawn. This is a crucial topic and depends largely upon lawn grass type and weather conditions. So proper knowledge is required, even to some point expert’s interference.

A healthy and nutrients enriched blend of fertilizer is always a good choice. Moreover, blends are almost suitable for all types of lawn grasses. So, always check what type of ingredients are present in the next fertilizer you choose for the lawn. Remember choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn is tougher than you think.

8. Lawn Vacuum or Leaf Blower

Lawn Vacuum, lawn care toolsAlso, you will need a leaf blower or lawn vacuum. Here, you should be wise to choose one. Indeed, you should buy both of them if you have a larger lawn. However, a leaf blower and a lawn vacuum are not the same in their functions.

A lawn vacuum just picks up the grass clippings, dirt, and other stuff on the lawn. On another side, a leaf blower only blows air to let you direct the way of a blown dry leaf. It is only essential to gather the dry leaves on the lawn. So, you may need both of them as well.

9. Rake

Maybe I should list it in the first place. However, a rake is a must-have for you whether you have a lawn or not in the yard. You can use the rack in many different ways on your lawn, like collecting leaves, removing other stuff on the lawn, or just cluttering the soil before or after you sow seeds. So, if you don’t have this essential lawn care tool at your home, buy one.

10. Protective Gloves

Gloves are a must for every lawn owner. They keep your hand clean and save you from constant washing of hands. There are many high-quality gloves available in the market at reasonable prices. Some are phenomenal in grip and safety concerns.

You can also make your own, but getting something with minimum safety and weather sealing standards is better. Moreover, it would be best if you were concerned about grip, comfort, compatibility, and personal taste, which vary from person to person.

11. Water Sprinklers

Water SprinklersIf you don’t have sprinklers for your lawn, you are missing the convenience of modern technology. Sprinklers ensure proper watering and even water distribution among the whole lawn area.

You don’t need to manually check if you have installed the lawn sprinkler system in the proper positions. To get the best out of it, you should add a capable hose timer with the sprinkler system. This way, even if you forget about watering your lawn, it will water the dedicated area automatically.

12. Roller

Roller, lawn care toolsYou may not need a roller all the time, but if you need to overseed the lawn so often, then I suggest you buy one. Basically, a roller is a must-have when you sow seeds on the lawn. It will help you mix the seeds with the soil and prepare the ground for sowing seeds or placing turf.

For sure, it will come as helpful in many different ways. But this handy lawn care tool is not mandatory. As you don’t need to sow seeds always, you can borrow them from any agriculture shop when you need them.

13. Waste Keeping Bags

Waste bags are certainly one of the basic lawn care tools; all lawns must have them in their home. They are versatile and highly durable. You can carry heavy items in them, store extra soil and fertilizers, carry away leaves, grass waste, unwanted weeds, etc. These multi-purpose waste bags are great to help a decorated and clean lawn and the crib.

14. Weeder for Lawn

Another essential tool for lawns is a personal weeder. A weed can make a real difference in your lawn care regimen. Why work more when you can have the convenience of some basic tools like a lawn weeder?

It can flawlessly hold and rip out pesky weeds and other plants from the lawn ground. No more crawling down and excessive physical toll for you. Steel-made weeders with long claws are appropriate for best results with minimal effort.

15. Spray Bottle

The next one is a sprayer. Whether you have a small or big lawn, you will need it. You must find different types of sprayers in the shop. Buy one according to the size of your lawn. Initially, you will need a sprayer to apply liquid fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. Also, you may have to use it to apply different homemade remedies for varieties of lawn diseases.

16. Aerator

AeratorIf you are a beginner, maybe an aerator is a new thing for you. However, this lawn maintenance tool is essential for your lawn. Generally, an aerator has a lot of metal spikes that people use to make holes all over the lawn. Aeration usually helps the lawn soil to release compressed soil stress and air. It ensures healthy air and water circulation.

An aerator can be of different types and sizes. People use wheel aerators for the more extensive lawns, but if you have a small lawn, you can use aerator shoe soles or a handhold aerator with a stick.

17. Snowblower

If snowfall is common in your place, you just need a snowblower to keep your lawn healthy. Generally, a snowblower is an electronic machine that helps melt snow instantly. You must know that snow is not a friend of your lawn grass. So, when there is a thicker layer of snow all over the lawn, you will need to use it to save the grass.

18. Buckets

I know that you all have a few buckets at your home. But when you have a lawn, you should have one or two buckets for it. You can simply use any type of bucket you find in the market. You will need buckets from time to time, especially to remove grass clippings and move soil from one place to another. If your hose is not working, a bucket will come helpful to water the lawn.

19. Wheelbarrow

I will recommend this lawn care tool only if you have a big lawn. Generally, removing leaves, grass clippings, and soil from one place to another would be tiresome if you use a bucket and the amount of the stuff is huge. In this case, you will need a wheelbarrow for sure. Eventually, it will come helpful in different ways in your day-to-day life.

20. Dethatcher

dethatcherThe last one is a dethatcher. It’s another machine that helps people to remove thatch. If you have a larger lawn and it is difficult to remove the layer of the thatch using a rake, you will need it. You should remember that thatch is essential for the lawn, but too much of that can create severe damage to it and call different germs and fungi. However, you can use a garden fork as the dethatcher for a smaller lawn.

These are the most common lawn care tools you will need now and then. So, if you have a lawn but some of the listed tools are not available around your hand, you should buy them quickly.


Q: Do I need a trimer when I already have a mower?

A: Yes, you should have a trimer still if you have a lawn mower. You must know that the mower cannot trim the grass in all places, especially in the corners where the mower blade cannot reach. In this case, you will need an additional trimer.

Initially, the trimmers are small in size, so you can easily cut the corner grass with them. That’s why you should have an additional trimmer, especially if your lawn has unusually narrow corners.

Q: Should I spend on a lawn vacuum?

A: of course, it is worth spending on a lawn vacuum, especially if you have a larger lawn. A lawn vacuum normally helps you clean a larger lawn very quickly. It is good to collect grass clippings and other dirt. Additionally, some vacuums can cut the grass inside the machine to make mulches.

Q: Can I use any blower on the lawn to blow leaves?

A: Yes, you can use just any blower to blow dry leaves on the lawn. But you have to ensure that the blower is powerful enough to produce sufficient air. Also, it is essential to check if the cord of the blower lets you reach the lawn. However, lawn leaf blowers come with a long wire, and it is perfect for this purpose.

Q: What are the must-have tools for a small lawn?

A: If you have a small-size lawn, you may not need all the listed tools. But you will need the following tools for sure.

  • Manual hand tools like spade, rake, and shear.
  • Machines like leaf blower and mower.
  • Lawn accessories like bags, buckets, gloves, etc.
  • Watering hose or sprinkler.
  • Handhold sprayer and spreader.
  • Aerator and snow blowers.

Q: Should I invest in a dethatcher?

A: If you have a larger lawn, you should definitely invest in a dethatcher. Basically, a dethatcher can be of different types. The wheel machine dethatcher is the most common one in this case. You must know that thatch is important for your lawn, but you have to remove it when it is thicker. And for a more extensive lawn, a dethatcher is essential to remove the layer.

Final Verdict

We have listed only 20 must-have lawn care tools that you just checked out. But you may need some other tools in different cases. You may need a scarifier if there is more thatch, a fence to make boundaries, and many things. These are not the usual things, but you may need them for the situation of your lawn.

However, we suggest getting all the tools you might need at once before you make your lawn. If you buy them in sets, it will be more affordable. You can also buy them from an online marketplace to get them at lower prices.

Now, let us know what tools you are going to buy after checking this list. I am sure that you have a list of lawn maintenance tools in your hand. Well, inform us about your purchase and share your experience with us. Thank you.


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