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5 Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yard

Many people don’t think it is essential to buy a mower when the lawn is smaller in size. Instead of using a mower, they prefer cutting the grass with a garden scissor. But that can’t be a good idea, and the scissor can destroy the health of your lawn. In this case, you should buy lawn mowers for your small yard.

Initially, a mower can be of different types, and some specific mower types work best for a small yard. So, choosing the right mower for your small size lawn must be confusing.

However, I have some suggestions and recommendations if you plan to buy a mower for a small lawn. I can guarantee you will learn a lot of essential facts about mowers for small lawns if you continue reading the content till the end.

Buying Guide: Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yard

Best Lawn Mowers for Small YardBefore we head toward the best lawn mowers for small yards, I have some suggestions for you that will eventually help you buy the right one. You can call them guides to buy the right product instead of suggestions. However, we are not going to review a single mower type. So, make sure to check the following guidelines to select the right mower for your small yard.

1. Type of the Mower

There are initially different types of lawnmowers available in the shop. But you can buy just any mower for a small size lawn. Suppose you don’t know the type of mower, and you buy a frail mower or a zero-turn mower for your small lawn.

Obviously, that won’t be a good idea as those mowers are only suitable for huge landscapes or golf courses. However, a reel mower, a self-propelled mower, a gas mower, a push mower, and a robot mower can be the best choice for a small yard. These types are particularly convenient, affordable, and easy to operate.

2. Power Source

Next, you should choose the mower with a suitable power source. If you simply don’t like to spend on electricity or gasoline to run a mower, just buy a real manual mower. But this kind of mower works slowly.

For a better experience, you better try an automatic mower. Most of them come without electricity or gasoline as the power source. Electric lawn mowers can be corded or battery-powered. Check all those types and choose the suitable one for you.

3. Cutting Width

The cutting width doesn’t matter much when the lawn is smaller in size. But if you want to mow the lawn quickly, you should buy a wider cutting blade mower. The wider your mower’s blade will be, the faster you can finish. So, make sure to choose one that has a wider cutting width.

4. Brand and Warranty

Whatever the type of mower is, you should always choose a mower from a popular brand. Generally, a mower comes with a warranty of a couple of years. So, if you want a better warranty service, you have to buy one from a well-known brand.

5. Price

The price of the lawn mower for a small yard depends on the type of the mower. A reel mower is very cheap; you will get it from $50 to $200. If you go for an automotive mower powered by gasoline or electricity, you may have to pay from $200 to $800. You may have to pay a thousand or more for a robot mower.

6. Others

Besides the following facts, there is some other stuff you should check for sure.

  • It should have a grass-clipping bag if you buy an electric or gas-powered mower.
  • Your mower should be smooth and flexible.
  • If it is easy to fold, you can store it nicely.
  • Check out the noise-producing level of the mower before buying it.
  • You should always check the charging and mowing time if it’s an electric mower.

So, once you have checked all the factors properly, you are ready to buy the best lawn mower for a small yard. You should be a bit more sincere about the type and the power source. Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong product.

Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yard

For a small yard, you will get a mower from different types. So, we will review lawn mowers of different types so that you can find the appropriate one for your small lawn. I suggest you check the details of the mowers properly as they have a lot of differences in functions, power sources, and so on.

1. Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower – Best Cordless Mowers for Small Yard

Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower, lawn mowers for small yardWith an innovative design, Litheli has launched a new cordless mower to make lawn mowing easier. Since this is a cordless mower, you no longer need to be tense about tangling over the wires or not having enough wire length to cover up your lawn.

Besides, its power source is lithium-ion batteries that last longer than you need. This mower is also very lightweight and easy to carry; you can store it anywhere. The company also provides a 5-year warranty for the mower too.


Model: Litheli Cordless 1740; Mower Type: Automatic cordless mower; Power Source: Battery Powered; Cutting Width: 17 inches; Cutting Depth: 0.98 to 2.95 inches; Mower Weight: 30 Pounds; Mowing Capacity: Based on Battery Running Time; Collection Bag: No Included.


+ 2 individual lithium-ion batteries power this push lawn mower
+ Its durable 17-inch cutting deck also includes bagging and mulching
+ The mower doesn’t need any oil, gas, or any other emissions
+ Motor of this mower doesn’t make any annoying noise while working
+ Wheels of this mower are very durable and don’t get stuck on obstacles
+ The handle is pretty flexible, and you can adjust it too


– Makes a little bit louder noise
– The better should run a little longers

No doubt that most electric lawnmowers make a louder noise. If you have an issue with the noise, you better choose a reel mower for your lawn. The next option is what you should get for sure. However, if the noise isn’t an issue for you, you better consider its good sides first. Don’t forget that it is known as one of the best lawn mowers for small yards.

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2. American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14GC Reel Lawn Mower – Best Reel Mowers for Small Yard

American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14GC Reel Lawn MowerNo more hassles about cords, batteries, or engines while mowing your lawn with this push reel mower. This reel mower has a straightforward design and simple functions too. It is also very lightweight, so you don’t have to use up all your strength while using the mower.

It trims up your lawn smoothly like melted butter with its 5 14-Inched blades. Besides, the blades are cut in scissor action and have a few different adjustable heights. The blades are manual too. Also, you can assemble the mower without any extra nuisance.


Model: American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14GC; Reel Type: 5-blade reel; Mower Dimension: 43 x 18 x 24 inches; Grass Type: All types of grass; Cutting Width: 14 Inches; Cutting Range: 1 to 1.75 inches; Mower Weight: 18 Pounds; Warranty: 2 Years.


+ It is made up of alloy steel and polymer as lightweight materials
+ The reel mower has no power source and can be manually controlled
+ It does not make any sound while trimming up your lawn
+ An additional grass bag is included with the mower
+ The handle is T-styled and equipped with cushioned grips
+ The wheels are 10 inches in size and made up of polymer


– It’s not an automatic mower so it will take your time
– The cutting width could be wider

It must be manual as a reel mower and operate by pushing onward. This mower is affordable and doesn’t require too much service. And the cutting width is okay for a small size lawn. So, if you have a tiny size lawn, you can definitely try this mower.

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3. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower – Best Gas powered Mowers for Small Yard

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn MowerWith a super powerful 140cc Briggs and Stratton Engine comes a gas-powered mower from the BLACK+DECKER brand. Its operation mode is automatic, and you don’t need to worry about controlling it manually.

The mower is known as one of the best lawn mowers for small yards. It is also equipped with recoil to start the powerful engine. Its cutting width is 21 inches, and it can cut any type of grass on your lawn. The mower is also very efficient as well as very effective as it doesn’t waste any gas.


Model: BLACK+DECKER; Power Source: Gas powered; Mower Engine: 140cc OHV Gas Engine; Mower Weight: 65.5 pounds; Collection Bag: Included; Cutting Width: 21 Inches; Trimming Function: No included.


+ The mower is equipped with a recoil start for the engine
+ It does not make any sound while mowing up your lawn
+ It has a 3-in-1 cutting deck with side discharging, mulching, and bagging
+ The front and rear wheels are 7 inches and 8 inches, so it runs faster
+ Six different cutting height settings are available
+ The handles are flexible and can be adjusted with ease
+ The mower is also pretty easy to assemble


– It is comparatively more costly
– A lot of users have complained about its broken engine

Honestly, the company Black Decker is pretty much popular, and its warranty services are beyond your expectations. So, if you try this over and face the same problem, I am sure the company will replace it. And if you have a trust issue, you better skip this option.

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4. Greenworks 25142 Corded Mower – Best Electric Mowers for Small Yard

Greenworks 25142 Corded MowerThe best-ever corded lawn mower in your small yard is here from GreenWorks. Its cable length is 150 feet which is long enough to cover the distance on medium-sized lawns. Besides, it has a battery of 10 Amperes, which is very efficient and effective.

The mower has a 16-Inch 2-in-1 deck with a rear bag and mulching function. The product is also lightweight enough to carry the body much easier than any other mowers. The cords of this mower can be extended up to a maximum distance of 150 feet.


Model: Greenworks 25142; Power Source: Corded Electric; Mower Type: Cable operated; Weight: 35Lbs; Cutting Width: 16 Inches; Cutting Height Adjustment: 6; Mower Weight: 48.0; Operating System: Automatic; Grass Catching Bag: included.


+ The motor of this mower is 10 Ampere which is very efficient
+ The 2 in 1 feature includes rear discharge capabilities and mulching
+ Its wheels are 6 inches for the front and 7 inches for the rear ones
+ The mower makes little or no sound while trimming your lawn
+ It is also easy to assemble and has great maneuverability
+ The handles are adjustable and flexible too


– Some users don’t like the service of this brand
– Not suitable for hard grasses

So, we suggest this mower if your lawn is small and the grass is soft. About the company servicing system, the complaint is not so common. So, you can check this mower for sure. Besides, the battery life of this mower is longer than you can imagine.

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5. GARDENA SILENO Minimo Robotic Lawnmower – Best Robot Mowers for Small Yard

GARDENA SILENO Minimo Robotic Lawnmower, Lastly, it’s a robot mower. Well, the future is here, with the brand new robotic garden mower from GARDENA. No more gas, petrol, pushing, or cable struggles with this masterpiece. You just have to install the app for this mower, and you’re ready to go.

Indeed, you can lay down with one leg on another and watch your garden turn into a golf court. You also don’t need to worry about the battery life of this mower, as it lasts long enough to trim up your lawn.


Model: GARDENA SILENO Minimo; Power Source: Battery power; Mower Type: Automatic Robot; Weight: 13 pounds; Running Time: 60 minutes; Cutting Height: Up to 1.8 inches; Operating System: Automatic; Mowing capacity: 5400 square feet.


+ The mower can be controlled with an app
+ It doesn’t need any petrol, gas or any other fuels
+ The design is minimal but futuristic too
+ It trims up your lawn with patented streak-free technology
+ The mower does not make any sound while trimming
+ It can also mow while it’s raining too
+ The Bluetooth app allows you to control from up to 33ft distance


– Robot mowers are naturally very costly
– You can’t keep the grass higher than 1.8 inches

About the cost, I am sure that you have enough idea. You can check out the review of the best 5 robot mowers to get more ideas about this mower type. However, it’s the most technologically improved mower right now, so you have to pay a lot for it.

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These are the best lawn mowers for small yards, and all of them are competitively excellent at work. If you have a short budget, you can buy a reel mower and go for a robot mower if budget is not a problem for you. Also, check the next section that may help you clean up some of your confusion.


Q: What is the best lawn mower for a small yard?

A: American Lawn Mower Company’s Reel mower and Black Deckers Gas mowers are the best mowers for small yards. These types are convenient and easy to operate.

For small lawns, these types of mowers are just performance for various reasons. Additionally, the companies are well-known for their excellent service.

Q: Should I go for a robot mower for my tiny lawn?

A: You can definitely go for a robot mower even if you have a small lawn. It may take a lot of money, but it is convenient and time-saving. Particularly, you don’t need to mow your lawn by yourself once you have a robot mower. You can just make a schedule, and it will do everything by itself.

Q: What kind of mower is good for small size lawns?

A: The appropriate mower type for a small lawn depends on a few factors. The following tips will help you choose the right types.

  • Choose is reel mower if you have a short budget.
  • Try a robot mower if you don’t have enough time.
  • Go for a cordless mower if your lawn is longer in size.
  • Choose a Gas mower if you want a durable and strong mower.
  • Choose a shelf-propelled one if you prefer it to be affordable, convenient, and modern.

Q: Can I use a trimmer instead of a mower on a small size lawn?

A: Particularly, you can use a trimmer to cut the grass on a small lawn. But we never suggest the idea anyway. Basically, cutting grass with a trimmer for long is not good for both your grass and the trimmer. You shouldn’t use it for the entire lawn. Only you can use it on the corners.

Q: Is buying a reel mower a good idea for a small size lawn?

A: Yes, a reel mower is a good idea for your small lawn anyway. It doesn’t require electricity, gasoline, or petrol. So you can use it manually. But it takes more time to mow the lawn than an automatic mower takes. So, if you want it to be quick and convenient, you should invest in an automatic mower.

Final Verdict

There are millions of ready homes with small and even tiny size lawns. Most homeowners don’t do anything for the lawn because they are smaller. And that’s the reason the entire house, from the outside, looks just a mess. So, the size of the lawn doesn’t matter; you should always keep it clean and mowed.

You have learned about the best lawn mowers for small yards. Now, it’s time to check them on the marketplace and make an order. If you have never used a lawn before, you will learn the benefits of having a mower as soon as you get it.

Now, let us know which one you are going to buy. Also, make sure to give a review of your experience with the mower. It will help our visitors to get more ideas. Thank you.

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