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15 Best Outdoor Lawn Games to Enjoy With Your Family

People don’t have a lawn in their yards just for ornamenting their houses. Spending time on their lawn and playing different games on it is another cause of preparing a lawn instead of a garden. So, people have been inventing different types of lawn games over time, and some are very popular nowadays.

If you have a lawn in your yard but never play games with your family, you will regret it when you will start. It is good for both your physical and mental health. Also, it can be the best way to build strong family bonding as well.

Now, the question what are the games you can play on your lawn with your family? Generally, you can play different types of lawn games, and most of them need some equipment to play. And today, I will introduce you to the 15 best lawn game sets that you can enjoy playing.

Benefits of Playing Games on Your Lawn

benefits of playing lawn gameThere are numerous benefits to playing different types of games on your lawn. The best thing is that most games need several players, and you have to call your family memebers to enjoy them together. As a result, you can have a nice family bonding in your leisure.

Many of you have your lawn but never use it as your playground. It’s because you don’t know how to spend time with your family on the lawn where nature abuts. The next section will give you enough idea about it. But now, let me share the beneficial sides of playing these games on your lawn.

1. Build Family Bondings

Sports is the best form of entertainment that helps you build a strong family bonding. If you don’t play some outdoor lawn games, you may not have time together with all your family member except for dinner time. But on the lawn, you all can spend hours playing different types of games together. It improves person-to-person bolding and cares for each other.

2. Safe for Your Kids

Most lawn games are safe for kids and even toddlers. Lawns with grass are generally soft; even if the kid falls on it, he won’t be hurt much. Besides, most lawn games are developed for kids, and the materials are not harder as well. Still, choose the right game equipment set that is safe for your kids.

3. Good For Your Kid’s Health

Running on the lawn has many health benefits. If your kids are so addicted to smart devices, playing different types of outdoor lawn games can be a solution for them. They will have physical labor and enjoy a great time with their family. It will genuinely improve their physical and mental health.

4. Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Not just for kids, the same benefits will be available for adults as well. That means lawn games are also good for adults’ health and mental state. It is said that having quality time with your family can reduce depression. So, playing lawn games can make you mentally stable. Also, it’s good for your health as it causes you to run and move so frequently.

5. Help Toddler’s Brain Development

Some giant lawn games, like tic tac toe, four-in-a-row, etc., can help your kids improve their cognitive development. Your kids will practice logical thinking while playing the games to win, and it will help them improve in decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

6. Help Stop Being Addicted to Smart Devices

Most teenagers nowadays are addicted to smart devices and forget to run in the yard. To help them overcome their smartphone addiction, you can call them and join them to enjoy different lawn games. It will refresh them and improve their mental state. Eventually, they will develop self-control and manage their smartphone addiction.

7. A Great Source to Enjoy Your Leisure

Finally, playing different lawn games is the best way to enjoy leisure. It takes you near nature, and you will move and run while playing games. If you don’t have time for going morning walk, don’t worry. Just spend an hour playing lawn games with your kids, which will be more beneficial than going for a short walk.

Besides, lawn games will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and offer you an opportunity to spend more time near nature. Remember that everyone cannot afford to have a lawn on their own. So, if you have one at home, you should utilize it to build a strong family bond.

How to Choose the Right Lawn Games to Play with Your Family

As I told you, we will discuss 15 different lawn gaming ideas; you must be confused about how to choose the right one for you. Well, I can help you in this case for sure. While choosing the right lawn games to enjoy with your family, you need to remind the following facts.

  • First, you must check the safety factor and ensure that the game equipment is safe for your kids. Some wooden block games, like toppling tower games, are unsafe for your kids.
  • Next, you have to consider the age of the kids and the other players. If you buy a tic tac toe game set for your toddler, he may not enjoy it. However, you should consider the game tactics and make sure that all the players will love it.
  • While choosing the right lawn games, you need to consider your lawn size. Essentially, there are some outdoor lawn games that need a large space to enjoy. So, if you have a small size lawn, you may not like it that much.
  • Next, you need to check the game strategy and ensure that you and your family will like it. There are many people who don’t like tick-tac-toe games, while some never like them.
  • Also, you should check the number of participants and make sure that you have enough memebers in your family to enjoy it with you.
  • And finally, you have to ensure that the game equipment doesn’t harm your lawn grass at all. Some of the games, like a trampoline, are not good for the health of your lawn.

Once you keep in mind the mentioned factors, you will be able to choose the right game to enjoy on your lawn. Again, I want to remind you about the safety factor and that you should never compromise.

15 Best Lawn Games to Play and Enjoy Your Leisure with Your Family

As you have learned everything you need to do to choose the right lawn game for your family, it’s time to purchase it. Before that, let me ensure that we are not going to list the game that is harmful to your lawn. So, we are making a list of 15 outdoor lawn games that you can enjoy anytime on your lawn.

1. Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit: Best Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball KitHow about a game that is as fun as volleyball and people can enjoy playing it anywhere around? Spikeball Standard is a perfect game for both newcomers and yard game experts. Moreover, this game is easy to learn, but the player might find it difficult to master. And this particular set comes with foldable legs, which can help in easy storage and protect the product from any errant fall.

The hula-hoop-sized net remains on its foldable legs, and you can start with a two-on-two game and throw it to the opponent’s group. Though this game equipment is big, like a trampoline, it won’t be harmful to your lawn grass as it doesn’t cause shade for them.

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2. Yard Games Giant Yard Pong: Best Giant Pong Game Set

Yard Games Giant Yard PongYard Games Giant Yard Pong is an excellent game to enjoy at outdoor events like tailgating, BBQs, camping, and so on. This set of games has all the instructions, high-strength, and high-quality carrying cases to play the game on a larger scale. In addition, there will be two heavy-duty plastic balls and 12 huge buckets; therefore, these will not blow in the wind.

And the balls and buckets are made of the accurate ratio, so you can play your favorite pong game without dispute. You can buy this set with either a pack of 1 set or 2. So, if you have a lot of members in your family, the number of participants won’t be a problem for you.

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3. Kan Jam Original Disc Toss Game: Best Disc Toss Game Set

Kan Jam Original Disc Toss GameOne of the most popular outdoor lawn games, Kan Jam, can match your taste perfectly if you are looking for something similar to cornhole, horseshoes, and washer toss. Kan Jam Original Disc Toss is extremely easy to set up, and due to its lightweight, you can assemble it anywhere in the backyard or the park.

Only you need to take turns while throwing, and the goal is at 21 points. And to win instantly, you have to slot the flying disc and play in seconds. Whether it’s summer or winter, you will love to enjoy this game with your family members and friends.

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4. Nite Ize LED Light Up Flying Disc: Best Flying Disc Game Set

Nite Ize LED Light Up Flying DiscLet’s meet for an excellent lawn game that will allow you to play late into the night. Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light up Flying disc is built with LED technology, and its patented fiber-optic array extends all the way to the rims. Moreover, this floating disc is water-resistant and gives super-bright illumination.

This particular set of games weighs only 185 grams. Thus, you can enjoy a straight flight and balance it for a long time. In addition, it is replaceable with 2× 2016 3V Lithium batteries, and a simple push button on or off will help you play the game whenever you want.

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5. GoSports Width Giant Portable 4-in-a-Row Game: Best Giant Portable 4-in-a-Row Game Set

GoSports Width Giant Portable 4-in-a-Row GameGiant Portable 4 in a row game is way more challenging and addictive that you will hardly get bored. This set of games is made of sturdy premium wood and presents a classic dark wood stain for an unparalleled look. Additionally, people of any age can participate in this game and enjoy it at any social gatherings like game night, birthdays, and so on.

Furthermore, it will provide you with 21 red and 21 blue plastic coins made of strong plastics. And you can disassemble it into two parts and easily store it inside the bag. Though the equipment is quite larger in size, this giant lawn game won’t cover too much area on your lawn and damage the grass.

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6. GoSports Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game: Best Clash Toss Game Set

GoSports Kubb Viking Clash Toss GameOld Nordic Tradition primarily inspires Kubb Viking Class Toss Game, and people of all ages will find it an absolutely fun game. With this set, you will get 6 Batons, 1 King, 10 Kubb Blocks, and four corner Stakes. Moreover, there will be a travel carry case for easy storage, and you can assemble it whenever you want.

Here, you only need to choose your side and toss the baton to defeat your opponent’s army of Kubbs thus, help the king to win. And it has laser-engraved team graphics, which will give a real Viking clash, and you can play it just like a regular Kubb.

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7. Livebest Portable Badminton Net Set: Best Badminton Game Set

Livebest Portable Badminton Net SetBadminton is a fun game, though it was not the same before. You can find its origin more than 2000 years back near today’s Greece. Currently, the game is played by following the Indian rules after the 1900s. Anyone can play this sport on the lawn, and it requires little to no instructions to enjoy it fully.

This badminton set by Livebest covers all from two high-quality steel-made rackets, two shuttlecocks, and a long ten-foot net. Additionally, the set includes a storage box for the user’s convenience. You can easily set it up in the playground, backyard, or even the porch without any hotchpotch.

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8. GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower: Best Building Game Set

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling TowerGoSprorts brings out the Toppling Tower game for all types of folks if they are into it. Yes, it is pretty fun if friends are in company. It is a great lawn game for kids, too, and it can be played indoors too. This game is quite similar to Jenga, and it lets the players start from a two-foot base structure whether the goal is to make more than 5 feet tall tower.

You will get 54 pine blocks which are sanded; a erase board and a flexible carrying case. If players are underaged, parental guidance is strongly suggested. If you have toddlers at your home, we won’t recommend this giant lawn game as the wooden blocks can hurt them by accident.

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9. Funsparks Lawn Darts: Best Lawn Dart Game Set

Funsparks Lawn Darts Game SetYou can enjoy lawn darts with all your family members, and the age of your kids doesn’t matter in this case. Generally, lawn darting is a very popular game people are enjoying for years. It is not like the original dart game that can be dangerous for your kids. Indeed, this game is safe, and kids can enjoy it by themself.

There are different types of lawn dart game sets available on the marketplace. Among them, you can try Funsparks Lawn Darts Game Set. It comes with two pairs of darts which have different colors. Also, there are two rings where the players need to throw the darts. The set also comes with a ruler and a handy carrying bag.

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10. Hey! Play! Complete Croquet Set: Best Croquet Game Set

Hey! Play! Complete Croquet SetModern Croquet is a Classic game that requires players on two teams, and they hit balls in a sequence using wooden mallets. Hey! Play! is packed with all the essential things that you need to enjoy this game, including wooden mallets, croquet balls, etc.

Here, the wooden mallets are about 6-26 inches and have 1.85-inch diameter cushion-capped heads. Also, there will be two solid wood stakes, six-player action, and nine wickets. And you will find the wire wickets weather coated; thus, this set of games is the best thing to keep things gathered up.

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11. Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games for Kids: Best Ring Toss Game Set

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games for KidsIf you are looking for a lawn game with an easy setup and you can engage in it for hours, then the Ring Toss game set has your back. The Elite Sportz Ring Toss Game’s official set comes with five pegs, five rope rings, ten plastic rings, and a 2-part standing base.

It will take only 5 minutes for the whole setup for indoor and outdoor use. Besides, there will be a free travel bag for compact and easy storage. However, this game is suitable for players of any age. Eventually, it helps your kid’s brain development too.

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12. GoSports Backyard Bocce Sets with 8 Balls: Best Ladder Toss Game Set

GoSports Backyard Bocce Lawn Bowling SetsBackyard Bocce is an Italian lawn Bowling game, and today it is enjoyed by the majority of people in North America. This Gosport Backyard Bocce set includes Bocce Balls of four different colors, each of which is 90mm in size. You will find two red, two blue, two green, and two yellow thus, four to eight players can play accordingly.

Moreover, in a pair, the high gloss balls come with a premium one-circle cut and 1 square cut along with 140 mm Pallino. And there will be two options: you can take a soft rubber ball or a hard resin ball and get the perfect knock sound as it hits the surface.

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13. GoSports Classic Cornhole Set: Best Cornhole Game Set

GoSports Classic Cornhole SetCornhole is largely recognized as one of the best classic American lawn games. People love to enjoy this outdoor game at parties and in leisure with their families. GoSports Classic Cornhole Set offers the tailgate size corn hole in 3 inches × 2 inches and at a very affordable price.

Additionally, there will be all eight weather beanbags, carrying cases, and rules. The bags will be of 2 colors, four blue and four red. And the cornhole boards are fashioned with vintage design, and it looks similar to steel framed barn wood pranks.

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14. Redux Glow in The Dark Capture The Flag Game: Best Capture Game Set

Redux Glow in The Dark Capture The Flag GameThe Flag Redux is designed with battlefield tactics, and you will enjoy the same vibe as in the Civil War. Generally, This game is played with four to eight players, but with this capture game set, you can team up with 20 players by downloading other variations.

In addition, it includes 12 bonus game variations, more than 12 hours of replaceable batteries, and 25 light-up game pieces. Undoubtedly, players around 4-8 years will enjoy this game indoors and outdoors. So, to enjoy your holiday nights, you can enjoy playing this game with your kids.

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15. Mega Tic Tac Toe Win SPORTS: Best Giant Tic Tac Toe Game Set

Mega Tic Tac Toe Win SPORTSHere comes one of the oldest yet fun games for any type of hangout or get-together with friends or relatives. This giant lawn game is a great recreational activity and does not need anything else other than its package. It comes with a 2.5-foot square-shaped washable woven rug as the playmat.

The checkers are also adequately large. They are 24 total in numbers, of which half of them are red, and the rest are black. Once you know the rules and strategies of the game, you will love it for sure. To improve your kids’ cognitive ability, it can be the best game you can let your kids play.

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You never try to play these games on the lawns; we didn’t list any of them here. Basically, the games that cause shade for the grass can have a bad impact on it. For example, a trampoline or carrom can cause shade on a huge space of your lawn. However, if you wish to enjoy these games, you need to remove all the equipment soon after you are done.


Q: What is the most popular lawn game to play?

A: Lawn dart, giant Tick-tac-toe, and cornhole are the most popular lawn games you can play in your yard. Besides, there are many other games that people love to enjoy, like spikeball, flying disc, capture games, etc. These kinds of games are suitable for people of all ages, and they never cause poor lawn grass health.

Q: When shouldn’t I play on the lawn?

A: You can play on your lawn anytime unless it has some sort of situation. Check them below.

  • You shouldn’t play on your lawn when infected with some kind of virus or lawn disease like dollar spots.
  • Don’t play on the lawn after using fungicides or herbicides.
  • You should avoid playing on the lawn when it has insects and pests all over it.
  • If the lawn grass is too long, there’s a chance for your lawn to have more insects. In this case, you should be there so often.
  • You should also avoid playing on the lawn after applying fertilizers.
  • If you apply seeds on the lawn, it is better to avoid extra foot traffic so that the seeds don’t be broken.
  • You shouldn’t play on the lawn if it has too many weeds.
  • If the neighborhood lawn gets pesticides and there is rain, you should avoid going on your lawn, especially if there is a chance for it to get the pesticides from the rainwater.

Q: What kind of lawn game is harmful to the health of the lawn?

A: There are some lawn games that cause long-term sades on the grass bed. These types of lawn games are not suitable as the shades can cause harm to the lawn grass. Trampoline and Carrom are games that you should remove right after you play.

Q: What are the best lawn games for toddlers?

A: For toddlers, flag capture games, spikeball, ring toss games, and lawn darts are the best games to play on the lawn. These games don’t have heavy blocks like the toppling tower, so there is no chance for your kids to get hurt while playing.

Q: Can I play on the lawn when it has weeds?

A: You shouldn’t play on the lawn if it has too many weeds. Generally, most weeds are poisonous or cause allergies, especially for kids. So, if your lawn is full of weeds, you should first use a weedkiller and clean it properly. Make sure not to be on the lawn after using weed killer. When your lawn is clean, you can play different games on it.

Final Verdict

Lawn games are not just good for leisure; they can change the core boding of your family. It increases care and discipline and leads you to have a better lifestyle. Eventually, the game rules will help your kids be moderate, gentle, and disciplined as well. Some of them are indeed good for their cognitive development.

Affording a lawn in front of your own house is not easy. Eventually, most people cannot make it on their own. So, if you are blessed enough to have a lawn, you should utilize it properly. Just buy a few outdoor lawn gaming sets and enjoy them frequently with your family.

Now, let us know if you used to play any games with your family on your lawns. We love to learn about more ideas and share them with more people. Thank you for your support.

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