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5 Best Riding Lawn Mower to Clean Bigger Spaces with Fun

Having a lawn that is bigger than an acre is like a blessing. But mowing the large space is really a big deal. So, most people ask some lawn mowing service providers to clean it, so they have to pay a lot of money. However, a riding lawn mower can save money and help you clean even a 2-acre lawn within an hour.

Generally, a riding mower is like a four-wheeler that can be operated by gasoline, electric batteries, or petrol. You can drive it all over the lawn; its wider blade will quickly cut the grass. So, it saves both your time and money.

But a riding mower is a quite larger machine that must be more than 500 pounds and cost more than a few thousand dollars. So, choosing the right mower is the most challenging part here. And if you are concerned about it, we can help. Today, we will discuss everything about the best riding lawnmowers.

Buying Guide: Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Buying Guide: Best Riding Lawn MowersNo doubt that a riding mower is a very big-size product, and it costs a lot of dollars. So, before you make a purchase, you have to be careful. Choosing the right mower matters, in this case, a lot. Additionally, you can have a lot of options, and making the right selection can be pretty confusing. Let’s check the below points. I’m sure they will simply remove your confusion.

1. Should You Buy a Riding Mower?

The very first thing is about if you really need a riding mower or not. In this case, we would suggest you think about a few factors. They are listed below.

  • Buy a riding mower if you have experience operating it. Remember that controlling a riding mower is not easy, and it’s not similar to driving a car.
  • If your lawn is smaller than 3 thousand square feet, you don’t need to buy a riding mower. A robot or a self-propelled lawn mower is enough for such a smaller lawn.
  • You can buy a riding mower if you don’t have enough time to mow the lawn, even if it is smaller.
  • Some people buy a riding mower when they don’t want to walk around the area. But if your lawn is small in size, you can buy a robot mower in this case.

2. Types of the Riding Lawn Mowers

A riding mower can be of different types. Now, the question is which type is suitable for your lawn. To get the answer, you have to know about all the types.

  • The zero-turn mower is the most popular type of riding mower. It is a very powerful rear-engine mower with a large cutting deck. And it offers incredible maneuverability and a zero-degree turn radius. You can buy this kind of mower for a more spacious lawn than 2 acres.
  • A lawn tractor is the classic type of riding mower that people use to mow golf fields and landscapes. It’s generally very large in size, and it contains a hydrostatic transmission system.
  • The rear-engine lawn mower is a type where the engine is located right behind the seat. Almost all zero-turn mowers have rear engines. But those who don’t have the zero-degree turn radius system cannot be called zero-turn mowers.

From the types, you should choose the right one. Among them, the zero-turn mower is the most popular and reliable one.

3. Power Source

A riding mower can be operated by electricity, gasoline, or petrol. If gasoline and petrol are affordable at your place, you better buy one. All the electric riding mowers are operated with batteries. Sometimes, the battery performance drops, and it can make you change it.

4. Cutting Deck

People don’t go for a riding mower just to ride the machine. The basic reason is the wider deck. In most cases, a riding mower can have a deck from 48 to 60 inches. You should always choose one with a bigger deck. Also, check if the deck has an adjustable cutting height.

5. Engine

Checking the engine power is also very essential when you are going to buy a riding lawn mower. It is better to choose one with a new module engine. Different mowers have different engine types too. You should check the MPH and engine quality for sure.

6. Others

Besides all the above facts, there are some more to check before you are going to buy a riding mower. Check the facts below.

  • Riding mowers are very expensive. Check the price before you buy one.
  • Make sure that it has a comfortable seat with an adjustable function.
  • The mower should have a better control system.
  • If you buy a gasoline or petrol-operated mower, check the fuel capacity.
  • You should check the battery power and running time for an electric mower.
  • It is always better to buy one with durable material.
  • Never ever buy a mower from a nameless brand and a brand that doesn’t provide a long-term warranty.

Unlike most other mowers, a riding one is bigger in size, so it is hard to make home delivery. You can buy it from your nearby market. But this kind of expensive mower is not available in most local markets. In this case, you can make an online order. But you may have to pay extra bills for the delivery charge.

5 Best Riding Lawn Mowers to Mow Larger Lawns and Landscapes

As I have told you, you must be picky when buying a big machine like a riding mower from the online marketplace. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options like most other types of lawn mowers for this one. Still, we manage to find out the 5 best riding mowers from trustworthy companies. Remember that they are not similar in types, power sources, and features. So, check the details carefully to find the best one for you.

1. Husqvarna YTH24V54 Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna YTH24V54 Hydrostatic Riding MowerAn automatic big riding mower is all you need to mow up your giant lawn nowadays, and Husqvarna is here to fulfill your needs. This gigantic electric mower has a minimalist design with amazing features you would expect in a riding mower. The engine comes with 24 HP and a Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin style engine. Besides, this mower contains a larger cutting width that will help you clean mowing th entire lawn quickly.


Model: Husqvarna YTH24V54; Power Source: Electricity; Engine Type: 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine; Mower Type: Hydrostatic mower; Cutting Width: 54 inches; Warranty: 3 years; Mowing style: Automatic.


+ Engine of this mower is very powerful and features with ReadyStart function
+ The ergonomic steering wheel is very flexible and can change directions effortlessly
+ Cutting deck is electric and reinforced with air induction mowing technology
+ Seat of this mower is 15 inches in size and adjustable too
+ The tires are very durable and large in size, so they can surpass any obstacles


– The gas tank of this mower should be a little bigger than it has
– The mower cannot run faster, and the average speed is lower than you expect

The mower is undoubtedly a big deal, with very few dark sides. I know the speed issue can be a problem. But believe me, most riding mowers run slower than you expect. So, you should try it at least for Husqvarna’s amazing service and warranty.

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2. Ariens Apex 991163 Zero Turn Radius Lawn Tractor

Ariens Apex 991163 Zero Turn Radius Lawn TractorIn terms of comfort, durability, and flexibility Apex 991163 Zero Turn Radius Mower will be the finest choice for you due to its all-in-one features. Its fabricated mowing deck is 60 inches in size, which are very large and composed of heavy-duty 10 gauge steel. Besides, the automotive design of this mower lets you control it manually; no strife is needed at all. You can also adjust the seat of the mower as per your comfort.


Model: Apex 991163; Power Source: Electricity; Engine Type: 24-HP Kawasaki Engine; Mower Type: Zero Turn Radius mower; Cutting Width: 60 inches; Warranty: 5 years; Mowing style: Automatic.


+ Deck of this mower can be lifted by foot and can be adjusted if necessary
+ The Hydro-Gear ZT 3100 trans axles help with increased torque and load storage
+ Mowing speed of this mower is 8 MPH in forwarding and 4 MPH in reverse
+ Self-adjustment featured deck belt keeps the tension of the deck belt constant
+ Wheels are much more durable and flexible than most riding mowers


– The mower should have a faster mowing speed
– It is comparatively more expensive

Yes, this mower is relatively more pricey, and there are reasons for it. I wonder which mower can give you 5 feet of cutting width. Can you imagine how big it could be? So, you should only buy this mower if your lawn is more than a few acres.

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3. Home Depot RYOBI Riding Lawn Mower

Home Depot RYOBI Riding Lawn MowerIf you are looking for a comparatively small-size riding mower, this one could be your best fit. Although unlike all other riding lawn mowers, it includes all the features you can expect. It is a battery-powered mower that is made up of lead-acid cells and has long-lasting battery life.

Indeed, this eco-friendly mower doesn’t need any other emissions like gas, toxic fumes, etc. Besides, it has a 2-in-1 style 30-inch wide durable steel mowing deck that includes side discharging and mulching.


Model: Ariens Home Depot 48 RYOBI; Power Source: Electricity; Engine Type: 48 Volt RYOBI engine; Mower Type: Electric mower; Cutting Width: 30 inches; Warranty: 2 years; Mowing style: Automatic.


+ This mower is made up of durable steel alloy and offers long-lasting service
+ It initially requires relatively less maintenance and service
+ It doesn’t make a loud noise and won’t disturb your neighbors
+ You can move it through a standard 42-inch wide fence gate because it is small in size
+ The mower can mow up to 1 acre in one hour of running time


– Some users are not satisfied with the service of Home Deport
– In a few cases, the battery failed in a very short time

Still, if the mower looks stylish, it has a lower user review. But not all users are dissatisfied with this mower. Only a few users didn’t get proper service and battery performance. Otherwise, it can be your best pick at a cheap price rate.

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4. Ariens IKON XD 915268 Zero Turn Mower

Ariens IKON XD 915268 Zero Turn MowerAriens IKON XD will be your supreme choice if you’re looking for a cheap zero-turn mower. It has a powerful 18-horse-powered Kawasaki FR600 engine that trims up larger lawns instantly. Due to its 42-inch wide cutting width, it cuts grass like a beard trimmer, including many different cutting positions with its smooth and sharp blades. Also, the seat of the mower will provide you with all the comfort you want.


Model: Ariens IKON XD 915268; Power Source: Gasoline; Engine Type: 18 HP Kawasaki FR600 engine; Mower Type: Zero-turn mower; Cutting Width: 42 inches; Warranty: 3 years; Mowing style: Automatic.


+ Thirteen cutting positions are available with the mower’s cutting function
+ It also includes advanced airflow technology for a better cutting experience
+ The tires are much more resilient and strong than any other zero-turn mower
+ Speed of this mower is 7 MPH forwarding and 3 MPH backward
+ Deck lifting system is operated by foot, so there is no need to use arms


– As it’s a gas-powered mower, it must be costly to use

It is obvious that when you use a gas-operated mower, you have to spend a lot of money to buy fuel to cut a larger lawn. So, you cannot consider this fact as a demerit of this mower. However, Ariens has a truly good name in the world of riding mowers. So, you can have trash on them.

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5. MTD Gold 13AA625P004 Riding Lawn Mower

MTD Gold 13AA625P004 Riding Lawn MowerA gas-powered riding mower is all you need to mow up big-sized lawns, yards, and even golf courts. MDF Gold riding mower comes with a powerful 23-horse powered Briggs & Stratton type engine and will do the work for you without wasting additional fuel. It also has a wide cutting range which is about 50 inches long, so it trims your required space very quickly. Besides, it also has a hand hydrostatic transmission too.


Model: MTD Gold 13AA625P004; Power Source: Gasoline; Engine Type: 02cc 23 HP Briggs & Stratton engine; Mower Type: Gas-operated mower; Cutting Width: 50 inches; Warranty: 2 years; Mowing style: Automatic.


+ This mower is made up of strong and resilient iron material for a long-lasting service
+ Cutting deck of this mower is 50 inches wide, and it clears the lawn quickly
+ Wheels of this mower are very much durable to pass out any type of obstacle
+ The seat is very comfortable and can be adjusted with ease too
+ Steering wheel of the mower is more flexible and smooth than any other riding mower


– This mower should have a longer warranty
– As a riding mower, the cutting capacity per hour is lower

MDF Gold is offering a complete 2 years of product warranty. But as a riding mower, it should have 3 to 5 years of warranty. However, once it runs all right for two years, you can expect it to last longer. Also, you should reconsider this mower for its compact size and relatively stylish outlook.

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Here, we have listed the mowers used by many people, and they share a good user experience. For sure, we didn’t use all of them personally. But we collected data from real-time users to justify the authenticity and capabilities of the mowers. Still, you should check them carefully before you make the purchase.


Q: When should I buy a riding mower for my lawn?

A: You should buy a riding mower if your lawn is very large. Generally, a riding mower lets you mow the big lawn on the seat and by driving the mower. So, your lawn should be bigger than half an acre to use a riding mower. Still, you can buy it for a medium size lawn if you want to experience mowing on a ride.

Q: What is the best riding mower for 2 acres lawn?

A: Husqvarna YTH24V54 Hydrostatic Riding Mower and Ariens Apex are the best mowers to mow a 2 acres lawn. These two mowers have a larger cutting deck and can cut the lawn quickly. They are comparatively bigger in size but work smoothly and faster.

Q: How to clean my riding mower?

A: Generally, people clean a riding mower in an automotive washing store. But if you wish, you can clean it at home. For that, you will need a hose pipe that can release water at a higher speed.

Also, you will need the basic equipment for a car wash. The process is similar to washing a car. But you shouldn’t wash the place where the engine is located. You can simply mop it using a wet cloth.

Q: How long does a riding mower last?

A: The longevity of a riding mower depends on a few factors, including materials, durability, using the technique, warranty, and engine quality. Also, how you take care of the machine will determine its longevity. But a good quality riding mower can last longer than 10 years. You may have to change some parts or the battery, but the entire mower can last longer.

Q: How long does it take to mow a 2-acre lawn with a riding mower?

A: The mowing time for a riding mower depends on the model and the specification. It can cut quickly if the cutting speed and deck size are higher. However, it can generally take 30 minutes to 2 hours to cut a 2-acre lawn.

Final Thought

A riding mower is probably the most expensive type of lawn mower. So, you should think twice before you buy one. We suggest checking the details and the users’ reviews in the online marketplace, even if you check the product details in the list.

From my perspective and the result of the research, Husqvarna YTH24V54 Hydrostatic Riding Mower and Ariens Apex Riding mowers are the best ones to try. But make sure to learn to control and operate this mower before buying one. Remember that controlling a riding mower is not that easier. You should have practice and experience to use it properly.

Now, share your opinion about this particular type of mower with us. It will help the viewers to select the right one. Don’t forget to share this article with your friend who needs a riding mower too. Thank you.

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