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Best Spring Lawn Fertilizers for Winter Damage Revival

When is the best time to fertilize the lawn? It is the most common question lawn owners ask very often. And professionals suggest fertilizing the lawn in Spring especially. To get over the winter damage and also to be prepared for the upcoming Summer, a lawn should have fertilizer in Spring. And if you are planning to buy fertilizer for your lawn for the upcoming spring, then you are in the right place, as today’s topic is the best spring lawn fertilizers.

No doubt that fertilizing the lawn in spring has endless benefits. Also, Spring is the high time when weeds grow on your lawn. Many spring fertilizers come with additional weed-killing ingredients, and that comes as a great help.

However, choosing the right spring lawn fertilizers is tricky. You have to know the right NPK ratio for the seasons. After I tell you everything about spring fertilizers, I will introduce you to the 5 best products. So, stay with us till the end.

Best NPK Number for Spring Fertilizer

NPK Number for Spring FertilizerGenerally, a fertilizer includes three fundamental nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. You’ll see the ratio in the label as NPK. So, when a fertilizer label claims 8-0-10, it means the fertilizer contains 8% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus, and 10% Potassium.

In any agricultural shop, you will see hundreds of fertilizers with different NPK numbers. Now, you might be thinking about the best NPK number for spring. For sure, you should choose the right fertilizer based on the right NPK number for a specific season like Spring.

Basically, the right NPK number depends on your lawn and soil type. Also, it depends on the time as well. However, the ideal number for early spring is 20-0-5. But you can use a fertilizer with 30-0-4 as a usual fertilizer for spring.

To simplify, if the fertilizer comes 50-pound bag with a 30-0-4 NPK ratio, it contains 15 pounds of Nitrogen, 0 pounds of Phosphorus, and 2 pounds of Potassium. And the rest is made up of different micronutrients such as copper, iron, and magnesium, plus fillers. So, you have to choose a fertilizer that is very rich in nitrogen, contains a little bit of Potassium, and almost no Phosphorus.

You’re wrong if you think a balanced blend like 10-10-10 or 15-15-15 fertilizers will be a great choice. All lawn soil is of different types, and these balanced blends don’t offer the proper nutrition for your soil. Rather it may hamper your grass. It’s better to use ratios like 4-1-2 or 4-0-2 like blend fertilizers. And when it is spring, the ratio is completely different. So, be careful about the fact.

Buying Guide: Best Lawn Fertilizers for Spring

Best Lawn Fertilizers for SpringBuying the right fertilizer for a specific season is the key to making the fertilizer work effectively. However, many of us rush to the market without researching much about fertilizers, and that is completely an ironic act. I am sure that you will never be satisfied with the outcome of the fertilizer.

So, you should always learn about the best fertilizer for a specific season. Here are some crucial facts you must be careful about while purchasing the best Spring lawn fertilizers.

1. Choose the Right Fertilizer for an Affected Lawn

The first thing you have to consider is the state of your lawn. Whether you are buying fertilizer for spring or summer, you should first check its condition of it. If it is suffering from any specific type of disease, you should buy the fertilizer according to its need.

Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are always suggested to use in Spring. But if the lawn is suffering from specific diseases, you might have to avoid fertilizers that are rich in Nitrogen. So, first, you have to find out if there is any disorder in your lawn. And choose the right fertilizer onwards.

2. Nutrients

The first thing that indicates how effective the fertilizer is is its nutrients. I think you’ve already known about the primary 3 nutrients in the NPK segment. Now let’s see what the tasks of these nutrients are

  • Nitrogen: improves the growth of grass and makes the grass dark and bright green.
  • Phosphorus: boosts the growth of grass and the roots of the grass.
  • Potassium: increases the ability to absorb Nitrogen in the grass. 

By doing a soil test, you’ll be able to understand what exactly your lawn needs. However, you should also check the number of other nutrients like copper, iron, magnesium, etc. Those nutrients are essential, especially when your lawn suffers from a disease.

3. Forms of Fertilizer

Two formulas of fertilizers are available on the market: Granular fertilizer and Liquid fertilizer. Now the question is which one is suitable for your lawn. You should definitely choose the right one that your lawn needs. 

  • Granular: This is a slow-release type of fertilizer form that you have to apply occasionally. It takes months or longer to deliver the visual results. You can apply this fertilizer in dry and hot seasons.  
  • Liquid: This type comes in either liquid or powder form. If fluid, it needs to be diluted in water; if powder, it needs to add water. Generally, liquid fertilizer needs more frequent application than the granular form. This type of fertilizer creates an environmental risk of polluting water. A large amount of lead, arsenic, and cadmium can create long-term public health issues. To seek quick results, this method is used. 

4. Organic vs. Synthetic

In organic fertilizers, there are organic plant foods like blood meal, kelp, or alfalfa. Organic fertilizers are completely environment-friendly and don’t create any health issues. Eventually, they are pet and child-friendly too. Even if you over-fertilize, there won’t be any issue of burning your lawn. However, it takes a bit longer to be effective on your lawn.

Synthetic fertilizers, on the contrary, are inorganic, artificial, and manufactured. This type of fertilizer is vastly popular and quite inexpensive. With this fertilizer, you can get the ideal ratio of lawn nutrients, and they work very quickly. However, as for inorganic, you shouldn’t overuse this kind of fertilizer anyway. Remember that it may cause toxicity in your lawn. 

Besides, you should buy fertilizer from a popular brand. Many often, people fall into the trap of poorly made inexpensive Spring lawn fertilizers that don’t actually contain anything good for your lawn. So, buy one from a reliable brand. Also, you have to check the quantity. In this case, the size of your lawn matters. Check the quantity fact on the packet of fertilizer.

Best Spring Lawn Fertilizers for The Upcoming Summer Preparation

It’s time to enter into the review part. But before that, let me clarify all the fertilizers I’ve chosen emphasize the best nutrient ratio for spring. So it was difficult to rank the fertilizers. However, I didn’t rank the list from best to worst as all of them are equally suitable for any type of lawn. But I won’t suggest you blindly rely on the list and just buy any fertilizer. It’s because the fertilizer’s efficiency may vary for different lawns.

1. Espoma EOLB30 Organic Spring Lawn Booster

Espoma EOLB30 Organic Spring Lawn BoosterGet introduced to one of the most organic, child & pet-friendly, and affordable Spring lawn fertilizers from Espoma. This amazing lawn fertilizer is specifically formulated for early-spring lawn green-up plans.

Made of feather meal, poultry manure, and gypsum, the fertilizer enhances the color and thickness of your lawn without any aggressive chemical usage. Additionally, it has 2.5 times more slow-release Nitrogen than other lawn plans. This one is a cost-effective option with a long-lasting and lush green outcome. 


+ This wonderful fertilizer is organic, natural, and 100% eco-friendly
+ It develops the root of the grass and makes the grass structure thicker
+ The fertilizer helps to enhance your soil quantity
+ It has calcium to strengthen the lawn and protect it from any bugs or worms
+ This fertilizer won’t burn the lawn or run off the soil


– You’ll see slow visible results compared to other fertilizers
– If you have a bigger lawn than 5000 square feet, then you have bought two or more sacks as it doesn’t offer a bigger sack over 30 lbs

As It’s an organic product and no aggressive chemical ingredients are used, so compared to other inorganic fertilizers, the result will be slow but long-lasting. The 8-0-0 formula helps achieve a deep green, lush, thick, long-lasting lawn. Besides, the fertilizer is safe and not just in spring, you can use it almost any time of the year.

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2. GreenView 2129193 Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer

GreenView 2129193 Fairway Formula Spring FertilizerIs your lawn losing life and color? Then, to animate your lawn and kill the weeds, you can choose GreenView Fairway Formula. This is one of the best spring lawn fertilizers that boost lawn health, kill weeds, and prevent any Crabgrass growth.

So, in one application, you’ll get 3 tasks done. Such as killing weeds, preventing crabgrass with other annual grass, and feeding the lawn. It contains 65% slow-release Nitrogen that’ll work for up to 12 weeks.  


+ This fantastic fertilizer can cover 15,000 sq ft, and it is available in two different volumes
+ This is a professional-grade lawn fertilizer with 3 lawn treatments 
+ With one application, it can control over 200 weeds, including Crabgrass and dandelions
+ The 65% slow-release of Nitrogen offers steady delivery of nutrients that’ll be effective for up to 12 weeks
+ It won’t be the cause of lawn burning or runoff of soil


– Can’t kill more than most of the weeds, as it promises
– You may not find this fertilizer in many states in the USA

This weed-killer fertilizer boosts your lawn grass growth, making it greener and thicker. Along with it, it keeps most of the common lawn weeds away, like crabgrass, dandelions, clover, or carpetweed. But it can’t fight with the strong weeks like Henbit or Oxalis. But it is useful as a fertilizer and can stay effective for up to 3 months.

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3. Scotts Green Max Spring Time Lawn Food

Scotts Green Max Spring Time Lawn FoodIf you want a fertilizer from the most reliable brand, don’t think for a second and buy one from Scoot. It’s not actually my opinion, but most professionals say it. Scotts Green Max is a unique formula to feed your lawn and green it up within 3 days.

This fertilizer contains 5.17% Iron, an essential nutrient that enhances the greening process. And most fertilizers don’t contain this nutrient in such a high quantity. Additionally, each granule has 100% nutrients, so your lawn will get all good food without any filler. 


+ The fertilizer can cover 10,000 sq ft, and it is available in two different volumes
+ It can feed your lawn with 5.17% iron, visibly turning your grass into deep green
+ This effective fertilizer is applicable not just in Spring but also any month of a year
+ It’s okay to re-enter the lawn just after applying the fertilizer, as it is 100% safe
+ Improves your lawn ability and feeds your unfed lawn with enough nutrients


– You can’t use this fertilizer without a spreader
– This lawn fertilizer doesn’t contain the ingredients of a weed killer

The fertilizer is granule formed, so you need a handy broadcast spreader to spread it properly and evenly. Otherwise, the fertilizers can overlap by hand or another method and may burn the lawn. Also, fertilizer doesn’t have to kill weeds though many come with ingredients of a normal weed killer. So, you should buy a specific weedkiller to save your lawn instead of relying on this one.

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4. Scotts Lawn Care Plan

Scotts Lawn Care PlanScotts Lawn Care Plan is a product plan that contains 4 bags of Scotts Lawn Fertilizer Products that can solve all of your lawn problems all year round. And we are suggesting this for people who love to buy things in packages. This 4-part plan can repair your thin lawn into a thick and lush lawn.

Also, it can control and vanish the spring and summer weeds from your lawn. In addition, this one is known as one of the best Spring lawn fertilizers plans that can help to prepare your lawn for winter. Regularly feeding your land, your lawn will shine with bright, healthy-looking grass. 


+ The 4 parts fertilizer plan can repair your lawn, feed your lawn, clear out any weeds from your lawn and build strong, healthy rooted grass
+ You can use this fertilizer on lawns with Bluegrass, Rye, Bermuda, Centipede, Bahia, Zoysia, and Tall Fescue
+ This fertilizer plan can revive your almost dead, damaged lawn into a shiny bright green lawn within a few days
+ It provides effective year-plan care by making the grass withstand heat, less water, or cold
+ The fertilizers are lightweight and compact in the package


– If used without guidance and overlapped, then it can cause runoff pollution
– You should only go for this option if you have a small size lawn, not bigger than 1500 sqft

As this fertilize set is filled with Iron, Nitrogen, and Potassium, overusing these products can cause erosion or runoff. The water from runoff can be toxic and pollute the environment. That’s why proper measurements and guidelines must be followed for these fertilizers. And you should follow maintenance as well. It’s a complete set for a whole year, so make sure to use them at the suggested time.

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5. Lawnbox Grass Genie Organic Spring Grass Fertilizer

Lawnbox Grass Genie Organic Spring Grass FertilizerLawnbox organic Spring lawn fertilizers encourage healthy root development and thick grass growth. This is an efficient non-synthetic formula of fertilizer with 10-0-6 balanced micro-nutrients. Whether you have a new lawn or you want to revive your damaged lawn, this fertilizer can be a great kick-to-start.

It’s safe for all kinds of grass and contains humic acid, ensuring the soil gets proper nutrition. Besides, the slow release of Nitrogen greens up the grass within a couple of days. 


+ The effect of this fertilizer stays for over 6 weeks or more
+ With one packet, you can cover almost 2,500 sq ft of your lawn
+ This effective organic fertilizer doesn’t contain any animal residues, manure, or biosolids
+ This fertilizer is a big source of Humic acid, Soybean meal, Potash, Sodium Nitrate, and Potassium which are essential for old lawns
+ The fertilizer speeds up the greening effect and develops the grass structure from the deep root


– It won’t work if you use it before spring comes
– If you have a small size lawn, you might have a lot of leftovers

This organic fertilizer is essential for repairing grass’s winter dormancy. As it comes in a big sack, you will have leftovers that you can use in summer too. The nutrients needed for winter lawn care aren’t available in this fertilizer, so after the winter, to revive your lawn, use this fertilizer evenly on the lawn and water it lightly for the best result. 

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That’s all about the 5 best spring lawn fertilizers we selected. I’ve consulted with experts before picking up the products I’ve recommended. All of them will help in rapid growth, which should be the first priority. Now it’s all up to you. Make sure to check the details again and get the most suitable one for your lawn.


Q: How do I choose spring lawn fertilizer for my lawn?

A: First, you need to test the soil and the pH level. Then, you must know the soil type of your lawn. By knowing the soil type, you’ll easily define which fertilizer is needed for you. Lastly, you have to know your fertilizer so that you can purchase the best kind and what your lawn needs. 

Q: What fertilizer makes lawns dark green and alive in Spring? 

A: Nitrogen-rich fertilizer can make lawns dark green and alive in Spring. Undoubtedly, Nitrogen is the essential element that makes your lawn greenish. It is one of the most crucial macronutrients needed to grow healthy, alive, dark green grass lawns. Also, it stimulates the growth of grass. 

Q: Why shouldn’t I apply a Phosphorus-rich fertilizer on my lawn in Spring?

A: You should never apply fertilizer on your lawn in Spring that is rich in Phosphorus. Initially, Phosphorus is a good ingredient only for new lawns. But for the older lawns, it can be devastating. An excessive amount of Phosphorus can even kill your lawn in the weather of Spring. 

Q: How often should you fertilize your lawn in Spring?

A: The frequency of using lawn fertilizer depends on your fertilizer type, grass type, and formula of your fertilizer. Spring is high time you should apply fertilizer on your lawn. So, you have to check the activation time of the fertilizer you use and reapply it when the time is over. But make sure not to apply it more than it needs. Over-fertilizing can burn your lawn and create erosion with runoff. 

Final Thought

As you see, choosing the right spring lawn fertilizers is crucial and essential. If you somehow buy the wrong one, I am not sure how devastating it could be for your lawn. Make sure not to buy a fertilizer that is rich in Phosphorus.

It is always better to buy a Nitrogen-rich fertilizer to treat your lawn in spring. Scott and Green View are the best brands you can choose from. Hopefully, you have made everything clear about the best fertilizer to apply in Spring.

Now, let us know which one you tried last year and how it worked. Do you have a better suggestion? Then please share it with us. We always love to hear about new products. Thank you for your time.

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