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5 Best Broadcast Spreaders for Your Lawn to Use

To maintain a lawn, you must need a lot of tools. And if you are thinking about the must-have tools for your lawn, a broadcast spreader will surely be there. Whether you need to spread seeds or apply fertilizers, you will need a suitable spreader. And today, we will talk about the best broadcast spreaders for your lawn.

Generally, a spreader can be of different types, and the broadcast spreader is the most-used one. It is even the most convenient type of spreader. It has an extensive holding bowl and a rotating plate on the spreading hole. As you move it, the plate will rotate, and seeds or fertilizers will spread on a big area.

However, many people fail to buy the appropriate broadcast spreader for their lawns because of many reasons. So, we will first tell you how you should choose the right one, and then we will tell you about the 5 best broadcast spreaders you can use on the lawn. So, stay with us till the end.

Buying Guide: Best Broadcast Spreaders

best_broadcast_spreadersWhatever you are going to buy, it doesn’t matter, but you should always buy one after checking the features. A little research on the product may help you choose the right one. However, a lawn broadcast spreader is not different from that. Indeed, the features of a regular spreader vary from product to product.

So, investing a few minutes in checking the small buying guide section is always a good decision. However, make sure to check the following section before you buy one. Hopefully, it will lead you to the right spreader for your lawn.

1. Type of the Spreader

Remember that a seed or fertilizer spreader can be of different types. There are basically broadcast spreaders, tow-behind spreaders, walk-behind spreaders, drop spreaders, and hand-held spreaders. Also, some of them are only used for spreading liquid fertilizers.

So, if you are planning to buy a broadcast spreader, you must make sure you are purchasing the right type. For sure, choosing the broadcast spreader is a good decision as it is the most convenient and efficient spreader among all different types.

2. Capacity

Next, you need to check the holding capacity of the spreader. It is about the size of the bowl where you will put the seeds or the fertilizers. Here, you must select the bowl capacity according to the lawn size. If you have a more extensive lawn, choose one with high capacity. Otherwise, a small spreader is okay.

3. Spreading Area

A broadcast spreader primarily rotates the spreading area so that the seeds or fertilizers can fall on a vast area. And that’s what we mean by the spreading area. You have to check it, especially if you have a larger lawn.

The bigger area the spreader can cover, the quicker you can finish spreading seeds or fertilizers on the lawn. So, it would help if you always looked for a spreader that has a bigger spreading area. It will save you time.

4. Spreader Precision

A unique feature to check while buying the best broadcast spreader is its precision. Basically, the word precision refers to the equality of spreading the seeds or fertilizers. Before buying a spreader, check if it can spread evenly. Otherwise, the outcome won’t be satisfactory.

5. Product Build quality

Whatever you are going to buy, you should always check the built quality and design for sure. You have to check if it has a durable material, suitable design, and perfect condition. If you are going to buy it from an online marketplace, you should check the video review of the product to learn about its built quality.

6. Handle Height and Flexibility

Finally, you have to check the height of the handle. It should match your height for sure. If it is too short for you, there is no way you will use it comfortably. So, you have to match the handle height with your height and make sure that you will be comfortable with it.

Some spreaders have flexible handles. That means you can adjust the height of the handle according to your comfort zone. It is always a good idea to buy one like that.

Besides, you need to check the spreader’s price range before buying one. The price varies from product to product according to its capacity, features, types, and brands. You can buy a spreader from the online marketplace or just from the local market.

Best Broadcast Spreaders for Your Lawn

We were looking for the best broadcast spreader you can use on your lawn, and we got 5 products with the best features. Initially, we didn’t list them in the best to the least good order. You can check out the features and just go for any product that suits your requirements. You can find a lot of differences in these products, and that’s why you should check the details for sure.

1. Scotts Elite Spreader

Scotts Elite SpreaderHow about a spreader that will accompany you to use in feeding, preventing weeds, and seeding your lawn? Scotts Elite Spreader has come with all the functioning and the best technology. It is packed with dual rotor technology, and 6 feet spread pattern.

Additionally, you will find this spreader very smooth to use and can assemble real quick. It is unimaginably lightweight and very durable too. Therefore, it will ensure you unbeatable accuracy and save you time too.


+ This spreader can hold up to 20,000 sq. ft. of your lawn product, and it includes fertilizer, grass seed, ice melt, and salt
+ You will find it with an ergonomic handle along with a smartphone holder
+ Never-flat tires will guarantee you a dependable ride on any terrain
+ Also, the 10 inches tire here is manufactured with foam, and as a result, it will never end up flat
+ You can easily remove agitator pins during the time of spreading coarse rock salt


– This spreader might bother you with a grinding noise
– The hopper side door does not work smoothly, and it needs extra attention to the black shaft that is attached unnoticed

Generally, it doesn’t take long to spread seeds or fertilizers using a spreader like this. So, I am sure that the noise won’t bother you harshly. However, you don’t forget the popularity of Scott as the most demanding lawn equipment and fertilizer manufacturer. So, you can definitely rely on it.

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2. Agri-Fab 45-0463 Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0463 Broadcast SpreaderIf you want a spreader that will work for all four seasons for both applying seeds and fertilizers, then Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader is all you need. During Spring, you can spread around two pounds of grass seed with this spreader, which will definitely bring optimal results.

It is known as one of the best broadcast spreaders and speeds equally all over your lawn. Similarly, you can spread fertilizer using this tool in summer too. However, it has a unique feature where an enclosed gearbox will be there to prevent spreading fertilizer or grass seed in case of disrupting activity. The hopper grate will help prevent all the clumped materials from spreading.


+ This Spreader comes with a durable rod linked to on-off control along with precise settings
+ It will ensure you 25,000 sq. ft. coverage of your lawn
+ You will find this with a heavy-duty frame and 1-inch diameter tubing
+ It is packed with 13″ × 4″ big pneumatic wheels
+ There will be a direct on or off button for rod control that is accessible from the tractor seat
+ It comes with additional Hopper covers, Hopper heads, and Material Deflector


– It takes a little bit of time to assemble all the parts accordingly
– You might find the surface of all the metal parts a bit rough

No doubt that it’s a big spreader with around 130 pounds of capacity. But it will come in a small box. So, it’s natural that you will need time to assemble it. And the metal surface issue is very rare to count. So, don’t think about that problem much and concentrate on its good sides.

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3. Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast SpreaderScotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader has arrived with edge guard technology and will guarantee excellent results, especially when using Scott’s lawn food. You can throw products in approximately 180-degree swath and easily make a wide coverage pattern during drop spreaders.

Assembling this spreader is quite easy; you need to attach the wheels, and it is ready to roam around the lawn. Moreover, you will find it already calibrated, making it very easy to use, and instructions will also be available. So, it will come as a big help to fertilize your lawn or sowing seeds.


+ There will be a precision rate settings control panel to help you to detect accurate coverage
+ It can easily hold up to 5,000 sq. ft. of Scotts Lawn products
+ This spreader will automatically block off the right side to prevent the product from spreading to the wrong side of the area
+ It offers three basic types, including Hand-held, Walk-behind, and Drop spreaders
+ You will find this quite perfect in medium-sized areas for equal application


– The height of this spreader is a little short for most users to work on
– It is not really convenient for salting and ice melt
– The traction of the wheels is not smooth too

If you are much longer, you should avoid this spreader. The other issues are not something serious for sure. Remember that it is known as one of the best broadcast spreaders, so you should recheck its unique features and affordable price range twice before you start checking for another option.

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4. EarthWay 2150 Commercial Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

EarthWay 2150 Commercial Broadcast Fertilizer SpreaderEarthWay broadcast fertilizer spreader is packed with an innovative design that will assist you in eliminating the side deflectors. With this, you can easily control the spread pattern, and thus, protecting the sidewalks and flower gardens becomes quite an easy job.

Furthermore, it is engineered with durable lug pneumatic tires, a high-speed gearbox, and an epoxy powder-coated chassis, making it a reliable spreader to work on your lawn for extended periods. The drop spreader is quite spacious and drops all products straight at the bottom.


+ This spreader has come with a three-hole drop system, and it accurately measures 50 percent of the fertilizer to both the left and right side of the lawn
+ You will find it pre-calibrated for ease of your work
+ There will be a chart given with the spreader, and it will guide you on how much you need to spread on a square footage lawn

+ The feed chute is completely adjustable, and the spreader works great in weed control granules
+ The spreader is well constructed and can easily hold up to 40lb bag of salt


– The handle of this spreader is a little bit shorter than average
– This spreader is comparatively more expensive

It’s true that this spreader is expensive, but you will understand why when you check the unique and useful features here. However, just like the previous spreader, we won’t suggest this spreader for longer people. Check this out before you buy this spreader.

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5. Chapin International 8400C Professional SureSpread Spreader

Chapin International 8400C Professional SureSpread SpreaderHow about using a spreader packed with the hopper grate and rain cover? Well, Chapin professional sure spread spreader is all you need to work on your lawn, and it is engineered with some finest materials too. It is known as one of the best broadcast spreaders, and it comes with a stainless steel linkage, stainless steel frame, and stainless steel t-handle.

Besides, the spreader works just fine in both ice-melt and salt to ice-stricken areas like sidewalks, pathways, etc. This spreader will assist you in spreading grass seeds, granular herbicides, and granular fertilizers in both the spring and summer seasons


+ Here, the poly hopper capacity refers to 100 LBS
+ The hopper gate will help you to improve product flow and prevent any clogs in the gate
+ You can easily control the spread pattern and adjust the rotary gate as well
+ You will find both gate adjustments and gate opening replacements for an even application of seed and fertilizer
+ It comes with 14-inch air-filled pneumatic tires that ensure smooth traction on your lawn


– The assembling of this spreader should be a little bit easier
– This spreader is a little bit heavier than its competitors

Hopefully, you will understand the assembling process of this spreader if you follow the instruction manual properly. Besides, the spreader has wheels to run through, so you don’t have to carry it anyway. So, the weight issue must not bother you at all.

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These are the best broadcast spreader for your lawn from our research. You can find many other spreaders out there which are also very good in quality and easy to use. As we cannot list all of them in one place, we selected these 5 only. Hopefully, you will find the most appropriate spreader for your lawn.


Q: What type of lawn spreader is the best for all types of lawns?

A: Broadcast spreader is the best type that works well for all different types of lawns. They are easy to run, and the outcome is just perfect. This kind of spreader expands seeds and fertilizer equally all over your lawn.

Q: Should I spread grass seeds with a broadcast spreader?

A: Definitely, you should spread grass seeds using a broadcast spreader. Eventually, a broadcast spreader is the most convenient way to spread seeds on the lawn. If you have a medium size lawn, then you will find it difficult to find any other type of spread that is better than this one.

Q: What is the best broadcast spreader for a 5000-square feet lawn?

A: Scotts big-size spreader is the best broadcast spreader for a lawn with 5000 square feet size. You should spread seeds or fertilizers by hand on such a big lawn. A broadcast spreader is an easy and convenient way to deal with the fact of a medium size lawn.

Q: Should I buy a spreader for a small lawn?

A: Yes, still, if you have a smaller lawn, you will need a spreader for it. Eventually, a spreader saves both your money and time. If you don’t have a spreader, you will easily end up spreading more seeds and fertilizers. Besides, you cannot possibly spread fertilizers and seeds equally all over the lawn. So, regarding the lawn size, you should have a spreader.

Q: Can I use a broadcast spreader for spreading pesticides?

A: You can use a broadcast spreader to spread pesticides on the lawn if the pesticides are granule in nature. Eventually, this kind of spreader is widely used to apply pesticides all over the lawn.

Bottom Line

A broadcast spreader is a must-have; it doesn’t matter how big your lawn is. But a spreader can be of different types, and the broadcast spreader is good for medium size lawns. It simply saves extra seeds and your time while indemnifying equal spread.

As you have met the five best broadcast spreaders, choosing one from the list will be easier. You also know what to consider while buying the most appropriate seed or fertilizer spreader for your lawn.

Now, let us know about the spreader you have used or plan to use in the future. Also, let us know if we have missed some worthy broadcast spreaders that are even better than the recommended ones. Thank you so much for your attention and support.

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