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How To Choose the Right Lawn Vacuum? Don’t Fall for the Wrong

Have difficulties kept your lawn clean this fall? A rake can do a minimum job of getting rid of those pesky leaves. But, a lawn vacuum helps to get access in places like fence posts, around your AC unit, or even in other hard-to-reach places. But it can only help when you are able to choose the right lawn vacuum for your lawn.

Now, with the growing popularity of lawn vacuums, you’ll find versatile types and styles of lawn vacuums in the market. So, the question stands, how to choose the right lawn vacuum? Within these types, there are wide varieties, features, facilities, and so on.

You should choose your lawn vacuum within your desired budget, depending on your preference and work type. Also, you should consider some additional facts, including the power, runtime, noise, etc.

Well, before getting a new lawn vacuum, we’ll explain all those features, facilities, types, and queries that will clear up your confusion. So, let’s clear up.

Is It Necessary to Use a Lawn Vacuum?

Necessity of a lawn vacuum Yes, it’s necessary to use a lawn vacuum. Even it’s more necessary for your lawn than using a rake or sweeper. The benefits of using a lawn vacuum in enormous, especially in fall or winter. At this time, leaves of oak, maple, or birch trees begin to fall on your yard. It’s quite hard to remove those pesky leaves with a rake. A lawn vacuum does an excellent job of cleaning those messes.

A lawn vacuum removes the twigs, leaves, acorns, pine cones, or branches and stores those in a bag. Later, it shreds that debris for mulching. Some models of lawn vacuum can even pick up plastic trash. So, a lawn vacuum is important to keep your lawn tidy.

As you see, there is a corded, cordless, electric, gas, or battery-powered lawn vacuum. These vacuums can clean those large and dry leaves and save your grass bed from different lawn diseases. Plus, it removes dirt from hard-to-reach places like the gutter. Overall, a lawn vacuum cleans and maintains your yard for the best look.

However, there is no doubt about the necessity of a lawn vacuum for your lawn. But, choosing the right vacuum is even more important. As you know, it can be of different types. So, first, you should learn about the types, and then I will tell you what’s more to check before you buy one.

Types of Lawn Vacuum

Mainly, the lawn vacuums are categorized based on the system it works on. They all come with a powerful suction that helps pick up the leaves, branches, needles, plastic trashes, litter, twigs, or pine cones. This function is the same for all types, but the way a user will use it is the main point where they differ. There are mainly three types of lawn vacuum. Now, let’s move on to the types and varieties of lawn vacuums.

1. Walk-Behind Lawn Vacuum

Walk-Behind Lawn VacuumThe most traditional type of lawn vacuum is the walk-behind one. Those who have a huge lawn or a lawn with an immense garden, they’ll need a walk behind the lawn vacuum. This lawn vacuum is designed to pick up every trash from the garden without leaving any needles.

It can pick leaves, branches, trash, grass clippings, etc. Then it mulches that debris into small pieces to make more space in the bag. A notable mention is that walk-behind vacuums are considered the most powerful vacuum among the others, as it picks up even pine cones or bottle caps.

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However, these vacuums are made for different categories. Such as one for a normal garden, another for hard patios, or others for hard surfaces. Walk-behind vacuums can be of three different types.

  • Walk behind lawn vacuum.
  • Walk behind lawn & litter vacuums.
  • Walk behind chipper shredder vacuums.

So, you have to be sincere while choosing a walk-behind lawn. Make sure to check other functions and ensure that it is the best option for your lawn. Well, we will learn about the other necessary facts in the next section. Don’t miss that part anyway.

2. Handheld Lawn Vacuum

handheld lawn vacuumHandheld lawn vacuums are the most popular trend nowadays. They are extremely convenient, easy to use, and available in versatile styles. Handheld vacuums have 2-in-1 combinations that come with the suction power and leaf blower mode.

You can choose one mode between them while using it on your lawn. Also, you’ll find handheld vacuums with two power sources. Gas Powered Lawn Vacuum and the Electric Powered Lawn Vacuum are those I am talking about. Handheld vacuums are noticeably lightweight, making it easier for large areas to clean up.

These vacuums have chipper and shredder devices that can help with automatic mulching. The attached bag stores all the debris for easy disposal. Even though the handheld vacuums are lightweight, the sheer weight may seem difficult to handle sometimes. It may cause fatigue after a long clean-up session.

3. Tow-Behind Lawn Vacuum

Tow-Behind Lawn VacuumThose who want to pick up large trash like plastic caps or acorns can choose this type of lawn vacuum. For professional cleaners, this vacuum will be the best option. Tow-behind vacuum can easily clean a large and deep amount of debris in a very short time.

There is a hose connected to the main machine, which picks up all the trash and debris. The size of these vacuums is quite large, and they may take a large space to store. So, most users store it in their garage or underground. However, these vacuums also have shredders that can mulch the debris and store it in the hopper.

You’ll have to empty the hopper when it’s full. It’s easy and simple to dump the hopper. Therefore, versatile attachment kits are available to try various options for vacuum cleaners.

So, these are the common types of lawn vacuums. As you see, these three types are quite different from one another. So, you cannot just buy any type for sure. You should check some other factors to select the appropriate type of lawn vacuum.

Additional Facts to Consider While Choosing the Right Lawn Vacuum

As I have said, you must consider many factors when choosing the right lawn vacuum. These factors are related to the lawn vacuum features and functions. There are lawn vacuums for personal lawn owners and professional cleaners. Also, you need to learn them to fix the area of your preferences as well. I have tried to disclose the factors in short so that you can consider them while buying the right lawn vacuum.

1. Power Source

power source of lawn vacuumYou must be careful about the vacuum’s power source and its mechanism. There are different types of lawn vacuums based on the power source. We didn’t consider them as specific types for a reason. They have the same functionalities but only differ in one fact: the source of power. So, check the types and choose the right one.

Gas Powered Lawn Vacuum: These vacuums are extremely powerful and have the best suction power. People who want to pick trash aside from leaves can choose this option. This type can easily collect wet leaves without clogging. They are annoyingly noisy too.

Cordless Lawn Vacuum: This type falls in the electric vacuum section. Cordless vacuums are a great option for smaller gardens and lawns. It gives you the freedom to explore around your yard without tangling the cords. Cordless vacuums mainly work on batteries.

Corded Lawn Vacuum: This type must need a power source plugged into an outlet. It can create obstacles for free movement or even tangle up the wires. One advantage is excellent, which is that corded vacuums have unlimited runtime.

2. Type

As mentioned before, lawn vacuums are available in three different types. You can choose a handheld vacuum for smaller yards as it is the smallest and least powerful option. Walk behind vacuums for huge property clean-up as it has the best suction power. This is the most expensive option too. And toe-behind lawn vacuum is good for professional use.

3. Size of the Lawn

You have to evaluate the size of your lawn before choosing the right lawn vacuum. You should measure the length of it and plan how you can efficiently clean up the debris. Also, you should consider the types of lawn soil too.

Lawn vacuums work best on hard surfaces like patios, brick, or concrete. So, we suggest that if you clean up the muddy yard debris, use a rake first to accumulate the grass and debris. Then, suck up that pile with the vacuum.

4. Runtime

Runtime is how long the vacuum can give you service. A cordless and battery-powered lawn vacuum limits the length of runtime as it lives on the battery. So, you might be thinking, what’s the average runtime of a lawn mower? Most battery lawn vacuums can last 45 minutes at the lowest level. For the highest level, it can last for 20-30 minutes.

5. Noise

Before purchasing a lawn vacuum, you should definitely check the noise warning. You may disturb your neighbors with the annoying sound of the lawn vacuum. Compare the noise level from one to another, and check the customer reviews for the best result. Always remember to wear protective ear plugs if the noise is too much for you.

6. Versatility

Most lawn vacuums nowadays have blower options along with suction power. Both functions in one tool make it convenient, money-saving, and easy for the customers. Some models offer you the automatic mulching option with an extra bag. This option is fantastic and saves a lot of time and labor.

7. Balance and Weight

Balance and WeightIf you’re buying a lawn vacuum from a shop, pick up the machine and try moving it around. Also, if you buy it online, check the customer reviews for honest opinions. If the vacuum feels well balanced and lightweight enough to move around freely, then go for that model. Also, you should check the weight of the machine and think if you will be comfortable holding it for a long time.

8. Attachments

Some models come with extremely handy and useful attachment tools like a hose or tube to clean up the gutter. Nozzles and hoses can boost the blowing power and clean with more blasting suction power. You can add these attachments with your vacuum as necessary.

9. Nozzle and Tubes

Nozzle and TubesCheck for the nozzle and tubes of the vacuums. Those models with swappable nozzles and blowing are awesome for clean-up. Keep an eye out that the tube shouldn’t be much narrower as it may create blockage in the machine.

10. MPH and CFM

Don’t forget to check the measurement of MPH & CFM. It indicates the suction power of the vacuum. MPH stands for Miles per Hour, and CFM is for Cubic Feet per Minute. These two evaluate the airflow and speed of the vacuum. At the consumer level, MPH recommendation is 150-190, and CFMs is 450-500.

Besides, you should check the price of the product and the brand. It is always a good idea to buy one that offers a guarantee or warranty service. Besides, you should check the customers’ reviews to ensure their compatibility.


Q: How to choose the right lawn vacuum?

A: You should choose a lawn vacuum according to your lawn type, the power source, and the type of vacuum you prefer. Always check for the attachment hose and the MPH & CFM. These two refer to the suction power.

Q: Are lawn vacuums worth it?

A: Yes, definitely, a lawn vacuum is worth it. You can’t clean large amounts of debris from your lawn with a rake or sweeper. That’s when you’ll need a lawn vacuum that can pick up all the trash, leaves, pests, clippings, or even pine cones. It prevents the build-up of debris in your yard and does an excellent job. Lawn vacuums are the best solution to keep your lawn clean.

Q: Can a lawn vacuum pick wet leaves?

A: Yes, lawn vacuums can pick both dry and wet leaves. But we don’t suggest using it for a wet lawn anyway. Generally, wet leaves can clog up the vacuum for a while. As a result, it can break, and you may have taken it to the servicing center to prepare it.

Q: Does a lawn vacuum help to pick stones?

A: Well, not all models can pick stones. Some powerful vacuum models with the best suction power can pick up stones. But, it may hamper the machine beyond repair. All kinds of vacuums can collect small stones, but it’s not advisable at all. Before running the vacuum, try to collect all the stones as much as possible.

Bottom Line

We hope you got answers to all of your queries about how to choose the right lawn vacuum. A lawn vacuum and a leaf blower are the safest and most effective options to clean up any messy yard or patio. Among them, I prefer a lawn vacuum. But if you manage to buy a toe-behind lawn vacuum, you can use both options from one machine.

However, you should be careful about the features and facilities of lawn vacuum if purchasing online. Check for honest reviews and compare one with another. The features and facts mentioned above will surely help you buy the best lawn vacuum.

When you buy one, please share your experience of using it. We always love to hear from you, so we eagerly await your feedback. Thank you for your patience.

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