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5 Best Electric Lawn Vacuums in 2022 To Keep Your Lawn Clean

A lawn vacuum is one of the essential lawn care tools you may need to keep your lawn clean. Remember that cleanliness is the core lawn maintenance fact. And if your lawn is not neat and clean, the grass won’t grow properly. However, if you didn’t have a lawn vacuum before, you should check today’s discussion on the best electric lawn vacuum.

For sure, lawn vacuums can be of different types and power sources. But we’ll only review the electric handheld vacuums that are good for personal lawns. Riding vacuums is costly, and people only buy them for professional use.

You should definitely have one because you cannot ignore the benefits of using a lawn vacuum. Indeed, many professionals will prefer a lawn vacuum instead of a blower for their lawn maintenance schedule. However, stick to us until the end to learn everything about your lawn’s most user-friendly electric vacuums.

Buying Guide: Best Electric Lawn Vacuum

How to Choose the Right Lawn VacuumBefore you check out our reviews of the most versatile lawn vacuums, you should learn the basics of this machine. It will ultimately help you to choose the right vacuums. Let’s check out the following points, which will be helpful.

  • First, you need to choose the right type of lawn vacuum. There are big riding vacuums that are not good for small yards. Hand-held vacuums are the appropriate solution in this case.
  • A lawn vacuum can be operated by electricity, gas, or petrol. Choose the right type based on your requirements.
  • Check the quality of the collection bag before your buy the vacuum.
  • It will be more effective if you buy a multifunctional vacuum. Blowing and mulching functions will be beneficial to keep the lawn clean.
  • A perfect vacuum comes with an extra nozzle and handles.
  • The weight of the vacuum is another fact you should check. You have to carry it from one corner of your lawn to another. So, it will be convenient if the vacuum is lightweight.
  • You should also check the MPH and the CFM of the vacuum. These two functions basically evaluate the airflow and speed of the vacuum.
  • Most vacuums make huge noise while you will run them. If you have neighbors nearby, you should choose one that makes less noise.

Besides, you should check the cord and cordless fact, the price, availability, brand, and warranty details while choosing the right vacuum for your lawn. Also, you can out more details of the facts to consider while buying the lawn vacuum if you have confused about it.

Best Electric Lawn Vacuum for a Neat and Clean Lawn

We have talked to many electric vacuum users with years of experience with different machines. Also we have our own experience with different vacuums as well. Both good and bad, we have already explored many lawn vacuums. And from them, we chose the best 5 electric lawn vacuums that are really worth your money. Let’s check them out.

1. BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 Electric Leaf Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 Electric Leaf VacuumHow about an electric vacuum that consumes all the leaves, both dry and wet, from your lawn? Well, BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf vacuum is the promising product that you have been looking for. You will feel more power in your hand when you push the button.

This vacuum has an adaptive blowing function that effectively cleans your lawn with powerful airspeed. Moreover, it comes with a Flexi-tube, and it will enhance maneuverability while vacuuming lawn debris and leaves.


+ This Vacuum comes with a corded design that gives unlimited runtime for a longer period
+ It is packed with a blow tube, vac tube, and a backpack bag
+ The air speed is up to 250 mph, and the airflow is around 400cfm to ensure a spotless lawn
+ You will find the backpack with 2x capacity; as a result, you can do the hand-free operation
+ The bag is reusable that comes with a zipper-free and roll-and-clip function which will help for quick evacuate
+ This 3-in-1 vacuum can be used as a blower and mulcher for the lawn


– This product is not that robust in terms of adjoining different parts
– The mulching function could be better

This is a very affordable vacuum; you can consider it one of the best electric lawn vacuums. As it has three different functions in all small places, the mulching function is probably not improved as the other two.

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2. WORX 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-a Electric Leaf Yard Vacuum

WORX 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-a Electric Leaf Yard VacuumIf you are looking for an electric vacuum that comes with cutting-edge technology and full fills modern standards, then WORX TRIVAC Leaf vacuum is the best pick. This item is 35.5 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 14 inches in height.

In addition, you can control this machine one-handed, and the ergonomic design helps to funnel the wind. Moreover, it is lightweight and weighs only 9 lbs. Therefore, it is easy to carry around your lawn. So, if you miss this vacuum, you will surely regret it someday.


+ There will be a dial, and with it, you can easily turn from a blower to a vacuum along with a mulcher
+ Here, the airflow capacity of 600 CFM; as a result, it will clean up your lawn very quickly
+ The metal impeller here comes with a shredder blade cuts in two stages, and 16 bags of leaves can be easily cut down in a single bag
+ You will find a detachable bag to collect the compost, and it has an easy-release function too
+ You can switch the speed between 2 to 70 mph for tight corners on the lawn
+ This vacuum is very easy to use, and the suction power is around 70 miles per hour


– It is comparatively heavier than its competitors
– This vacuum makes too loud a noise, and that can disturb your neighbor

I would suggest not using this vacuum if you have neighbors nearby. I am sure that your neighbors won’t like it. However, you can buy it in a relatively isolated place where people are not living closely. Other than these two facts, this vacuum is just perfect.

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3. HYMOVO Cordless Electric Vacuum and Mini Blower

HYMOVO Cordless Electric Vacuum and Mini BlowerYou can also try an HYMOVO battery-operated vacuum to clean your lawn if it is longer. This electric vacuum has a cordless design and both rechargeable and removal battery systems. Furthermore, you can successfully clean up the snow and dust left over the lawn.

Eventually, it will be helpful to dry your car surface as well. The vacuum is extremely lightweight, and it is around 2 pounds. Thus, you can work with this in every narrow corner of your lawn. And there will be no cord to make a fence around.


+ This vacuum has a blower that is packed with turbocharging technology, and it will give you a maximum air volume of 150 miles per hour
+ You will find only one button, and with this, you can control every other functions
+ It comes with a 21V Lithium battery and one quick charger for the best result
+ You will find two blowpipes, which will help you to collect all the dead debris on your lawn
+ One Collection bag will be there to carry out the lawn garbage, and there is no chance for the place to be messy
+ It has a strong air volume and is up to 105 CFM


– The battery running time should be improved
– The vacuum function may not work as it promises

If your lawn is not too larger, and you can clean the place quickly, use the vacuum, then you should go for it. The blower function is so powerful that you can barely use the vacuum. Still, the issues with the vacuum function are not common as well.

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4. Sun Joe SBJ606E-GA-SJG Electric Vacuum

Sun Joe SBJ606E-GA-SJG Electric VacuumSun Joe has brought one of the best electric lawn vacuums to clean up lawn debris. Initially, it is very lightweight to carry one-handed. This vacuum weighs only 9.1 pounds, so you can comfortably move it from place to place.

Moreover, it is engineered with strong PVC tubes and an Aluminium allow impeller. Besides, the ergonomic design will just blow your mind. Hence, you do not need to worry about its durability at all as it is made of sustainable material. Therefore, beginners can handle this, too, as it is easy to run.


+ This vacuum works excellent in medium-sized lawns
+ You can work with this in 6-speed wind adjustment
+ This product can be easily converted from a blower to a vacuum
+ A 14-amp powerful motor produces 250 mph of airflow for the best result
+ You can make this work like a mulcher, vacuum, blower, and gutter cleaner to get a debris-free lawn
+ The high-impact resistant metal impeller will assist in shredding in a 16:1 ratio


– The power button does not work very smooth
– Sometimes, the bag comes off the machine

The issue with the bag is serious, but it is nothing but a manufacturing problem that a few users found. Also, the power button issue is nothing different, for sure. So, you should definitely trust Sun Joe and try this vacuum.

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5. LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210E 1201 Electric Vacuum

LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210E 1201 Electric VacuumLastly, I have a suggestion for a three-in-one machine. However, if you are looking for a vacuum that comes with a powerful motor design, then LawnMaster Red Edition Vacuum is all you need for your lawn. This vacuum has a strong build quality, and the functions are great.

In addition, it is engineered with a 12-Amp variable speed motor; the maximum air volume is 380 CFM, and the airspeed is around 240 Mph. This item is 19.09 inches in length, 13.58 inches in width, and 13.11 inches in height.


+ This vacuum is very easy to use, and you can gather the leaves and clear up the lawn debris quickly
+ It is packed with a 2-stage metal impeller that offers a 16:1 mulching ratio for successful debris collection
+ There will be a 14-gallon heavy-duty dust blocker collection bag that will indeed reduce the dust pollution
+ You will find a dial to adjust the air speed and can increase it with a concentrator nozzle.
+ You do not need to charge a battery or use any gas or oil on this vacuum
+ It offers an easy glide roller wheel for the user’s ease of work


– The suction power of this vacuum is not good enough to collect all debris in a time
– It makes a relatively louder noise

Noise is more or less a common problem for almost all lawn vacuums. But this vacuum’s noise is not as loud as many other vacuums. The suction power issue is rare, and most users have no problem with it. So, if you really need a multifunctional vacuum, this will be one of the best electric lawn vacuums for you.

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These are the most versatile electric lawn vacuums that are worth your try. First of all, these lawn vacuums have very satisfying user reviews and the users appreciate their build quality. Besides, they are affordable and come in multiple functions. So, you’ll buy just any vacuum from the list.


Q: Do I need a lawn vacuum?

A: For your lawn maintenance, a lawn vacuum is your must-have. It helps you collect fallen leaves all over your lawn. Raking or using a garden fork to collect the leaves is time-consuming. But a lawn vacuum can do its job quickly.

Q: Should I buy a 3-in-1 lawn vacuum?

A: Yes, a 3-in-1 lawn vacuum is more convenient and efficient. Basically, this kind of multifunctional vacuum has mulching and blowing options. And you need all of them to keep your lawn clean. Besides, they are safe and easy to use. So, you should definitely use a multifunctional lawn vacuum.

Q: What is the best electric lawn vacuum?

A: The best electric lawn vacuums from BLACK+DECKER and LawnMaster are known as the best. These vacuums have better user reviews, and the price is not too much. Besides, they share multiple similar functions which are essential to keep your lawn cleaner.

Q: Can I use a lawn vacuum to collect wet leave?

A: To honestly say, you can use a lawn vacuum to collect wet leaves. But that’s won’t be a good idea. It is not a fact of insecurity. But it will damage the condition of the machine.

Q: Is it safe to use an electric lawn vacuum?

A: Yes, using an electric lawn vacuum is almost a hundred percent safe. Most of them are battery-powered, and there is no hassle of plugging in the cord. Those with the cords are also very convenient, and they are safe too.

Bottom Lines

Using a lawn vacuum has numerous benefits and advantages. It is helpful to pile up the fallen leaves. Sometimes, it picks insects and other trash from the lawn to keep it clean. The mulching function will eventually make organic fertilizer for your lawn.

However, if you think that a vacuum is essential for your lawn, buy it before the next Autumn. You have checked the reviews of the best electric lawn vacuums, and they are competitive. So, just pick the right vacuum after checking the details.

Let us know if you have ever used a lawn vacuum before. Also, let us know about the vacuum you used before. You can also share your feedback about the fact with us. Thank you for your time.

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