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How to Choose the Right Gas Leaf Blower for Your Lawn

Have you ever got bored of piling up the dry leaves on your lawn using the garden fork? I know it takes hours and a lot of effort. But do you know that there’s a very convenient way to skip this task and keep your lawn clean? You can simply use the gas leaf blowers to gather the leaves from your lawn.

Basically, electric leaf blowers are the most popular type of blower, but many people can’t use them because of the cord. They don’t have an electricity connection near the lawn, so they can’t use the blower. In this case, nothing works better than a gas-operated leaf blower.

However, buying the right gas-powered blower is not easy for some reasons. If you want to buy one, you should go through a little research on it. But if you manage to read this content till the end, you can skip searching for the best products. You will definitely get one to buy and learn everything to select the right blower for your lawn.

Buying Guide: Best Gas Leaf Blowers

Best Gas Leaf BlowerA gas-operated blower comes with different functions, so it is essential to check them properly before buying one. First, you should consider whether you should buy a gas-powered leaf blower or not. The following discussion will help you make the right decision. So, don’t skip the part anyway.

1. Should I Buy a Gas-powered Leaf Blower?

You should first be sure that you need gas leaf blowers. Remember that a blower can be powered by electricity, battery, petrol, or gas. Now, the question is why it has to be the gas leaf blowers. Normally, an electric blower is mostly preferred for its convenient function. But people go for a gas-powered leaf blower when the lawn is larger, and the cord cannot let it reach all the corners.

A battery-powered lawn blower is also a good choice in this case. But many times, people are not happy with the performance of the battery. Patrol is costly, so people avoid it anyway. However, gasoline is available, and you can use a gas blower at any place, anywhere. So, if you have such a problem with an electric or petrol blower, you should go for a gas blower.

2. Blower Build Quality

Once you are sure about buying a gas-operated leaf blower, you have to check the product’s build quality. Make sure that the blower you have selected is made of durable material and works well. Besides, you should check the quality of the blower pipe carefully. Poorly made blower pipes can easily melt with the heat produced while producing the air.

3. Brand and Warranty

The next thing you should check is the brand and warranty. The blower is not something for just one-time use. Once you buy one, you must wish to use it for decades. And for that, you must ensure that you are buying one from a popular brand like Craftsman, Echo, Husqvarna, etc.

While choosing the brand, you have to check which brand is providing long-term warranty and how good they are at providing customer support. Warranty is a big issue here as a machine can even stop working after one use. If you have a warranty to claim, you don’t have to think about it just for a second. So, buy a blower that is from a popular brand and that offers a long-term warranty.

4. Air Velocity

Just think about the common task of a leaf blower. It produces air that blows up the leaves on the lawn. So, if the blower cannot produce speedy air, it can never do the task. Generally, the air speed of a blower is measured by cubic feet per minute. In short, it is specified as CFM. So, check the CFM before you buy the blower. Also, make sure to check the volume as well.

5. Weight and Portability

A leaf blower has no wheel, and you have to carry it. So, you should check the weight and make sure that you can carry it comfortably. Also, the size of the blower matters in this case. It should be compact in size so that using it will be convenient.

You can find a blower in two different designs. It can be either a handheld blower or a backpack-style blower. Generally, the handheld blower has a handle that you can hold and move as needed. On the other side, a backpack design blower has a belt like a backpack does. So you can hang it on your shoulder and carry it efficiently. So, you should choose the suitable one that you prefer.

6. Functions

A perfect gas blower should have multiple useful functions. It can have a vacuum function with a leaf collection bag. Also, it should have a comfortable handheld system and enough gasoline capacity. You should check if it comes with a proper instruction manual or not. Once you got everything in it, you should buy it.

So, these are the facts you need to check while buying a gas-operated leaf blower. You shouldn’t compromise with the Warranty and weight fact. Make sure to check its quality and size as well. Also, never ever fall into the trap of a poorly made cheap blower if you wish to use it for decades.

Best Gas Leaf Blowers to Keep Your Lawn Clean

There are thousands of gas leaf blowers available over there. But today, we are going to choose only 5. In this case, we have prioritized all the facts I have mentioned in the buying guide section. Still, you should check the description of all these products to choose the right one.

1. Husqvarna 952711925 470 CFM Handheld Gas Blower

Husqvarna 952711925 470 CFM Handheld Gas BlowerYou can try this powerful gas blower that will give you the best cleaning performance on your lawn. Husqvarna Handheld Gas Blower has 170 MPH Air Velocity and 425 CFM Air Volume. No doubt that it will blow up all your lawn debris and make it look healthier.

It is 16 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width, and 16.5 inches in height. Moreover, it weighs only 9.4 pounds, making it very easy to carry single-handed. Besides, the brand offers a long-term warranty too.


+ You will find a stop switch that will reset to the on Position, and of course, it is the easier way to start
+ Here, the blowing tube length is properly adjustable for the peak performance
+ It offers a sound power level of 112db, and the pressure level in the operator’s ear is 94db
+ This blower comes with variable speed throttle along with cruise control. Thus you can handle this with ease
+ You will find all the controls are easy to access, and assembling them is relatively manageable too
+ The ergonomic design spreads the weight evenly to reduce the strain on your arms and back


– It makes an extremely loud sound

Almost all blowers make a louder noise, but this one is a little louder than most. So, we suggest not buying this blower if you have neighbors near your lawn. Aside from the noise, this blower has all the good functions. It has enough CFM, and it can blow wet leaves too.

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2. Echo Backpack 510 CFM Gas Powered Blower

Echo Backpack 510 CFM Gas Powered BlowerThe Echo Backpack Gas Blower is recommended if you are looking for one of the best gas blowers with very high CFM. Finding a blower with more than 500 CFM air-flowing power is tough. However, with this, you can easily clean up all your lawn debris and put back its luscious, green vibe.

In addition, this item weighs 22.7 pounds. And it is 24 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 20 inches in height. This product comes in a backpack style, so you can carry this on your back and do your work effortlessly.


+ The air flow capacity here comes at 510 Cubic feet per minute for a complete clean-up of the lawn
+ Here, the maximum air speed is 215 miles per hour, enough to blow wet leaves
+ The CARB fuel tank capacity is around 62 oz, and that lets you blow a big-size lawn as well
+ Each engine offers 2 stroke fuel type alongside. You can control the gas speed too
+ This blower offers variable engine displacement, which is 58.2cc dBA
+ There will be a push button for turning it on or off for an easy start


– This blower is a little heavy and noisy

First, I would like to remind you that it’s a backpack-style blower. So, if you are not comfortable with this kind, you should go for another handheld blower like the previous one. However, you should consider the blower before any other options for its higher CFM power. Also, the backpack design is mostly known as a very comfortable type of leaf blower.

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3. CRAFTSMAN BV245 Full Crank Engine Gas Powered Leaf Blower

CRAFTSMAN BV245 Full Crank Engine Gas Powered Leaf BlowerCRAFTSMAN Full Crank Engine gas leaf blowers are engineered with one of the best powerful engines for efficient blowing. It is packed with a 27cc 2-cycle gas engine.

Additionally, the air speed and volume are up to 205 MPH and 450 CFM for the quickest cleaning. It indeed has some excellent features, such as variable speed throttle for extra control in your hands. Also, you will get oil along with the purchase of this product.


+ This blower comes with an easy-start technology, and you need to follow only three steps; Prime, Choke and Pull
+ This item weighs only 10.2 pounds which is relatively lightweight, and it will reduce the user fatigue
+ You will find an over-mold handle to help you both absorb and reduce the vibration
+ There will be a Vacuum 1.5-Bushel capacity bag to help you in collecting all the plant debris from your lawn
+ It will cut down the debris in a 16:1 reduction ratio
+ This blower is very easy to start, and a switch will help in both turning on or off the system


– Installing the blower is a little bit difficult

You will need a screwdriver to attach the vacuum tube, which is a little too troublesome. I am sure that you will have a screwdriver at home that you can use to install this blower. Otherwise, it doesn’t have any other big issues. Eventually, it doesn’t make a too older noise as well.

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4. Black Max 26cc Engine 400 CFM Gas Blower

Black Max 26cc Engine 400 CFM Gas BlowerHow about a gas leaf blower that comes with great air speed and airflow capacity? Black Max Gas Blower is an excellent choice for cleaning up your lawn debris and is effortless to use. Here, the 26cc 2-cycle engine provides 150mph and 400CFM blowing force.

Plus, there will be a fan design for the efficiency of work. No doubt that it has versatile usage, and you can convert it to a vacuum for the user’s preference.


+ This gas blower comes with a variable speed trigger along with cruise control for ease of use
+ You will find a bag to put on all the plant debris while cleaning up the lawn
+ The vacuum kit here comes with a 12:1 mulching ratio; therefore, you can fill 12 bags of leaf debris in a single bag
+ It offers a blower, a blower tube, and an outlet nozzle for the best performance
+ You will receive a 2-cycle engine lubricant for the gas blower
+ There will be an operations manual to help you in assembling and using this blower

Specifically, we didn’t find anything wrong with this blower. It doesn’t make a loud sound and is pretty much light in weight. Additionally, it is high in CFM. Besides, it is very affordable. But this blower is not as popular as the other option. The brand is less familiar, but I think you can have trust in it.

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5. CRAFTSMAN CMXGAAMR51BP Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

CRAFTSMAN CMXGAAMR51BP Gas Powered Backpack Leaf BlowerCRAFTSMAN has another high-end gas-powered leaf blower this time, it is a backpack-style blower. This one is packed with easy start technology along with cruise control for excellent airflow.

In addition, you will find a comfortable backpack design, and a multi-material suspension system will help to divide the weight evenly. No wonder it will reduce your shoulder and hip fatigue while carrying it on your back. This item is 22.25 inches in length, 15.75 inches in width, and 22.13 inches in height.


+ You will find an extra padded adjustable harness along with a chest strap
+ It is designed with a soft grip ergonomic handle for maximum comfort in your hands
+ Here, the heavy-duty frame comes with an anti-vibration system for the user’s satisfaction
+ The tube storage strap will assist in space-saving storage
+ You will receive variable speed throttle to control this blower during the work


– This blower consumes more gasoline than usual

Yes, this powerful blower has the highest CFM among the products I am suggesting here. And that’s why it consumes more fuel. If you think that can be a problem, you can buy another backpack-style blower I mentioned before. Otherwise, it can be the best gas-operated blower for your lawn.

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For sure, using all those gas blowers by myself is impossible. But I collected authentic information from real users. So, there is no need to worry about the performance of all these gas-powered leaf blowers. Still, if you are confused, you can click on the link and learn more about the products.


Q: What is the best gas leaf blower for a small size lawn?

A: Husqvarna 470 CFM and CRAFTSMAN CMXGAAMR51BP are the best gas-powered leaf blowers for small-size lawns. These blowers have a very satisfying build quality and sufficient gasoline capacity. Besides, the air velocity is high enough to blow even wet leaves.

Q: Is a gas-powered leaf blower better than an electric one?

A: In some cases, a gas-powered leaf blower is better than an electric one. It doesn’t have a cord, and you don’t have to charge the battery. So it will be much more convenient to use. Besides, gasoline is inexpensive, and you can use it anytime.

Q: Should you use a blower to gather wet leaves on the lawn?

A: logically, you can use a blower to gather wet leaves on your lawn. But we never suggest it for a specific reason. Using a blower for wet leaves can make your lawn dirty and muddy. Besides, if the entire lawn is wet, you may not be able to blow the leaves easily.

Q: What is important for a gas-operated leaf blower, CFM or MPH?

A: For a better gas leaf blower, CFM and MPH are both very important. Generally, CFM measures the airflow pressure, and MPH is the air velocity. Both are essential for a gas-operated lawn. So you should check both of them while buying a blower.

Q: What is the appropriate CFM for a lawn blower?

A: 200 to 400 CFM is the right measurement for a leaf blower. So, you should choose a blower that has a CFM between these numbers. The higher the CFM is, the better it can blow the leaves.

Bottom Line

A leaf blower is one of the essential lawn maintenance tools, and you need it to keep the lawn clean. You might have many options on the power sources of the blower, but no other blower can be more convenient than a gas leaf blower.

As you have learned about the best gas leaf blowers for your lawn, you can choose the right one easily. You can check them on the online marketplace to learn about the users’ reviews to get more information about the blower.

Now let us know which one you are planning to buy, and make sure to share your experience of using the blower with us. Also, feel free to share your opinion about the fact and stay with us. Thank you for your time.

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