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5 Best Lawn Edgers to Keep Your Lawn Clean and Tidy

You will need a lawn edger, no matter how small or big your lawn is. This essential lawn machine is essential to keep your lawn neat and clean. The basic task of the lawn edgers is to cut the grass on the edges of the lawn. Unlike the trimmer, it has a vertical blade, so you can easily cut the lawn’s sides.

Even if you have the best electric lawn trimmers or mowers, you will need an edger. It’s because you cannot replace it with any other machines. It is time-saving, and you can cut the lawn sides more conveniently.

So, if you are a new lawn owner or planning to buy a new edger, you are welcome in today’s discussion. First, we will learn what you need to check while buying the edger for your lawn, and then I will introduce you to the 5 best edgers you can rely on.

Buying Guide: Best Lawn Edgers

Best Lawn EdgersA lawn edger is not a product to use for only one time. Once you buy one, you will wish to use it for years. To ensure that, you have to buy the right edger for your lawn. This machine has many variations, and you have to learn about them to choose the right one. And this section is for that purpose. So, let’s see what to consider while buying an edger for your lawn.

1. Material and Build-quality

Whatever the product is, you should always check the material and the construction. Make sure that what you are buying comes with durable material and that the functions are all okay. Besides, check the design, color, and other components for sure.

2. Types of the Edgers

Generally, there can be different types of lawn edgers. It can be manual or automatic. Also, it can be a handheld or walk-behind one. So, think about what kind of edger you require and then choose it wisely. If you have a small size lawn, you should buy a manual or move-on edger. For a big size lawn, it has to be automatic and walk-behind style.

3. Power Source

Different power sources can operate an edger. It can have three different types of power sources: electricity, petrol, and gasoline. If you go for an electric one, choose one from a corded and a battery-operated edger. Gasoline and petrol-powered edgers are comparatively expensive in this case.

4. Engine

If you go for gasoline or petrol-operated edger, you have to check the engine types. It should have a powerful engine. Petrol-powered edgers can have 2 or 4-stroke engines. Make sure to check the RPM too. You must check the battery power and the AMP for the battery-powered mower.

5. Brand and Warranty

We never suggest buying any machine from a nameless brand that offers no warranty. It’s pretty much like buying anything blindly. However, while it is about an edger, you have to buy one from a popular brand like Black Decker, WORX, EGO Power, etc. Also, make sure that the brand is providing a long-term warranty.

6. Blades

Finally, you should check the edger blade’s quality and size. It should be sharp, and the size matters the most. The bigger the blade, the quicker you can complete edging the lawn. Also, you should buy an edger that offers different blade height adjustments.

Besides the above features, you should also buy one that is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Make sure that the handle length is good for you. Generally, you can find an edger from$55 to $750. So, make sure to build a budget for your product before you buy one.

Best Lawn Edgers for Safe and Easy Edge Cutting

You must know what the things you should check while buying a lawn edger are. Now the point is which one to buy. If you want to buy one from your nearby markets, then go and get your product. But if you want to make it from the online marketplace, you can check the following products for sure. Make sure to check all the details to choose the right one.

1. WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger

WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5" Electric Lawn EdgerWho doesn’t want their lawn to look stunning? And if they do it without any professional help, it is way better. Yes, WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher lets you do just that and have professional outcomes almost all the time. It runs on an electric power source, so there is no need to have an extra fuss over it. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and have both edger and trencher facilities in one machine.


Model: WORX WG896; Power Source: Corded Electric ; Weight: 14 pounds ; Length: 22.6 inches; Blade Width: 7.5 inches; Motor Power: 12 AMP.


+ It comes with a dedicated cord retainer
+ The handle is fully pivotal and flexible
+ It has a powerful 12 AMP motor and includes a blade wear indicator
+ Users can easily maintain and clean the tool without any hiccups
+ The cutter can be adjusted to 3 different depth measurements
+ Its main shaft is fully adjustable and made with durable metal alloy
+ Anyone can use it no matter their age and gender, plus the assembly process is like a piece of cake


– It might seem a bit costly compared to other similar edgers
– This package lacks a trimmer function

You will find it really easy to use, and just by following the instructions, anyone can set it up. The included cutting line indicator is convenient for making trenches on the lawn. Moreover, the 7.5 inches blade can be replaced without any professional help.

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BLACK+DECKER LE750 EdgerBLACK+DECKER Edger & Trencher is certainly one of the best lawn edgers available in the market. This edger might seem a bit underwhelming because of its 2 inches of blade width, but it is competent. You will be happy to use this edger for its high RPM performance and easy maintenance facilities. Moreover, the cord retention feature protects the cord and extension from potential unplugging incidents.


Model: BLACK+DECKER LE750; Power Source: Corded Electric ; Weight: 13.1 pounds ; Length: 30 inches; Blade Width: 2 inches ; Motor Power: 12 AMP .


+ It is easy to assemble and requires no additional tool for the setup.
+ Users can clean the edger after usage without hiccups
+ It includes an assist handle for superior flexibility and working headroom
+ The cutting blade has three depth positions for precise control over edge cutting
+ It is capable of cutting lawn beds evenly without any professional help
+ The 3-wheel design gives the edger additional stability and comfort while working


– The blade size is smaller than the competitors
– It is a bit on the heavier side if compared to similar products

The overall output of this edger is quite satisfactory, and the pricing is also responsible. Some users might want something like a trimmer function along with an edger, yet you can not put a blind eye to the professional grade trencher feature it provides. Obviously, this multi-purpose lawn edger will surely meet your needs for a long time.

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3. Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger

Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn EdgerEarthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger is a powerful tool for your lawn turf. This edger by Earthquake is certainly one of the best lawn edgers you will find on the market. This machine utilizes a 79 cc gasoline engine which is plenty of power for an edger. You will get professional-grade edging output using this sole lawn edger machine.

It is on the heavier side and lacks multiple functions available in similar corded electric offerings. Yet, this self-powered edger with 5 different cutting depths stands out for its own reasons.


Model: Earthquake 23275; Power Source: 79cc gasoline engine; Weight: 57 pounds; Length: 40 inches; Blade Width: 9 inches; Motor Power: 3400 RPM.


+ It has a built-in power source that utilizes a powerful 79 cc 4 cycle viper engine
+ This edger can also dig trenches at a limited measurement
+ The flexibility it provides is quite unbeatable compared to Corded Electric and battery-powered ones
+ The adjustable 4-wheel design gives its superior stability and accuracy in operations
+ It is built with quality materials that are made to last long
+ This lawn edger also has its own tool holder and debris guard, which is super useful


– It is a bit costly comparing other alternatives
– Lacks trimmer features when using the fuel energy source

Though it might seem a bit expensive and impose extra hassles in the maintenance part, this edger’s output is unparalleled. It offers professional-grade edging results and trenching output without giving much effort. Moreover, the flexibility and power it offers are undoubtedly praiseworthy.

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4. SOUTHLAND SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger

SOUTHLAND SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn EdgerWe have another suggestion for lawn owners who need to cut the edge of a very large size lawn. We know that using the edger for a long is tiresome, and if it has wheels, using it would be more convenient. However, Southland has brought a compact-size gas-operated lawn edger that will equally reduce your effort and time. This walk-behind lawn edger works super fast, and the cutting quality is beyond satisfying.


Model: SOUTHLAND SWLE0799; Power Source: 79 cc Gasoline Engine; Weight: 60 pounds; Length: 31 inches; Blade Width: 9 inches; Motor Power: 3600 RPM.


+ You can adjust the cutting height with 5 different height options
+ Higher RPM engine of this edger lets you cut the edges more quickly and effortlessly
+ It comes with an active fuel stabilizer, but you have to use it once in 30 days to keep it stabilized
+ A very easy pull-recoiling system is available to reduce your workload
+ A triangle blade works both as an edger and a trimmer
+ This edger comes with two full years of warranty, and it is CARB and EPA certified


– Installing the edger is pretty much time consuming
– The blade of the edger could be a little bit more durable

Technically, this is one of the best lawn edgers that you can push on the wheels. It has no technological or manufacturing issues as well. The installation process is time-consuming because of its high-functioning system. The blade is all right if you consider its affordable price.

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5. EGO Power+ ME0800 8-Inch Edger

EGO Power+ ME0800 8-Inch EdgerThe last one we choose is from Ego Power. It is a string cutter and edger suitable for cutting edges of small to medium size lawns. Because of its additional wheel, you can move it conveniently, and you don’t have to carry it from place to place. Also, the handle is flexible, and you can adjust the length as you wish. As it is a battery power edger, you don’t have to face the hassles of cords as well.


Model: EGO Power+ ME0800; Power Source: 56V ARC Lithium battery Engine; Weight: 15 pounds; Length: 70 inches; Blade Width: 8 inches; Motor: High-efficiency brushless Motor.


+ This edger works without making any noise, fumes, and fuss
+ It comes with a complete 5 year of warranty
+ Multi-head cutting system will cut the edge very efficiently
+ It comes with genuine EGO parts that initially ensure long-term durability
+ It comes with a minimalistic design, and the cutting height is easy to adjust


– It doesn’t come with a battery and charger
– This edger is comparatively more expensive

Though you won’t get the battery and charger with it, you can buy them from the same shop where you will get the edger. The battery is not very expensive, and you can change it as soon as it stops working. Other features are good to count for sure. Besides, we certainly appreciate the design more than any other lawn edgers.

Get the Product

All these edgers are from popular brands, and they share a common feature: excellent build quality. We check many users’ reviews and get a sufficient idea about the edgers’ quality. If you have any confusion, you can check them on the online marketplaces. It will definitely help you choose the right one.


Q: Should I buy a lawn edger?

A: Yes, you should buy a lawn edger to cut the lawn corners and the sides. Even if you have other lawn maintenance tools like a mower and a trimmer, it is essential. Also, keeping your lawn grass height in control is helpful, as a trimmer and a mower cannot efficiently cut the grass on the sides.

Q: Do I need an edger even if I have a trimmer?

A: Yes, even if you have a trimmer, you still need an edger. Especially when you have road and walkways right beside the lawn, you will need an edger. It helps you to cut the lawn at the edges. A trimmer cannot be matched to it when it is about to shape the side grass. On the other hand, a trimmer’s blade is set horizontally, so you cannot use it to the sides.

Q: Can I trim the lawn with an edger?

A: No, you can’t trim the lawn with an edger. The edger has a vertical blade that cannot be used horizontally. You can possibly use a trimmer in the place of a mower, but you cannot replace it with an edger.

Q: When should I buy a walk-behind edger?

A: If you have a very large size lawn and you need a long time to cut the edges with a typical edger, you should use a walk-behind edger. It has multiple wheels, and you can move easily. So, you don’t have to move it holding the weight for so long. It is convent for large size lawns.

Q: What is the best lawn edger?

A: WORX WG896 and BLACK+DECKER Edger are the best lawn edgers. These are handheld edgers, and you move them efficiently all around your lawn. Besides, these two come from popular brands. Still, they are very affordable.

Final Thought

No doubt that lawn edgers are the irreplaceable tool you need to keep your lawn in shape. It lets you keep the yard and the walkway clean as well. So, if you manage to invest a little money to buy the edger, you can be tension-free for years.

You have checked different types of edgers for your lawn, and I am sure that choosing one for your lawn will be easier. Still, if you want us to concise the list, we suggest you try the first or fifth option for a small lawn and the third or fourth option for a large lawn.

Now, let us know which edger you are planning to give a try on. Also, if you have had an edger before, share your experience of using it with us. We always love to hear from you about your experience. Thank you for your time.

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