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5 Best Push Mowers for Your Lawn To Buy

If you ask a few lawn owners about their favorite mower types, most of them will go for the hand-push mowers. This kind of mower is very easy to use and clean. Besides, it is one of the cheapest mower types as well. However, if you are planning to buy a push mower recently, you can spend a few minutes here to learn everything about the best push mowers for your lawn.

People choose a push mower for its convenient method, low price, and easy service. Most push mowers, except the reel lawn Mowers, come with automatic functions. They also contain bags and different discharging options as well.

For being so functional, it eventually becomes a type that is hard to identify. Eventually, you should learn about some factors in choosing the right push mower for your lawn. And I hope you don’t need to check anything else if you check this article till the end. Let’s start it.

Buying Guide: Best Push Mowers

Buying Guide: Best Push MowersThere are undoubtedly thousands of hand push mowers available in the marketplace and the shop. But being a push mower doesn’t mean everything. You have to check a few factors to choose the right one for your lawn. Check the following facts, and I am sure you will be able to choose the right one.

1. Types of Push Mowers

Before making any concluding decisions, you should always know your preferred type. Many push mowers are categorized according to their power source and mobility. Keep in mind that some types are not suitable for lazy lawn owners. Manual push mowers are among the cheapest and require the least amount of maintenance work.

If you want gasoline-based push lawn Mowers, they are heavy and provide a meaningful outcome. But if you are a person who does not want even the minimum amount of hassles, you should go for corded electric or battery-powered ones. These are great for home users and users who have a small-sized lawn.

You should go for a powerful gasoline-powered push mower for a broad area. They generally come with powerful engines and blades along with runtime freedom. Corded electric mowers can be powerful and generally integrate the best quality cutting blades, yet they have the limitation of fixed mowing area.

Moreover, in the pricing section, corded electric ones and manual push mowers are the cheapest. It is better to choose a battery-powered push mower because they are quite efficient nowadays.

You don’t have to think much about the battery-powered mowers as a gasoline-based or corded electric one might require. If you are active and don’t mind having workout sessions and mowing, then settle for a manual push lawn mower. You might need to take extra care with the cutting blade, but that’s worth the overall value.

2. Power Source

The next thing you should check is the power source of the mower. Remember that a push mower can be with different power sources. It can be driven by electricity, gasoline, or petrol. If you think petrol and gasoline are cheap and available at your place, you better try one with those power sources. Otherwise, an electric one can be your best pick. But don’t forget to check the battery details before you buy an electric push mower.

3. Cutting Width

The cutting width of a mower determines the length of the cutting blade. The length is the diameter of the place it can cut in one spin. So, the bigger it is, the quicker you can end up cutting the lawn. Generally, most push mowers come with a blade of 14 to 22 inches.

4. Weight of the Mower

Though a push mower has wheels to move it easily, you should check the weight of the product for sure. Often you need to carry it from place to place. Sometimes, you need to carry it to take it up or down the stairs. So, if it is not a heavyweight mower, it will be convenient for you to carry.

5. Price

Lastly, you have to make a budget for the mower you want to buy. As a push mower can be of different types, the price also varies. If you buy a reel push mower, you will probably find it in a cheap price range from $25 to $80. But if you want to buy an automatic push mower, you may have to pay a couple of hundred to get it.

Also, you should check if the mower has a few options for height adjustments. This function will help you keep the grass at a different height. Make sure to check the build quality and the material too. Always remember to buy it from a reliable brand that offers a longer warranty and a nice service.

5 Best Push Mower for A Comfortable Lawn Mowing Experience

Hand-push mowers are always comfortable and convenient. But not all the push mowers available in the shop may not be your best pic. You can try out any of the following best 5 push mowers for your lawn that, I am sure, will give you a better experience. A brief discussion is there with each option; don’t forget to check them out so you can find the most appropriate mower for your lawn.

1. American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Push Reel Lawn MowerHere, I will introduce you to one of the best push reel lawn mowers available in the market, and it is from the renowned American Lawn Mower Company. It has many other models but let’s discuss the 14-inch one with quad blade availability. It is highly efficient and comes at a competitive price. This is perfect for you if you are into wire-free and easy-to-maintain mowers.


Model: American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14; Type of the Mower: Reel Mower; Power Source: Don’t Need One; Cutting Width: 14 inches; Cutting Height Adjustment: 05 to 1.75 inch; Mower Weight: 20 lbs.


+ It is easy to maintain, and the cleaning procedure is hassle-free
+ You will get a highly flexible and positively adjustable lawn mower
+ It comes in a lightweight package and it’s free of noise and pollution
+ This mower comes with wide and durable wheels, which measure around 8.5 inches
+ It is made with high-quality alloy steel and polymer, which ensures efficient weather protection
+ This mower can cut relatively tall grasses up to 4 inches without any hiccups


– The user has to do some physical work
– It is not as powerful as other mower types, especially the electric and gasoline-based ones

However, this mower is second to none for its unparalleled flexibility. You can use it anywhere on your lawn or even with friends or relatives for its self-working mechanisms. This is a great lawn tool for a quick, easy makeover on underprivileged lawn turf.

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2. Craftsman 140cc Gas Push Lawn Mower

Craftsman 140cc Gas Push Lawn MowerCraftsman comes with one of the best gas-powered lawn Mowers for all types of users. It is called Craftsman 140cc 21 Inch 2-in-1 Gas Push Lawn Mower and works pretty fine in all conditions. One of the important perks of this mower is its 21 inches sized deck.

This is comfortable to use and easy to maintain. It is recommended for both home and professional use. Check the following section for more information.


Model: 11A-B0S5791; Type of the Mower: Gas-operated push mower; Power Source: Gas Powered; Cutting Width: 21 inches; Cutting Height Adjustment: 1.25 to 3.75 inches; Mower Weight: 65 lbs.


+It comes with durable 4 wheels, 7 inches in the front part and 11 inches in the rear, which ensures better stability
+The build quality is top-notch and meets industry standards
+It includes a full-fledged mulching function for optimal lawn nourishment
+This mower features a powerful 140cc engine for superior performance
+ It can be used in six different positions
+ The operations are all automatic; users don’t have to start and tune up manually


– It consumes a significant amount of gasoline per use
– Users might have to put more effort into maintenance compared to electric mowers

You can get this mower without thinking twice if gas-powered ones are your preference. It is a bit heavy but works really well. You will have total freedom on the mowing works as it has all the cutting power it needs without any movement restrictions.

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3. Greenworks Cordless Brushless Push Mower

Greenworks Cordless Brushless Push MowerLet’s talk about the Greenworks 40V 21″ Cordless Brushless Push Mower, one of the most versatile and hassle-free mowers available in the market. It offers some much flexibility and work output that you will be amazed.

This mower can beat any gasoline engine-based heavy-duty mower. Thanks to its powerful trubrushless motor, which unitizes energy in the best possible ways. The superior built quality makes it even more appealing.


Model: LMF402; Type of the Mower: Electric battery-powered push mower; Power Source: Battery Powered; Cutting Width: 21 Inches; Cutting Height Adjustment: 7 different height positions; Mower Weight: 62 lbs.


+ It comes with a comprehensive push-start button, and users don’t have to worry about any cords or shafts
+ This mower includes a powerful 5.0 AH battery and charger along with the package
+ You will love its superior storage system and battery port management
+ It offers 3 important functions in one tool, they are rear store bag, side discharge capabilities, and accurate mulching
+ This battery-powered push lawn mower utilizes a powerful 40V brushless motor that runs flawlessly for up to 60 minutes on one charge
+ The cutting blade is highly durable and offers multiple cutting positions
+ Users can use it with ease with near-zero maintenance hassles


– The battery packs have to be maintained carefully
– It might seem a bit weak compared to the corded and gasoline-powered mowers

Don’t think much if you want to buy a battery-powered push lawn mower; this is the one for you. It uses a familiar battery pack system that can be used in the other company’s other tools. So, it’s a complete ecosystem for you, which is always good.

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4. Powerworks XB 40V Brushless Cordless Push Mower

Powerworks XB 40V Brushless Cordless Push MowerHere, we will discuss Powerworks XB 40V 21″ Brushless Cordless Push Mower, another best push mowers with endless possibilities. It is free of pesky wires and also saves you from the heavy maintenance that is required for a gasoline-powered lawn mower.

It is powerful yet flexible, and the quality of the parts are best in the world. The comprehensive four years warranty from the manufacturer makes it a shining star in the eyes of general consumers.


Model: Powerworks XB 40V; Type of the Mower: Cordless Electric push mower; Power Source: Battery powered; Cutting Width: 21 inches; Cutting Height Adjustment: 7 positions from 1.375 to 3.75 inches; Mower Weight: 78.6 lbs.


+ It includes three important features in one tool, they are rear bag, side discharge, and mulching
+ This mower can be stored vertically
+ You will like its comfortable folding handles
+ This mower is self-propelled and also includes push start button
+ The deck is made of high-quality steel and offers a reasonable size of 21 inches
+ It integrates four durable wheels, which ensure better stability during mowing


– It might seem a bit pricey
– The battery packs are mediocre

This cordless battery-powered electric lawn mower is by far one of the best lawn companions you will find in the market. If the price is right, I mean with offers and discounts, it could become a great deal over other competitors. Additionally, the 30 days replacement facility is just too sweet in the mowers department.

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5. Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn MowerLet’s talk about a corded electric mower from the renowned brand Greenworks. This particular one is heavy and offers raw power producing over 3600 RPM using a fierce 12 amp motor. The electric cord might put up some drag, but the performance covers up the minor hiccups. If you need mobile ones, feel free to skip this one, as it requires cable work and moderate maintenance sessions.


Model: Greenworks 25022; Type of the Mower: Corded electric; Power Source: Electricity through cord; Cutting Width: 20 inches; Cutting Height Adjustment: 7 positions from 1.5 to 3.75 inches; Mower Weight: 56 lbs.


+ It has a proper management facility for the cords
+ This mower comes with a durable 20 inches steel made deck
+Users don’t have to worry about operation time anymore as it will have a continuous electric energy source
+It is great for the environment as it does not emit toxic gas
+This mower does not require frequent maintenance sessions
+It saves you precious time and money by cutting the cost of oil and lubricants that are required for gasoline-powered mowers


-This mower is not as flexible as other mower types
-It might seem a bit expensive compared to the available alternatives

This mower might offer less flexibility than gasoline and battery-powered ones, but it does its job flawlessly. The superior built quality and powerful 12 amp motor can easily deal with the trickiest grass clusters. So, grab it now without thinking twice.

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These are the best mowers we have chosen from a long list. For sure, we didn’t check all the mowers by ourselves. We collected information about the mowers from people who used them for years. So, you can trust our words. Still, we suggest you check them on the marketplace, where you might get more information.


Q: Should I buy a push mower?

A: A push mower is one of the most popular types of lawn mower. You should buy it if you have a small to medium size lawn and you want a convenient mowing express. Besides, this type of mower is quite cheaper and lasts longer.

Q: Is the push mower better than the self-propelled mower?

A: In most cases, a push mower is better than a self-propelled lawn mower. Generally, push-style mowers are easy to use, cheaper, and lightweight. But if you consider the power, a self-propelled mower is better for you. But we say that a push mower is a good deal for a small to medium size lawn.

Q: What is the best push mower for your lawn?

A: Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower and Craftsman 140cc Gas Push Lawn Mower are the best automatic style push mowers. But if you prefer a reel mower, you can try the American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower.

Q: How often should I use a push mower to clean the lawn?

A: If you have a push mower, you should use it once or twice a week to keep the lawn grass in shape. You may have to use it more often if it’s the growing season. Besides, the growth of the lawn grass is depending based on the type of lawn grass.

Q: How to Clean a push mower?

A: Cleaning a push mower is very easy. You can do it at your home, and there is no need to take it to the washer shop. However, you have first to unplug the mower if it’s electric. Make sure that it is not active if it’s a gas-powered one. However, use a hose to spray water at speed. On the surface, you can wipe it using a wet wipe. Make sure not to spray water beside the engine. Then store it in the garage when it is completely dry.

Final Thought

As you see, we have listed different types of push mowers, including reel mowers, brushless mowers, corded electric mowers, and so on. They have different functions, prices, and power sources. So, it will be better if you check the details thoroughly to choose the right mower for your lawn.

Remember not to buy any nameless mower that offers no valid warranty, even if it is cheap. You can find many cheap deals, and we will always suggest not to fall for them. I have already introduced you to the best companies, like Greenworks, PowerWorks, Craftsman, American Lawn Mower Company, etc. So, buy a branded one after checking the warranty details.

Let us know which mower you are going to buy for your lawn. Also, make sure to share your experience with the mower once you buy and use them. Thank you for your time.

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