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15 Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes, You May Do Unknowingly

Today, we choose quite a different topic to discuss. Most of the time, we write to let you know how to take care of various problems regarding your lawn. But that’s not going to happen today. Instead, we will talk about some common lawn care mistakes most lawn owners make that hinder them from getting a beautiful lawn.

We believe that people make mistakes, which is the best way to learn things correctly. But for that, they need a warning about their mistakes. And that’s the reason I am writing this content.

Most people think that grass is born naturally here and there, so they can survive with less care on the lawn. But you should remember that lawn grass is very sensitive, and without proper care, it is very difficult to have a beautiful lawn. And here, the mistakes are hidden. That means, in your lawn care routine, there can be a lot of mistakes that you need to learn about.

We observed and talked to many people about their lawn care routine. And after long research, we have found 15 common lawn care mistakes. Here, you will get a brief discussion on each of the mistakes. So, check them out to count how many of them are common in your lawn care routine.

Common Lawn Care Mistakes, You Might Make

lawn care mistakesIn the beginning, I said that it would be a different topic to discuss, so I am very much uncertain if you will agree with me. You may not think some of the listed wrongdoings are harmful to your lawn. That’s why I suggest you check the details instead of having a glimpse over all the titles only. So, make sure to check the details to learn why we are calling them mistakes.

1. Never Test the Soil

Test the Soil to Choose the Right FertilizerMost people don’t think about the importance of testing the soil in the yard. As a lawn can be made of different grass types, one must know about the soil’s pH level before planting grass seeds. The best pH level for lawn grasses is about 6 to 6.5.

So, we will suggest all the new, and existing lawn users test the lawn soil to learn the soil condition from the nearby extension service centre for soil. One can also visit an agricultural research centre for similar soil tests.

2. Never Aerating the Lawn

Aerating the Lawn, lawn care mistakesAnother lawn care mistake is avoiding aerating the lawn timely. Aerating means making little holes on the land using different tools. You can find different types of spade, aerating shoe soles, or rake for aeration. However, aerating is essential to ensure perfect air and water circulation in the mud.

When you fertilize your lawn, you must expect it to reach all the places perfectly. But fertilizers and other lawn food cannot reach the deep of the ground if you don’t aerate it properly. Also, if you aerate the lawn regularly, water, air, and other nutrients will reach all places evenly.

3. Improper Watering

Your lawn must have the proper quantity of water at the right time. Most lawn owners make this common mistake, and it is very widespread. Some of you water the lawn more than it requires, and some provide a very small amount of water per week. On the other hand, some people even water their lawn on a rainy day, which is highly suggested to avoid.

You should not skip a week without giving your lawn the proper amount of water. Here, you should skip additional watering if there is much rain around the whole week. Users should immediately improve the drainage system’s condition if any water sits on the lawn.

4. Water in the Evening

Watering the lawn in the evening is probably the most common lawn care mistake. This is a grave mistake, leading to the overgrowth of fungus and other soil-related problems. So, avoiding watering from 10 pm to 6 am is suggested. If you somehow miss the morning watering time, you can water the lawn from 4 pm to 7 pm.

The best time for watering is in the morning, between 6 am to 10 am. After that period, it is not suitable as the weather gets warm as time goes by. Early morning time ensures water availability all day long, as sunlight and hot wind hit.

5. Planting the Wrong Type of Grass

Types of Grass Find the Best Types for Your LawnYou should know about the type of lawn grass that you will plant on your lawn. Most people do not know much about their lawn grass. This is a serious mistake, as it may not support the soil type and dominant year season. If the weather in the area remains mostly cold, then cold weather-type grasses would be the best choice. The same goes for the opposite weather type as well.

6. Sowing One Type of Seed Only

Lawn owners should use two or three types of grass seeds to make their turf or seeded lawn. Choosing the right type of grass seed is always good according to the weather and soil type. But the selection of more than one is the key to having a healthy and long-lasting lawn. A mixed-type grass-based lawn survives hostile weather conditions easily. Even sudden weather change does not impact much on the lawn.

You should plant three types of grass seeds to make a strong and durable lawn in the harsh cold and unbearable summer heat. We would suggest using half fescue and half blue grass as an example of a potentially healthy and tough lawn base.

7. Applying Inappropriate Fertilizer

Applying Inappropriate Fertilizer, lawn care mistakesAnother great lawn care mistake many lawn users make is giving them the wrong fertilizer. Actually, they need nitrogen-enriched fertilizers so that the soil can hold the optimal level of nitrogen content.

So, trying different types of natural fertilizers could significantly do good over a single one. We think you should try out different types and get proper information on which type will work best on your lawn. Testing the soil to check the nutrient details is the best way in this case.

8. Applying too Much Fertilizer

Like offering too few fertilizers, there is potential harm in applying too many of them. Suppose you use a single type of fertilizer and somehow give extra on the lawn. The result will be excessive growth of leaves and roots. This will require more water and more resources to maintain.

Again if someone uses an excessive amount of single-type fertilizer, that will ultimately burn the lawn. So using multiple types of fertilizers would put the lawn in a relatively safe state. A Pro tip about fertilizers is using slow-release types over fast-acting ones.

9. Choose the Wrong Time to Fertilize the Lawn

This is a very widespread mistake and is done by almost all kinds of users. It is preferable to apply fertilizers when the grass is growing, like on rainy days and in spring. People usually apply fertilizers on warm summer days when the grass does not grow properly. Even in this period, they require much more water and resources to increase the growth rate.

One should apply an adequate amount of fertilizers in the fall period for the proper growth of grassroots. Other good times for fertilization are late spring, the end of summer, and after the mowing period. So, don’t forget to keep your lawn soil nitrogen-enriched when it needs the most.

10. Too Much Mowing

Too Much MowingMany of you might love to mow too much. Well, the way our hair saves our sensitive skin is the same way the grass saves the ground of the land. So, if you mow too much and keep the grass shorter, your lawn can be easily attacked by various germs and bacterial diseases.

Also, very short grass on the lawn doesn’t usually look great. Indeed, you should mow the lawn when the grass is more than 4 to 5 inches in length. Besides, too much mowing can be the cause of different diseases for another reason.

If a particular part of your lawn is infected, the grass clippings of the area will be spread on the entire lawn when you will mow it. So, it brings the risk of spreading infection all over the lawn.

11. Removing the Grass Clippings

Not removing the grass clipping from the lawn is one of the biggest lawn care mistakes. Grass clippings are great for lawn health and save up to 25% of fertilizers your lawn might require. It is like free fertilizers that you will get from mowing the lawn grass. Even these grass clippings are good for the environment. So, it would help if you stopped removing tiny grass clippings from the lawn.

12. Not Mowing Timely

Mowing is an important part of the lawn’s health and growth. If the grass size is increased in height as well as width, it would need more nutrients and fertilizers than usual. So, mowing the lawn in time is a must for the durability of the lawn. In the whole year, late spring and before monsoon are great times for mowing and other essential maintenance work.

13. Mow in the Same Direction

Mow in the Same DirectionIf you always mow in the same direction, you must stop it. Remember that when you mow in the same direction, it will never make an even surface. In the end, you will have an uneven and weird-looking lawn. Also, mowing from different directions will cause root damage, and your lawn can surely be weak. That’s why you should change the direction of mowing so often and make sure to create an even lawn surface.

14. Using a Dull Mowing Blade

Using a Dull Mowing BladeUsing a dull mower blade is one of the worst things one can do to maintain his or her lawn. This will damage the grass and make the whole lawn vulnerable to potential infections and diseases. Moreover, it will take time to recover the health of the grasses. Eventually, it will lead to excessive resource usage and fertilizers. So, it is better to use sharp blades in the mower.

15. Not Planning Seasonal Routine

Having a season lawn care routine is a must for all lawn owners. And if you don’t make any routine, I am sure you will have to face a lot of problems in the future. You should remember that your lawn needs different care at different seasons.

The way you water the lawn in summer, you cannot do the same in winter for sure. So, you have to observe the environmental condition at your place in different seasons and then make a suitable lawn care schedule for that time.

So, these are the common lawn care mistakes most people make anyhow. Some of the mistakes don’t damage the lawn initially, but in the end, they can lead you to work more for the lawn. Also, these mistakes can cause different lawn diseases. So, as a wise lawn owner, you should be careful of the facts and act accordingly.


Q: Is it a mistake if I mow the lawn too often to thicken the grass?

A: Yes, mowing too often is a clear lawn care mistake. Indeed, you shouldn’t mow the lawn often to thicken the grass. Mowing too much can lead the lawn to face many problems. The grass will lose its height, and the roots will be exposed if you mow too much. Thus, it can be susceptible to many different lawn diseases. Also, too much mowing doesn’t help thicken the grass. You can over-seed the lawn and use the right fertilizer for that.

Q: Can I fertilize the lawn any time of the year?

A: No, you cannot fertilize the lawn just any time of the year. Fertilizing the lawn is essential, and it is equally essential to fertilize it at the right time. In this case, you can try it in Fall or Spring. You should fertilize the lawn when the temperature is appropriate, and your lawn needs food. Besides fall and spring, you can fertilize it 2 to 3 times based on its condition.

Q: Whice mistake causes the grasses to turn brown after mowing the lawn?

A: After mowing the grasses, sometimes it turned into brown colour. It happens because of one of the most common lawn care mistakes. And the dull mower blade is the cause of this problem. It’s because when you use a mower with a dull blade, the grasses tear harshly instead of having a straight cut. And then the picks of the grasses simply lose their nutrients. In the end, they turn brown.

Q: What is the best time to aerate the lawn?

A: If you have a warm weather grass lawn, then late spring to early summer is the best time to aerate the lawn. On the other hand, if you have a cold weather grass lawn, you should aerate it withing early spring to the early fall.

Q: When in the day should I water the lawn?

A: Early morning is the best time to water the lawn. Eventually, it is always suggested to water the lawn before 10 am. If you water it in the evening or at night, the soil will preserve the water for a long time and easily get moisture. In the end, the soil will start growing different types of fungi like pythium blight.

Final Verdict

We know that many wise lawn owners don’t take the lawn as a joke and believe the lawn grasses have lives like other plants. So, they love to take care of their lawn properly. Hopefully, you are one of them and willing to correct all the lawn care mistakes I have mentioned here.

Don’t think we are saying you all are making the same mistakes. We just want to inform you that these widespread lawn care habits are not good practices for your lawn. So, it would help if you made necessary corrections according to the mistakes you used to make all the time.

Also, if you know someone who makes the same mistakes, please share this content with them and let them make the corrections as well. You can also share your lawn care experience with us. We always love to hear from you. However, we’ll wait for your response.

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